Stockhom Zone by Glue Moon out 18/5/15

May 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

artwork for JackGlue Moon is a three piece electronic/indie outfit from Liverpool (UK) consisting of Will Hall, Paul Brown and Owen Lennon.

According to Clash Magazine :

Glue Moon are relative newcomers, having spent the past 18 months gigging and rehearsing. Using the process as a means to refine their ideas, the band have continually sought to expand, to introduce new elements.

Recording material for a new EP, Clash is able to premiere unheard cut ‘Stockholm Zone’. It’s a curious beast, one which echoes Radiohead in its use of emotive indie-based songcraft and flecks of electronics.

Yet there are also shades of 65daysofstatic in here, with Glue Moon impacting a visceral touch, an ability to fuse quiet with loud into the song structure. At times oddly psychedelic, the lingering guitar lines betray the influence of Robert Fripp – in particular his collaborations with Brian Eno.

But this isn’t to suggest that Glue Moon are dwarfed by their influences. Rather, the Liverpool band use these reference points to build their own voice, one which is rapidly becoming more distinct, more engrossing and more potent.


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