Hear The Difference- Dr Stereo

Jack to Phono has for its nineteenth vinyl release has been rewarded by its fantastic scouting network. We received a call from our Latin American scout from a dusty cellar full of 2nd hand vinyl somewhere in downtown Buenos Aires. Cries of “Argentina,Argentina  were heard down a crackly mobile and the words….DR STEREO..!

This boy can certainly play , the funky beats, the percussion, the jazzy breaks over the half way line, we had to sign him up to team Jack to Phono! “Hear the Difference is psychedelic piece of hipshakin soul fuelled with tones of stereophonic sounds!”

Dr Stereo AKA Ezequiel Lodeiro has been a DJ since 1990. He runs the infamous Soulfood clubnight and now has his debut single on Londons Jack to Phono records. Spreading the jazzy/funky/latin/soul/electronic vibe since mid 90s in Buenos Aires. He has produced his own parties and sharing decks with the likes of Jazzanova, Kid loco and Frankie Valentine, opening the doors to these sounds in Argentina’s clubs scene.

Hear the difference” is coming soon to a record store near you. On the flip Newcastles beatsmith TOMBEE remixes the original with his very own style of bleeps and beats. Showing the “toon army” how to mix UK style with latin flair and fresh from the success of his single Godfathers. There is an exclusive remix on our download package from Winchester’s own ‘winchesters own green fingered guitar bandito’ TOM ENO!

“love the feel of this and will for sure get the dancefloor going.”
Mat the Alien, Fort Knox Five Turntablis

“Tombee turns the toe-taps into kick-flips and head-nods into head-bangs. “
Matty O, Data-Transmisson

“Thank you for the Doctor Stereo 7. This is great, I’ll chart it and it’s the first track of my last DJ mix for my website…”
Kid Loco, Various

“holly shizze!! I;m loving all your work tombees remix is on fire I gotta have some of this food for my sets bro! Really impressed 15 out of 10!”
Smoove, Wack