Godfathers- Tombee

Tombee serves up his third dish on Jack to Phono Records! Godfathers follows on from Sticky Rhythm but with more of a hip hop vibe. The Cheeky Newcastle based producer has an ear for delivering the knockout dancefloor hook.

Tombee has been a busy boy since his last single on JTP. He’s been remixing for the likes of The Seal Cub Clubbing, Pulp Fusion and Doctor Stereo. He’s also has a track included on the DJ’s choice compilation and rumours of another. Indeed he’s also been designing trainers for the likes of Lack of Afro.He’s also working with new producers such as Vital Substance and Winter North Atlantic. “It’s nice to have been able to help people out and also nice to get back the results, that are very varied but all pretty cool in their own way.”

You see Tombee has many strings to his bow..

Back to the release! On the flip we have a rather special appearance from Brighton’s own Black Grass. Tombee’s reaction is one of a kid in a sweet shop!

“Black grass – just awesome… I couldn’t believe it when they agreed to remix it, I just love their tune Nice up. When I heard what they’d done it was mixed emotions. It was a case of that’s amazing!!! I couldn’t of hoped for anything better – and then – oh no! My mix is never gonna get played now. I seriously love what they did with it”