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How this applies to environment is that they will understand how environment affects the body – the results of heat and cold exposure, reaction to things like sunburn, chemical exposure, hypothermia and hyperthermia, oxygen deprivation from altitude, plant and animal toxin, poison and venom exposure and much more. EPA researchers provide the scientific foundation that supports our mission to protect human health and the environment. Issues like climate change and fracking have spurred more public interest in the environment. A Geomorphologist studies the local topography and terrestrial features of the Earth such as rock formations, sea beds and other natural features as they are shaped by natural terrestrial, extraterrestrial processes. The typical approach for a career in animal psychology is to take a degree in psychology but tailor (where possible) studies and projects, including minors and electives, to animals and wildlife. Anything that is biological is life – viruses, bacteria, plants, animals and everything in the gaps between. Pursuing a career as a microbiologist requires formal training at a four year institution in a microbiological science program.As microorganisms are some of the fastest evolving species on the planet and increasing population densities exacerbate public health concerns, a career path as a micro-biologist is a rewarding and exciting one to take. However, holding a bachelor’s may help obtain a simple research assistant position in the field. As marine biology is one of the most comprehensive fields to investigate the inter-workings of oceanic environments, it is common for marine biologists to specialize within one subject area, for example a single marine species, behavior, technique, environmental impact or ecosystem. Animal Psychology, also known as Comparative Psychology, uses multidisciplinary methods and tools to study animal cognitive functions and processes, and behaviors in the wild and captivity. From Da Vinci and the Wright Brothers to Hitchcock and Happy Feet, birds have always had the ability to capture our imagination. They also need to produce reports in easy to read language for cross-disciplinary research. They are crucial in measuring just about anything. Biological Oceanographers will look at the overall environment and ecology, taking into account such processes as tectonic plate movement, geology and jet streams. Meteorologists that focus primarily on long term climate change are of increasing importance within the environmental sector, with increasing numbers of governments and organizations recognizing the importance of adapting towards future climatic pressures. Environmental Health Science jobs now available. These days, BPA in food can liners, PFOA from Teflon manufacture, and waterway-clogging, tiny plastic “microbeads” in body care products are a few of the newer challenges. The average salary for this career ranges between $26,330 and $68,620. Also, as population increases, more waste will need to be disposed of. This type of role is different from a teacher as adult learners and a general audience requires different methods and levels of information. Some of these species, such as the Northern Cricket Frog, are "indicator species" or "canaries in the coal mine" whose conditions can indicate newly developing environmental problems. Environmental Science Careers. Chemistry is one of the core “hard” sciences, and one of the oldest forms of science. Mining Surveyors work with technology in the landscape to examine a number of aspects regarding mining. They do this by cleaning up contaminated areas, making policy recommendations, or working with industry to reduce pollution and waste. Damp environments, older buildings, those with poor ventilation and buildings in moist environments need to keep moisture and mold under control. The planet’s magnetic field is the result of natural processes, typically of the Earth’s rotation around the sun, but there are other causes too that require research and understanding. Biochemists study biological processes at the molecular level. No matter if you want to become an environmental health scientist or pursue any one of the environmental health science degree jobs below, it’s critical that you begin your search now. Environmental Lawyers may be able to get out of the office to the courtroom, or, again, have intensive desk jobs. Learn more about how to become a Geomagnetist >>>. They will rarely engage directly with Health & Safety issues. Environmentalscience.org is an advertising-supported site. Because of these broad and important skills, they can work in a wide range of roles. This can be a large juggling act to ensure that the people who use the water get enough of it, and to ensure minimum environmental impact. However, other needs seemingly conflict with our built-in need for nature. Learn more about how to become a Marine Geologist >>>. Learn more about how to become a Paleobiologist >>>. Learn more about how to become a Geotechnical Lab Technician >>>. Some travel through rock and liquid, while others can only travel through rock – not liquid. Acoustical Engineers operating in an area of engineering primarily concerned with sound. Thanks to these workers, former industrial sites can be made safe and redeveloped, improving local environments, health, and economic activity. They are applied scientists with a knowledge and understanding of geographical issues whose skills are required in a range of areas. Primary duties: Environmental technicians work to... 3… Learn more about how to become an Integrated Water Resources Manager >>>. Most of these scientists spend their workdays performing fieldwork and collecting data or working in a laboratory analyzing data and creating reports. They are part health & safety specialist, part risk assessor and part safety manager. Many seismologists help us predict when and where seismic events like earthquakes will occur. They may work as buildings historians, or engage or advise on recreating historic buildings with authentic methods for the TV & movie industry, for living museums or to preserve the authenticity of a town by maintaining the aesthetic of new builds. They are the ideal consultants for any engineering works as they represent the multidisciplinary approach required in modern public works planning and building. Those engaged in Environmental Policy, Planning, and Management usually work for a local government and are likely to be engaged in a lot of research intensive work. Learn more about how to become a Biostatistician >>>. Lab workers and other desk-based employees analyze evidence and compile reports for decision makers. While the word “geography” may make you think of the TV show Jeopardy, it involves much more than memorizing states and world capitals. Air Pollution Analyst. They may take more specialized courses in hydrology and waste management as well. They will help with the cleanup of oil spills, evacuation and directing people in the affected area following an earthquake, volcano eruption, tsunami, hurricanes emergency relief and cleanup following tornados – always with the provision that toxic material could provide a secondary hazard. Learn more about how to become a Habitat Specialist >>>. Find out general information about paid and … They examine data in order to build a picture of what the past’s climate and ecology may have looked like. They are also legal experts in their use. An Industrial Hygienist is involved in a wide range of situations to promote workplace safety. Acoustical Engineers operating in an area of engineering primarily concerned with sound. It is common for environmental engineers to work at a variety of levels, including all ranges of the non-profits, private, and governmental sectors. Technical subjects are advantageous at master's level, … Learn more about how to become a Biochemist >>>. Volcanologists study the history, behavior, and functioning of volcanoes. While tasks do vary significantly from job to job, the scope of an environmental scientist job is listed below: A senior environmental scientist or chief researcher may have the following or similar additional responsibilities, depending on the goals of the project. They will have knowledge of safety legislation (environmental and public health) and protocols as they work in practice. GIS specialists use professional-level, sophisticated software to display, query, and analyze data for a wide range of applications. Endangered and threatened species face many challenges, including inbreeding and lack of genetic variation due to declining populations. Asbestos Abatement Managers work in an area of the construction concerned with the demolition or remodeling of buildings. Some Mammalogists are required to observe mammals in their natural habitat, meaning that they must travel out into the field and spend a great deal of time alone in potentially adverse weather conditions. Though it is possible to obtain an entry-level position in Analytical Chemistry with a bachelor’s degree, but a master’s or Ph.D. is required to perform independent research. They will decontaminate the facility in the process of decommissioning. Environmental science is a holistic and multidisciplinary field that integrates the biological, physical, and earth sciences. Ecologists can land jobs in exciting international companies such as the World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, or at the World Resources Institute. Learn more about how to become a Pollution Prevention Technician >>>. As such, they require intensive training in both conventional engineering, as well as strong understandings of ecological interactions and ecosystem health. Learn more about how to become a Hydrologist >>>. They also uncover new environmental challenges, bringing them to the attention of policymakers and the public. You could end up working from home most of the time or traveling around the world on an annual basis. Environmental scientists providing management, scientific, and technical consulting services made $64,940. This is an all-encompassing term that includes herpetology, entomology, aquatic life such as jellyfish and many more. Learn more about how to become an Environmental Biotechnology >>>. There are many purposes to this, but normally they are looking for pollution, radiation or other problems that could cause short or long-term issues. While it focuses on prehistory, it uses cutting-edge scientific methods to unearth the climatic, biologic, ecologic, and evolutionary stories that may serve as modern cautionary tales. Careers. Learn more about how to become a Marine Science Educator >>>. They may specialize in detection, mitigation, prevention or general safety. Although it is possible to enter the field with a bachelor’s degree, the attainment of a master’s level or higher is preferred. Learn more about how to become an Asbestos Abatement Manager >>>. Marine biologists study the biological components of our oceans, their interactions with one another, and their relationships with the non-living components as well. Learn more about how to become an Ethnoarchaeologist >>>. They’ll conduct this work using laboratory experiments, fieldwork, and computer models. What you’d do: Using the principles of engineering, soil science, biology, … Movies and legends have portrayed Archaeology as a romanticised and sensationalist profession. Paleoclimatologists examine the same information but are slightly different. They have a variety of roles available to them, anywhere there may be a requirement to design electronic or other physical systems for fire safety. We know less about how this occurs at the molecular level, how to treat these conditions, and how to prevent them from developing. Other skills that may suit the aspiring zoologist are a familiarity with technology, as high-tech scientific equipment is commonly used within zoology-related research projects. Ethnoarchaeology helps us understand those elements of archaeology that we cannot always ascertain and about which we can only theorize. This means that they can work with archeologists, paleontologists and anthropologists, fulfilling much the same roles and looking at the same evidence types, consulting and collaborating on projects. Biological Oceanography shares space with Marine Biology but it covers more. The great Harvard entomologist Edward O. Wilson once said, "If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos." Learn more about how to become an Oceanographer >>>. Learn more about how to become a Geological Oceanographer >>>. Wilson attributes this to "biophilia", our need for nature. The aim is to explain phenomena in a number of prehistoric and historic archaeological areas including environment, belief, technology, social development, roles and attitudes, and agriculture (the technology, the process and the social perspective). Primatologists are a specific kind of Zoologist that works specifically with non-human primates. Water – it’s the key to life. Learn more about how to become a Hazmat Specialist >>>. They understand the problems caused by fire (natural or artificial), invasive species or other factors that make a significant alteration to an ecosystem. They work for hospitals, ambulance services, fire departments and the military. Travel to client sites or conferences may be required. Additionally, they are responsible for the development of medicines and preventative measures for malicious microorganisms. You must also be ready for any kind of weather and be able to endure adverse conditions. This career offers an opportunity to work hard to change attitudes and policy, as an alternative to searching for scientific solutions to environmental problems. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) 4. environmental monitoring organisations 5. environmental consultancies 6. charitable trusts, such as Natural England.There are many vacancy sites for environmental volunteering jobs but the following also have paid graduate jobs across a range of related areas: 1. NEPA (National Environmental Protection Act) and CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) are pieces of Federal and state government legislation designed to protect the environment. A career as a meteorologist is thus a broad one, and can range from being involved in heavily science-oriented projects to the more traditional communication of short-term weather events to the general public. Becoming an Aerospace Engineer requires a great deal of education and work experience, including at least a bachelor's degree from a 5-year ABET-accredited program, professional engineering licensure, and multiple years of shadowing another aerospace engineer. The ever-growing human population and its effects on precious ecosystems has become a source of jobs within this industry. Invertebrate Biologists are a type of zoologist that looks at animals, whether they live on land or at sea, that have no backbone – their form, function, genetics, ecologies and habitats. Mammalogists observe and study the lives of particular mammals in a number of different capacities. Many geoscientists agree that life on earth is undergoing a human-made sixth major extinction, in a proposed new geologic age dubbed the Anthropocene - the epoch of humans. Geomorphologists will look, for example, at features like The Grand Canyon and explain what and how the canyon was formed. They may also advise government officials that make policy, and businesses that need to follow regulations or improve their practices. When a facility is decommissioned, individuals who work in this role are responsible for ensuring that safety procedures are followed with regard to public health and environmental contamination. Specializations State/Federal Environmentalist. Other less-well known places of employment include state parks, laboratories, academia, or environmental conservation groups. Entomologists, scientists who study insects, unravel these relationships. Learn more about how to become an Environmental Chemist >>>. Most Molecular Biologists spend the majority of their time in a lab environment or preparing data reports in an office. That is usually the job of the Mold Remediation Technician. Why? Ichthyologists are scientists that devote their time to studying the history, behavior, growth patterns, and environmental significance of different kinds of fish. They work with centrifuges, stability chambers and incubators amongst others. They must also understand elements of ecology, planning, conservation issues, hydrology and how human action can affect a landscape. Aerospace Engineers design, test, and oversee the construction of aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, or other airborne national security systems. Art & Design Degrees: What Can I Do with a Degree in Arts and Design? Top 50 Best Value Bachelor’s in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Top 50 Most Affordable Mobile App Development Programs 2020, Top 50 Health Informatics Master’s Degree 2020, Top 50 Best Value Interaction Design/UX/HCI Graduate Degrees 2020, Top 50 Best Value Bachelor’s of Actuarial Science Programs 2020, Top 50 Best Value Big Data Graduate Programs 2020, Top 25 Best Value Online Colleges for 2020, Ultimate Guide to Nursing as a Career – Employment, Salary & Job Demand. Did you know that, when given a choice of painted scenery, most people prefer open landscapes with water? Most public health professionals who work on environmental issues are employed by local and state health departments, environmental agencies, and occupational health and safety agencies. In the past, many naturalists were amateur observers, sometimes without scientific training, who had the means to travel to observe nature. These individuals are directly involved in overseeing projects of risk mitigation and cleanup. Buildings and landscapes from the effects of fire and smoke damage. Remote sensing refers to “sensing” or collecting information about objects from a distance. In its broadest sense, it encompasses food safety, water protection, air quality, … For those with interest in becoming an environmental health inspector, you’ll be responsible for maintaining the community’s safety and health. Specifically, we still prefer environments that were evolutionarily advantageous for us. These professionals usually help companies comply with regulations. They study glacial landscapes, how they came to be, and how water flow will alter a landscape. They can work in many areas concerning buildings and built history due to the nature of their qualifications. BS degrees have rigorous science requirements; including classes in biology, … Still, we can't clean up ecosystems or protect the organisms in them if we don’t know there's a problem. They will be well-versed in fire safety methods, technology, building material and legislation. Nature is the ultimate engineer. Low Range Environmental Science Salary Careers (45,000-65,000$) At the bottom of the salary pyramid, the low range environmental science careers bring a range of options. Most entry-level jobs require a bachelor's degree in environmental science or related field such as microbiology, chemistry, physics, geosciences, or engineering. They investigate issues like mysterious deformations in frogs, unexplained cancer occurrences in a neighborhood, or disease in the former asbestos mining town of Libby, Montana. They are essentially database managers. Learn more about how to become a Mammalogist >>>. Most environmental scientists work for federal, state, or local governments, where they conduct research, advise on policy, and verify that businesses are following regulations. Learn more about how to become a Biologist >>>. Learn more about how to become a Fire Safety Specialist >>>. They work at summer and other short-term camps to help people (usually teenagers and young adults) in the activities at the camp. Learn more about how to become a Safety Director >>>. They look for a wide variety of data including but not limited to archaeological data, evidence of climate change, evidence of natural and human action and even evidence of fossil fuels. Analytical Chemists often handle dangerous chemicals and must follow strict procedures to ensure their own safety.

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