May 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Lots of news at Jack to Phono HQ!! First a hearty congratulations to Tom Eno who was married at the weekend! Well done!!

On to the music…here is a sneak preview of the I Want You remixes–¬† This is the instrumental version by Boca 45 and hopefully will be out in June. You can already buy the album 8 track and has been heartily supported by Juno and Westbury Publishing- winning Fortnight Audio Bite!

And what are the rest up to??

Well…The new Mountain Folk release approaches with the Afrikanz on Marz edit…the 12s are going into production soon. The video was shot in Alaska and was used in the posing productions movie Moonflower…yes real footage of mountains!

Talking of Tom Eno related happening – recently the Occupy movement used The Tom Eno Remix of Contaminated Waters Part 3 by Diego & The Dissidents. The result 12,000 people have now heard the track! In other Scott Hendy news his Singles Night at The Thunderbolt in Bristol is growing into a popular monthly. Tom’s next release will be a remix album which is coming together as we speak!

Next up will be a split 7 with Benjamin One vs Tombee, Glorious Noise vs Chief Rocker…we look forward to that! Previews available soon!

On the live tip Bird , who are recording their second single¬† “My Love Sleeps with Lions/ White Horses” have some high profile gigs set up. Firstly playing the Oxfam Event at Night & Day in Manchester on the 16th of May and then on the 18th being part of Liverpool Sound City at the Wolstenholme Creative Space in Liverpool.

Ring Ring Rouge are working on their next single Today and will be recording this at the beginning of June in London with Mike Page as producer. Also in London on June 8th Bird will be playing the Underbelly in Hoxton along with recording single 3. Finally both Bird and Ring Ring Rouge are confirmed in Preston on June 14th at Preston College as part of the Secret Industries gig collective. More news to be confirmed….

As always check the video and Live sections for more info!