New Tom Eno single out 8/8/11

May 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

 Tom was signed by Jack to Phono Records in 2006. He is now releasing his second long player after his debut album “Barnstormer” in 2009. He has also released 2 singles and several remixes including The Seal Cub Clubbing Club, Renegades of Jazz, Mr Confuse and Cookshop Records. Tom featured on the Hotel Costes series and collaborated with German label Jazz & Milk and Argentinian producer Ezequiel Lodeiro along the way.. Gigs in The Jazz Cafe, Big Chill House. The Social, The Enterprise and The Bedford in London have been well received and live appearances on BBC Radio Solent made 2010 a fantastic year for Tom Eno.
Tom’s new single “Country” will be out on Jack to Phono Records in the summer. Tom has also been working with singer Mr James Bright (Tape Club Records) since 2009 and has now produced his second album exclusively with James. He also found time to produce Tickler Tea & Magic Fuzz a new project on Jack to Phono/Tape Club with a track called The Shakedown. This received radio play from Lamaq on 6 Music , was a top 5 Xposure tune on John Kennedy’s XFM and was in the top 100 singles of 2010 in Drowned in Sound.
His new single “Country” is out on 8/8/11 as part of an exclusive 3 track download with a new version of We’ll Decide and a remix by Renegades of Jazz of the track Everybody Knows. You can hear ” Country” on the player!
 “Like Beck, with a thousand more influences than he already has…Really darn interesting… Prince or MGMT or Kings of Convenience ” Bugbear website (Glasswerks)
“Opening the set, the pair performed on stage alone perhaps in order to disallow Tom from blending into the rest of the instrumental band and to accentuate his key role in the music. Starting with an old number “Crashing” and my personal favourite of the set, Bright’s wholesome vocals together with Tom’s effortless Spanish guitar picking evoked a melancholic sound that really put something behind the lyrics. While the single “Country’s” smooth melody over the up tempo country beat was welcomed and appreciated by the audience, the lack of the Spanish guitar meant it lost out on originality. However, while often bands abandon meaningful lyrics for a catchy rhythm, they successfully manage to combine powerful poetry with a memorable song.”
Just Another Magazine Review
You can buy Tom’s new single on itunes.