When Did your Last Rose Die?


The Line of The Best Fit introduced Hartheim…

Manchester post-everything outfit Hartheim are debuting their new single “When Did Your Last Rose Die?” exclusively on Best Fit.

The new single follows Hartheim‘s cover of Billie Holiday‘s “Strange Fruit” – you can watch them perform it in session, in a crypt, here.

When Did Your Last Rose Die?” is described as Hartheim’s “warped attempt at a classic love ballad”. True, there are more glimmers of optimism in their post-rock tones, veering away from the total desolation left in the wake of former singles, but rather than being mushy puppy balladry, it’s a gratuitously dark slab of anxiety, heartache and despair, and it sees the band chart the descent from “young, boundless lust” into “middle-aged hatred”. Despite all that, it’s comparitively peppy when put next to prior cut “Yellow”.

The video is directed by Alexander Bell. and it “focuses on the protagonist of the song and his various attempts to rediscover what once was, with little regard for what this might take to achieve.”

“When Did Your Last Rose Die?” is out today, and you can download it from here.