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Approximately 4:30am she was meowing, I know what most will say ….she is probably in heat. Currently, I’m facing a cat custody battle and I could use all the help I can get when it comes to making the point that an elderly cat should be allowed to stay where she is, instead of being uprooted by her former owner. The cat may spend all day sitting by the door waiting for its best friend to come home, ignoring other people and animals and sometimes even exhibiting anxious behaviors like crying, pacing and destroying things. A cat with a positive bond to an owner appears indifferent. Looking at John Bowlby’s attachment theory where he experimented with monkeys, it’s clear that animals and humans are looking for comfort, not food. If a human, wolf, or dog is abandoned by or separated from the group, they’re at a huge disadvantage. He exhibits several traits of dogs (coming when called) … but then he’ll catify it (come running … stop three feet short as if remembering he’s a cat … then licking himself, looking out the window … THEN acknowledging me). Bearcat has been living here for the past 3 or 4 years easily. She reached out to Alley Cat Rescue in ... Staff at the Alley Cat Rescue have never seen a cat so attached to a stuffed animal. Also notice human male and female cats tend to get atach better and male cat to female human. I guess every pet can be as close to their owners. The face rub, for example, is a grand romantic gesture in feline terms. But do cats get attached to their owners too? I would disagree with the study. You could have saved yourself from getting so hateful and hot under the collar by recognizing that my response to the study was tongue in cheek. aid: '402816.f06bc' These cats will adapt to rehoming, given time, and will eventually bond with a new owner. But of course cats love as Any other species, but they know they can survive without you even they will miss you, live go on and the survival instic need to win. They’re just themselves. We have 3 cats – one we call a cat-dog because he comes running to greet anybody at the door, must sniff them or their belongings, and needs to be with his people or someone at all times. She is definitely attached to us in a way that is not the expected aloof cat manner. I do hope you’ll come again. All cats are different, and that’s the beauty of the species. Cat lovers please help as this is why I don’t LOVE cats. As these cats are sociable and affectionate by nature, their attachment will not be kept elusive. Should I even be concerned? Love ’em! Every single cat has a unique personality – they can’t be lumped into one trait like that.. Also, the poster above who said she was “creeped out” that the cat was attached to her son – that made me very sad. Heyy so i looooove kittens and cats i was thinking of getting a kitten, but my university might start after 6 months or an year so i will have to stay in a dorm and can't take the kitten with me, so i thought i will give him to a loving family and make sure they give him all the love and care he needs!! A tip to cats owner not to the people visiting than don’t know the cat, Is the cat is little moody don’t touch for a minute then grab her our him like a baby with their face looking up and touch them to their head be confident and don’t do it with fear just out of love, that not only calm them but also is a vulnerable position to them. We have a dog at home, and whenever she needs something, she goes to my parents, not me, not my sister and certainly not my brother. She is VERY attached to my 10 year old that it creeps me out sometimes. She is deeply passionate about animals of all kinds and started this site to share that love with others. He now is 6 years old and greets us at the front door after work and cries for us when we leave, according to my MIL. She slept with me – and we cuddled constantly as the heat in my apartment just couldn’t keep up with 40 below wind chilled temps. Who knew? So the cats know you’re there, they know who you are, but choose not to respond to you. If you speak to cat owners in person or look at various forums online, you will see a ton of cat owners with stories of their cats growing attached to them over time. Do Cats Fall in Love With Their Owners? BUY as low as $20. Thanks for stopping by, and for leaving a nice comment too. Those animals are all capable of love yes all do as we do, and all start with a mom, that’s why when cats get so comfy with you they went to the kitten mommy mode. As discussed in Cell, cats are capable of bonding with their owners in a secure way. So, please, don’t pretend to know me at all and tell me I am “ignorant of cats.” I’ve also had dogs all my life, goats, chickens, mini pigs, possum, raccoons … I love them all and prefer no one over the other! I get weary of the misconceptions spread about cats, so that’s why I’m speaking up. Learn how your comment data is processed. I may not agree with the study, as I have 2 fabulous cats who follow me around everywhere and use me as a jungle gym, but I just can’t imagine going onto someone’s blog and telling them they are stupid. But he is not happy until I come home and hugs me every time. To be honest, I have had both cats and dogs. How a cat bonds with her owner is pivotal. What makes you think I hate cats, or that cats specifically hate me? But do cats get attached to their owners too? As Cell explains, cats become attached to their owners. As always, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Insecurely attached: Ambivalent: Cat clings to their owner when they return. A cat with a secure attachment to her owner knows that she is loved. I never thought too much about cats betting attached.. but all that you said makes sense and it also gives some perspective to how our cat behaves…. }); Disclosure: Animal Bliss is an affiliate and will earn a (very small) commission from purchases made through links on this website. Even as I’m typing this she is sitting right next to me. (I do like them though thanks. Keep up the fantastic work, this blog is awesome. My husband tries to keep him happy. I hope that cat found a family that would appreciate his devotion. I have 6 cats and they’re all pretty cuddly, although my 20-year-old is the one who sleeps with me under the sheets. He checks in every so often, then goes about his merry way to do cat stuff. The findings were that cats showed a greater response to their owner’s voice, but made no move, whatsoever, to go towards it. 05 of 09. In the short video below, Anthony, from DNews, sheds a fun light on the subject with his humorous insight. Adorably, the cat curled up inside the basket, and their owner took them for a ride around the town. Sometimes it depends on how they were treated. Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada she has lived in the United States for more than 20 years now. I guess what I’m trying to say is that there’s much less evolutionary incentive for a cat (besides perhaps a young kitten) to immediately become worried and drop other things if they become separated from their companions. Owner Finds A Paper Collar Attached To Her Cat’s Neck After She Returns Home From Toby Carvery By mitansha September 9, 2020 Cole Clark doesn’t worry when it comes to let her kitty venture out on her own. Of course every cat is an individual and there are cats of many different breeds as well as cats of NO breed (= the vast majority of cats) who can get very attached to people. I also have a cat. They’ve evolved to gather basic resources on their own. Cats are just more refined. We have a couple that come when called too, and those that only show up if they feel like it. She must not know very much about cats, obviously. Do come back again! So while at least one study has shown that cats have no emotional attachment to their owners, thousands of cat owners around the world would likely disagree with those findings wholeheartedly and claim their cats most definitely have an emotional attachment to them. No offense meant to you– I’ve already read some of your other comments– but in general this just seems like a false equivalency. In the short video below, Anthony, from DNews , sheds a fun light on the subject with his humorous insight. 10 months ago | 23 views. She’s a cuddler, a real sweetheart and loves to play. Greycie doesn’tdo that but is SUPER attached to the same daughter and I have 3 children. That is love , attatchment & unfortunately a bit of separation anxiety upon my return since she stays by my side the first few days I am home. Hi Jeanne! Take care now. It may not even acknowledge its owner because it knows the human is not going anywhere. I love that your cat played fetch with a wine cork. My 16-year-old Jessie on on my lap right now as I type this. If cats don’t get attached to their owners and only live with them for food, then why do the kittens come to me for cuddles and play time when it’s their mother that provides them with food? Serafina is all snuggles & adoration. Then what happens? Because the cat doesn’t “need” to stay with you, you should actually take it as a compliment that it decides to stick around and be your companion. They’re not predictable, and that’s why I love them. There could be a grain of truth in the findings. He was dehydrated and meowing and hiding under my couch. While cats can be aloof, they also definitely seem to have favorite people that they like to curl up with more than others. Upon the return of its beloved human, the cat transforms, suddenly becoming lively … It’s a very interesting read and allows me to understand cats even more. However, there has been a study done by researchers at the University of Lincoln that has come to the conclusion that cats do not need humans to feel protected, and they even prefer to look after themselves. About Us  -  Advertise with Us  -  Contact Us  -  Write for Us  -  Privacy policy - Unsubscribe. I’m glad you’re a solid pair. Yes they do get attached, mine cries for me when I leave to do shopping or etc. The cat has an insecure attachment to you, her owner; The cat is in heat or pregnant; The cat is unwell; You will be able to diagnose the reason for your cat’s clinginess with observation. One is 17 years old, and she sits on my lap, and sleep with me every night. October 4, 2019, 6:00 AM. It quite obvious when a Siamese cat gets attached to you. One of the most common generalizations made is that dogs are loving, caring and affectionate beings who are attached to their owners and love them, while cats simply do not care one bit. "The majority of cats are securely attached to their owner and use them as a source of security in a novel environment." If anyone has articles on this subject I’d like to see them! Apples and oranges. Sooooo……since I have witnessed it and so has my husband, I’m starting to wonder is it cute at all? They don’t have that same kind of attachment to their people that dogs do. Cats rock Jeanne So detached, calm and confident. Not sure is fair to animals to be compare with others, dogs in general they survive bcuz of the group they are not independant hunters as cat are, of course don’t mean that could be exceptions to rules in every ways, could be an independent alpha looner canine as a group of felines, like you could see on lions that are more fair to compare with cats, dogs are canine other species. And he would go all lengths to trick me Into thinking he wasn’t in the room. I had to get rid of a cat when she was 5(my daughter) due to the same characteristics only worst!…..this one was “humping” Her legwhile she would sleep. Thanks for commenting and hope you’ll come visit Animal Bliss again soon. The theory is that dogs, who are direct descendants of wolves, were domesticated some 19,000-32,000 years ago. Peace . He then gestured his cat to climb up into the basket. But cats are cool. Cats sometimes become too dependent on their owners if they are kept indoors and then depend on their owners for interest and company. I appreciate that. There’s also the fact that dogs are more likely to have breeds in their ancestry meant to work closely with humans (incidentally, I would like to see a study like this comparing sighthounds and retrievers/herders! Was that necessary? Interesting. The scientists (whose study appears in the journal Behavioural Processes) sent a team of researchers repeatedly into the homes of cat-human pairs in … Treats are less about rewarding your pet for their good behavior, and more about bribing them to give you a little more love and attention. Also do it from time to time to give them some love actually is like a dominant possition of you over the cat that why you need to do it with love and confident. Hey Rebecca. Just because our cat doesn’t think they need us doesn’t mean they don’t love us! But my question is will be able to adapt to new people after growing up with me? One sleeps on my pillow .. another comes in to greet me in the morning .. and the other meets me in the kitchen to hep with breakfast! The cat accepts the whole family but when it comes to coziness or cuddling or the cat is ill, it chooses one person.” Here are some of the cat breeds said to form special attachments with their humans: Siamese; Siberians; Norwegian Forest Cats; Russian Blues; Bengals; Bombays; Himalayans; Siamese, especially the females, often show up at the top of this list. That’s not to say they don’t feel affection or develop bonds (see aforementioned cooperative litter raising among bonded female cats), but frankly it seems like a dog or human on their own is in a lot more trouble, and it’s much more important for their own safety to reunite with the group as quickly as possible. I had even checked her food water and litter levels. The cat will go about its business, seeking attention when it wants it. In 2 parts, at that. I’ve always thought that the way this study is interpreted by many people as “cats don’t love their owners, blah blah” to be complete BS. And they greet me at the door when I walk in! I think they do but show it in a very subtle way. Urinating in odd spots, like the owner’s bed, chair, or on plastic bags, may indicate your cat has a urinary tract infection or other serious diseases. The eventual answer may be a feline companion but before you introduce another cat make sure you have weaned your cat from its over dependence, or it will feel jealous and resentful and you will be no further on. Serafina rarely gives my cat sitter attention , but when I return?? Oh, you’ve got me wrong. Don’t be sad. Anne recently posted…Pet Rescue Adventures: Cindy’s Stories, Hey, happy to have you come back for another comment. , lovely article.. The cat has lived at these cottages for the past 8 yrs, and I became her caretaker because her owner was rarely home. cats becoming easily distracted and not jumping for joy when the owner returns seems too weak of an argument. Thanks for sharing the information. So no, I’m not putting cats down at all. I think they are emotionally attached to their owners. Required fields are marked *. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. We used them to help us hunt; they used us as a source of food and as the highest-ranking member of their pack. When a cat gets attached to one person, it can seem as if they’re the only two creatures in the world. Don’t scare them or intimated them. Cats may not react with the same tail-wagging-so-fast-the-hind-feet-come-up-off-the-floor way that dogs do, but that’s okay with us. Peace. Build a Relationship With Your Vet . Thanks for visiting my blog! I didn’t do the study, I simply shared it. No where do I say cats are inferior. No, I do not believe I misjudged you at all. Nope. And, let's be honest, a warm lap occasionally. More cultured, maybe. I wish I had seen it at the time and responded with an effort to calm her down. (I’ve seen this when I am out on the balcony and my fiance leaves and Rupert thinks I’m already gone too. It’s sad that she took the cat away. BUY as low as $25. So I believe they do get emotionally attached. Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc. They claim that since cats might not be as outwardly excitable towards their owners, that proves they do not get emotionally attached to said owners. Disorganized: Cat switches between clinging to and avoiding their owner. I figure she’s quite normal. Cheek-to-Cheek. Oh my! That’s sweet. I love cats, always have always will. Anyway – thanks again for replying. Also, what about instances when they become happy? But I get up and she’s at my daughters bedroom door looking at me. She lets me hold her like baby too. First and foremost, a Siamese cat would love nothing better than to follow its favorite person around the house. She likes it along with laying on my back even if I have to walk around. Two of my Siamese females … That’s really sweet, Jackie. The cats we have had were loving but on their own terms and when they wanted some attention. He talks about a team of researchers who did a study with 20 cats to measure how the cats reacted to a recording of their owners’ voices, as well as to strangers’ voices. As an international flight attendant I am away for 4-7 days at a time. My sister had a cat that would call her name looking for her while she was at work. Usually, one would expect if a pet is attached to their owner, they would show some signs of distress when the owner is not around, this wasn’t the case with cats. Everyone thinks were nuts because he’s a brat or standoffish to everyone but Adam, myself l, and while not as mushy w her, he loves my MIL too. OH, and the humping is something that young cats sometimes do – just like dogs – they are ANIMALS, people – it happens. They have a little cuddle every morning and evening and he loves to play fight with my dad, to be honest . If she’s in another room and can’t find us, she will meow and I will answer and she will come running. I love the name of your cat — Yeti. The other is a stray we just brought home a month ago. If you look at information out there on feral cat social structure, they do show affection for each other (notably, some female cats will get together to help raise one another’s offspring), but their hierarchy doesn’t seem to be as strict. Therefore, it’s probably safe to say that while your pet loves you and is attached to you, she isn’t in love with you. So I went and read through all the comments again, and there it was! Thanks again for your comment! Presentations Powerpoint, Seminars, Training Usage Terms. - CatVills. She meow’s by the door when she hears me coming in from work. I have a cat who gives my husband more attention then he gives me and even cries for him when he hears his voice when hes home from work. The face rub, for example, is a … Not a problem. Rupert considers 11pm bedtime, and will herd Adam and I up the hall and sleep all night on my legs. cat is deferent I love cat . Ciao. 1. But we are all mammals we all are attach at some point and learn to need that motherly figure and friendly touch yes even cats, but of course dogs will get desperate if you go, but also not all dogs, bcuz dogs see you as part of the group they need to survive as we are the rest of the humans in general. They love their touch and being in their surroundings. And that is ?. if he was at home when he hear my sound maybe 5 or 6 second he purring too much . I could believe the arguments made in this article, i just haven’t been convinced by the evidence. One day a cat owner nicknamed ‘SliceofToast‘ was surprised to find a note attached to their kitty’s collar. Cheek-to-Cheek. I think all domesticated animals get attached to their people. They just hate. Thanks so much for your response, “M”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. time. If the cat has been living with you for the past 3 or 4 years, then my vote is for the former owner to get a new cat of her own! The cat's response to its owner's return was assessed to determine the type of attachment style the pet had to its owner. in fact i've never seen ANY cat (or dog either, for that matter) be more attached to a human than my father's former feral moggy is to him. Do you think your cats are attached to you? But the middle cat – she is the one who is attached to us in a major way. Dogs love us and don’t hesitate to show us every single chance they get, right? Needless to say Rupert was terrified. In the great debate about pets and our love for them, there are normally two main sides. Securely attached: Cat curiously explores the room while checking in periodically with their owner for attention. Cats are cats are cats, and that’s why we love them. Wow, can you believe her!?! One of the most common generalizations made is that dogs are loving, caring and affectionate beings who are attached to their owners and love them, while cats simply do not care one bit. But we all know how snobby cats can be. I do appreciate it. Share. Follow. You’re hilarious. Because they’re just cats. Cats are different from dogs and perhaps don’t show their excitement as much as dogs. I have 2 cats. , I think this study has some valid points but is not true in my case. People try to steal him on a reg. If the animal shouldn’t have that ability it seems kinds of sneaky to me….right? This attachment can be hard to spot with an untrained eye. Really? So I think that study was wrong to understand something you have to think as they, not understand things as you understand it bcuz will get everything wrong. Our cat is very attached to us. “Stupidity” with felines? my cats now don’t like strangers so that thing that get afecctioned with strangers not true with my current cats, but the cat that visit some time are friendly to anyone and a previous cat I use to have was affective with anyone. So much that I googled this topic this morning. Having had numerous cats over the years (and a few dogs too! She waits outside the bathroom when I shower, she runs to the door when I get home, she can’t stand to be away from me, and she doesn’t let anyone else really hold her. Cats can get attached to people just like people get attached to cats. He talks about a team of researchers who did a study with 20 cats to measure how the cats reacted to a recording of their owners’ voices, as well as to strangers’ voices. Cats’ owners offer them a sense of security, so it’s very common for a cat to become very attached to its owner. Comfort is what attachment is based off of. I am her mommy and I think she knows that. There is team cat and then there is team dog. That’s what I love about cats. It seems to me that this article is bias and written by a dog lover. While some can like both animals, most pick sides and claim that one is better than the other for one of many reasons. BUY as low as $20. Ali recently posted…When Animals Attack – It’s often a dumb human’s fault [Video]. This means the cat is worried that it may be abandoned or ignored. I know it’s not me they hate. Cause of Cat Aggression and Attacks. My catnis very attached to me and whenever am bome she wants to cuddle and lick me. Don’t you just love cats? She would play fetch with me and a wine cork, knead my head when I would sit on the couch. Turns out their cat Nala had a secret. Kind of cute…but scary. I also know that when I come back home, there will soon be a cat on my lap.

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