Who Shot Jacques Laverne Sampler- Various 7

Our first release of 2005 is ready for general consumption. Jack to Phono Records enjoyed a prolific end to 2004 with the label’s first CD sampler now in shops round the globe.

We have been hit by requests for Dr Rubberfunk and The Bass Snatchers on vinyl- so we made a pledge!

True to our word we have delivered our pledge on 7 inch vinyl so DJs of the world can unite and spin these two gems on the turntables. The ‘Who shot Jacques Laverne ” saga rolls on and here is the latest instalment.

First up from Kinsgton Upon Thames we have the man with the groove Dr Rubberfunk. The good Doctor has served us up some guitars, Hammond and some drums. These have been lovingly mixed into a magic potion and resulted in the cure for unfunkytomosis. (A common disease so I’m assured by my local GP)

Second up we have those Danish troublemakers The Bass Snatchers- with a new edit of their ‘Ude Af drift’ number, which translates to out of order. It has been described in certain quarters as a deep 60s soundtrack. We have a new shorter edit without the crackling- their wacky sense of humour nearly caused a delay on manufacture! If you are visiting Copenhagen look them up with seven band members one of them is bound to be doing something funky at the weekend!’

“A full on assault of bouncy guitars, Hammond B3s, scratches and relentless live drums from the doctor of all things stretchy and groovy.”
Straight No Chaser