The Shakedown- Tickler Tea & Magic Fuzz

When Mr. James Bright and Tom Eno are left alone for too long, a little something special tends to happen. Following the successful release of their debut solo records, Big Sounds From Small Spaces (Tape Club Records) and Barnstormer (Jack-To-Phono), the pair have joined forces to cultivate their own unique breed of garden-space-funk. Emerging from the shed as Tickler Tea and Magic Fuzz, the duo have traded in their cowboy boots for moon boots, and have developed a rich new sound which brings them to the forefront of the funk/glitchop era. The release also features Jay Garret on trombone (plucked straight out of the fields of Alabama and fresh from band camp!) and James Curry on Congas.

Following recent live sessions for the BBC, this new adventure from their traditional country-hispanic-pop-folk is bound to excite those in the beat-world.

Including remixes by Fear of Theydon (Sunday Best Recordings), DJ Bonebookbang, Hairy Hands (Tape Club Records) & Dogtanion (Tape Club Records) ‘The Shakedown’ is released worldwide digitally and on limited 7′ via Kudos Distribution.

A Jack to Tape Collaboration!

“Absolutely amazing funk work-out I discovered rather late in the day in this maddest of release weeks. Oh Lore, it’s the greatest.” One of DOS singles of 2011
Wendy Roby, Drowned in Sound
“A Top 5 Xposure tune for me. Will be spinning this on the show..”
John Kennedy, XFM- XPOSURE LDN
“Great, Tickler Tea is real real nice!”
Pete Isaac, Jelly Jazz
“As played on 3/12/10”