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January 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Lots of news, first up Bird were on the Radcliffe & Maconie show you can listen here 2 hrs 25 minutes in. They are also due a play on Radio 1 on the Rob Da Bank show, as well as having a great day at Abbey Road studios in midweek. A big thanks to Tom Robinson for all the support this far. Here is an exclusive link to the new Bird video, I am The Mountain.
Studio talk… Mountain Folk and Ring Ring Rouge are currently recording in the studio and sounding fresh and the final master has arrived from Phase 5 can listen here on soundcloud to a sneak preview

Thanks to Joby Catto for the new Ring Ring Rouge logo…we also just received a Beatphreak remix of Benjamin one ..sounding fresh and we are hearing rumours of a new Boca 45 project! keep em peeled 🙂

Tom Eno Remix album in the making…more news on Jackknife release on 13/2/12…and watch out SXSW we are coming soon!

New Video…name change from The Red Telephone- Global Reaction