(Theme From) Gold Block- Random Heroes

Yorkshire’s Random Heroes return with their second instalment of 7-inch black vinyl magic on Jack To Phono. The follow up to 2007s rather massive ‘Roll Call’ is a slinky slice of widescreen cinematic soul that will pierce your brain like a hitman’s stare. ‘Gold Block’ takes elements of beat driven psyche, mellow soul touches and infectious funk grooves to create a layered lost soundtrack that feels like the epic backdrop to a dust swept shootout in the blazing sun.

On the flip Plymouths self styled ’14th best DJ’ and beat-pimp to Fatboy Slim, Aldo Vannuci ups the ante with a storming remix that strips the track down and builds it back up like Lego blocks to produce a jerky soundscape ripe for the ‘floor. The ‘sureshot’ for sure!

“The brass, the bass, the afro-pickin ¬†flutes, the rolling wikki-wikki swagger, the ambition to fight crime while pimping on the side it’s Blaxploitation from the badlands of Yorkshire on funky-assed Jack to Phono. Plymouth special branch Aldo Vannuci is a lively foil on the remix.”
Matt Oliver, FACT