Contaminated Waters/Nerve Storm- Diego & The Dissidents

Authenticity is that rarest of components; the most wanted, yet the hardest to come by. The one that can’t be bought. The one that can’t be faked. Bristol’s Scott Hendy has it. Twelve years of hard work, plying his trade, fine-tuning his art have seen to this. A DJ (Boca 45) and producer (Malakai-Domino Records) who has remained creative through it all – before Bristol’s musical name meant something, while genres were being created, and after the dust settled – he shows no signs of slowing down. None whatsoever.

Scott’s new project Diego & The Dissidents is his adventures 60s psych and has already featured in the contaminated Waters has featured in the new Banksy Film, “Exit through the Giftshop” so clearly this project has some fans in high places!

“‘Nerve Storm’ is Super-Heavy! Will be including this on my new Funk mix for Tru Thoughts”
Lance Ferguson, Lanu/The Bamboos

“When I first met diego he was working on a specialist cruse ship as a buffer , if you buy this record it will go a long way to help for the operations”
Geoff Barrow, Portishead/ Invada Records

“production sounds fat, ideas in it are great mix of contemporary and classic. lets be avin ya.”
Tom Findlay, Groove Armada

“postmodern grungy breaks,a soundtrack to a film that never was and deferential production.Really like it! “
Pete Isaac, Jelly Jazz