La Barajadura- Tom Eno

A move down to sunny Winchester and a summer pottering in the garden has inspired green fingered TOM ENO (he’s also a landscape gardener by trade!) to plant his debut single, La Barajadura. This, the tenth vinyl release on Jack to Phono, has a decidedly balearic feel. Using his Classical/Spanish/Jazz guitar blend and inspiration from the likes of the classic jazz masters such as Charlie Byrd and Django Reinheardt alongside classical guitarists such as Sergovia and Villa Lobos, Tom creates his own rather distinctive style.

La Barajadura means in this case “the shuffle” and we think that on hearing this track it will have the desired effect! On the flip we team up once more with the funkiest man down under… Rephrase. Fresh from his remixes and releases on the rather fine Knowfoowl label, his wonky re-working of La Barajadura will turn up the shuffle.

“Spanish toe-tapping from a previous suspect on JTP’s ‘Who Shot Jacques Laverne?’ line-up, Senor Eno strums his way into a siesta-like state. Authentically coming off like a trip-hop-ish, tapas bar ditty being played by an expert busker, what sounds like a simple little slice of Espana also releases a funkiness and a dash of over-your-shoulder mystery to ensure tourists keep their wits about them. The remix from Rephrase is, for the majority, a faithful replica, save for some beefed up beats and some hollered mumbo-jumbo making a cameo appearance”
One Week To Live

“..can’t pin this label down…latino beats this of the adventurous labels otta the UK at the moment… “
Trevor Parkee, Departure Lounge

“Nice mellow backroom chill bizniss here which should end up on every Ibiza compilation this summer. Brilliantly put together and produced! “
Boca 45, Worldwide