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Engagement to wedding was 6 weeks so there was no time to fret over unnecessary things. We rented white folding chairs, and we asked a talented artist friend to do our flowers. Do you really need a signature drink, when there is wine and beer? 1. My husband and I eloped seven years ago due to some major family drama on his side. I’m glad we did it simply. If there were ever a contest for the simplest wedding, I think ours would be a pretty solid contestant. Those origami balloon lights might look dazzling, but do you really have the time or patience to make hundreds of them? But my husband was so excited to register for gifts that we did just that. In the words of Dewey Finn, you could say we had a bad case of “stick-it-to-the-man-eosis”. I’ve been a bridesmaid 14 times. I read once that lots of people regret spending too much on their wedding, but very few people regret eloping. She and I woke up that Saturday, went for a walk, washed the car, visited the church, went to Walmart for extra ribbon for the pew bows, and then went back to her parents’ house to get ready. (It can be read in under a minute, pinky-swear.). Again, 1994. We were deliriously happy. We lived in the country so there wasn’t much around. Planning Tools. Elegantly fashionable is just right for the bride who wants a little … Grace Kelly's Regal Ball Gown. When there are less details to worry about, there is less anxiety. Or maybe 17. While having a wedding party is a long-standing tradition, you don't have to have one—especially if you're trying to keep the guest list small. 3. If I could go back, there is no way I would blow thousands of dollars on a party. Wedding websites. Nix the extras. While it would have been nice to not have the family issues as a backdrop, I loved having such a simple wedding. Celebrations are important and we need to be doing them well! Coming from families who all married young and therefore cheaply out of necessity (and some in wartime), we also had a simple wedding 25 years ago in May… If I were to do it again, I’d do what I really wanted and not what my MIL felt we “ought” to do – it would be smaller, less formal and more fun. 1. I was hurt, feeling very unattractive and had food Is didn’t like! I’ve gathered some ideas on how to create your own simple wedding that is still stylish and unforgettable! We had 30 family members travel for the wedding. It was so good for our souls, AND our marriage (it was our first real vacation since 2006, before the kiddos came along!). Planning Tools Simple tools to help you stay on track; Dashboard Track your progress and access all of your wedding planning tools; To Do List A step-by-step checklist of things to be done … Many brides are opting for a sexy wedding dress rather than the … i like this :). 4. We would definitely do it again. I love this! It was fabulous! Her dress came from the Laura Ashley (1994, y’all) outlet for $99. We, too, went for simple in our wedding almost 13 years ago. We even had a cake… a $20 affair from a gourmet market. The best wedding I've been to was obviously low budget, but it incorporated the (rather … We can get swept up into thinking that every possibility is a “must-have” without even realizing it. I’m a writer, so naturally I was initially convinced that we should write our own vows. Best. I wore a white sundress. This will make your wedding feel more like a fabulous get together with family and close friends, than an ‘event’. The women in the church did the reception and bows for the wedding. Simple wedding did not equal simple or easy marriage. They’re (generally) less expensive and just as meaningful and memorable as weddings that pull out all the stops. Perhaps you adore simple weddings too, but you’re not sure how to pull it off for your own wedding. Simple weddings can still be chock full of DIY, just make sure you plan ahead. We asked four friends to each make one cake, and our biggest splurge of the event was that we catered a bar-b-que dinner, so everyone could go home with full bellies. Yes! 8. Go ahead and use the expensive perfume so to speak. Which I know sounds like a lot but for a wedding it really isn’t. Six months after the wedding we were completely debt free with a fully funded emergency fund. Yep, simple and fun. Mauve everything. It was so much less expensive for my parents who paid for our stay, we didn’t go into debt over the wedding, and my family still talks today about what a great wedding it was. It’s really a big day and one where simple wedding greetings can never be too much to offer to newly-weds or couples-to-be around us. Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images. A wedding can be simple, but only if you and your bride and a few friends go to the court and get married and go to dinner afterward … It’s okay to splurge and celebrate a wedding. Compromises, setting aside our own desires for the good of the other, making wise financial plans together for the future, etc. Simple Wedding Greeting Messages. Nov 4, 2020 - Simple wedding dresses, because the perfect wedding dress doesn‘t have to come with bells and whistles to be fabulous. You and your husband bookended that first 10 years of your marriage well! My husband and I were married in 1981 on a Sunday right after church service ended. Ask for wedding help instead of wedding gifts. sorry, should’ve added…it will be simple, in our backyard with a pot-luck type meal, very casual, yet classy, and not every.single.item being mauve! 2. But that doesn’t mean that we would go all the way to the other end of the spectrum, either. I might wear a fancier dress, or choose a different location…who knows? The only things we planned before the trip were our outfits , rings, and the time of ceremony. Ever. We didn’t have the fanciest food or cake, but we made a commitment to each other in front of God and the people we love. 5. The tyranny of meeting our own expectations on that perfect ceremony can’t help but cost us in other categories be it premarital counseling type discussions or just setting a pace for our lives that is sustainable and facilitates relationship. My best friend was a bridesmaid over 20 times before she got married herself. We got married in our tiny church with about 30 people present (just our closest friends and family). We are gathered here today to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, the joining of two hearts and to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to add our best wishes to the words which shall unite this couple in marriage.Should there be anyone who has cause why this couple should not be united in marriage, Shush! It’s designed to suck us in and make us want to blow our budget on the ultimate event. Directed by Sara Zandieh. Let go of the notion of perfection. A small thing at a church my Mom attended when she lived here. Now in my 40’s I think it is important to celebrate big ie. Simple wedding vows, whether you write the vows or recite someone else's creation, are a quick and sweet way to declare your love for your spouse during your wedding ceremony. We had a simple wedding. We might invite more people, or serve different food (I’m not even much of a bar-b-que fan!). The point is that we no longer have the desire to buck the system simply for the sake of bucking. But we do talk about how we might of let it be a little more special if we did it again. Yeah, simple doesn’t have to mean ugly, or that it doesn’t reflect who you are. Mildly Religious Ceremony Ceremony found on Erin’s Blog. The men in the church did the rehearsal dinner. Our organist played as a gift to my dad (they were good friends), my brother played the bagpipes, and my neighbor catered the reception as her gift to us – the reception being in my dad’s yard under a tent. Your wedding ceremony is the most meaningful part of the wedding, when you declare your love for each other and promise to support one another. They literally just went to the courthouse in their work clothes one morning before work. With Shohreh Aghdashloo, Houshang Touzie, Nina Nayebi, Akbar Moazezi. OOh, I’d love to see pics of you in that dress, Katherine! That allowed us have a very inexpensive wedding. Honestly, probably not. It’s still probably the simplest wedding I’ve ever attended. But you know, my husband and I didn’t really register for gifts, just a few basics, since we were planning to move overseas…and we ended up regretting that (since we didn’t go). Grace Kelly's satin and lace gown … 7. I loved it! So, I can see both sides. Because they're simple… Back when we got married, we were young and idealistic. It was a pain for guests and much work for us. Another fun aspect in a getting married checklist is picking your wedding party. Anyone who offices out of coffee shops has probably the misfortune of ending up next to a wedding planning table…oh my! Not so! My husband and I had a simple, inexpensive wedding also. Even if we have the dollars to pursue it we know we are saying “no” to something else if we take on a given project. Check out our best country wedding ideas, including rustic wedding decorations, DIY wedding decorations, country wedding decorations, country wedding centerpieces, country wedding … She asked what color my dress would be so they could choose the colors for the men’s ties and announcement ink color. We are gathered together on this day to … We had a simple wedding, too, and there are things I’d do the same (I looooved my $50 pink dress from Delia*s!) ), I want to take a note from that wedding and keep it simple. After dinner my son went to the hotel with one of my sisters and we went to a drag show with a few friends, played some pool and then got Steak N Shake. and things I’d do differently (we didn’t feed people enough – the low budget & vegetarian didn’t quite cut it – bring on the BBQ!). So, we looked at it like this: it’s just one day. But I still think the commitment and weddings are beautiful. This same sister got married 6 years earlier and had an $11,000 wedding. Simple wedding dresses don’t have to be simple in style and you can easily find the perfect wedding dress in the style you want. A young Iranian-American woman goes to great lengths to appease her parents and … The hubby and I moved to a more private resort after the wedding and all the family had a great time on their getaway, as did we. No time for invitations, so they did announcements and told people to spread the word. I love going to weddings and am always thrilled to be invited. We spent $800 total including a suit, tie and shoes for my husband and 7 year old son. We were lucky that several of our friends and family … With fewer … Our biggest expense was the reverend who came to our apartment clubhouse to marry us, and we had bottles of wine and prosciutto to serve afterward. He wore a suit he already owned. His dad stood up with him and I stood up with her. I wore a white linen sundress that I found at TJ Maxx, with little white sandals, and I asked my two bridesmaids to wear sundresses of their choice. Seriously, every single item…he even planned the rehearsal dinner to be at a restaraunt whose decor was mauve. Our wedding was similarly simple. Choose DIY projects that you can do well in advance, like party poms or homemade jam. My all time favorite wedding was my best friend from college. They are still happily married 21 years later with five boys keeping the house fun. Hubby prerecord the music which played from the porch. Some other friends provided the music. Our wedding was very simple, too- and we will celebrate 17 happy years this May! There were only a handful of choice guests. We decided to splurge, and headed to New York City for four nights. . The men wore khakis and guayaberas. Or maybe you think simple weddings have to sacrifice style. Don’t keep up with the Joneses. We did take out a small loan ($5k) and with a little help from our parents were able to pay for the entire wedding and honeymoon for less than $10k. We planned to move overseas after getting married, and we didn’t want to accumulate a lot of “stuff”. All the “must-haves” can quickly add up – and I got married long before the days of Pinterest. It is important only to … I’m a big fan of simple weddings. Our wedding party … That wedding sounds perfect. In the same vein, we scorned the excesses of the wedding industry and rejected the idea of an expensive, extravagant affair. And that day is still so special to us! This is a one time event! I have no regrets. I wouldn’t change a thing. Your wedding is not a competition. I would have done my wedding differently – to reflect me, not my dad – he planned it without my knowing while I was finishing up my last semester of college, after he said he had no money for my wedding. When we got married 2 years ago my goal was to keep it simple and affordable. 2. Cut the guest list to include only the people who matter most in your lives. 10 years down the road from our sweet little wedding, we look back on it with great fondness and affection. The best of the simple choices was to have my mama make my dress–which she accomplished for $125. She now says she regrets that we spent that much because her younger sister’s wedding was just as nice. (I think that comment was from a fellow sufferer of stick-it-to-the-man-eosis.). simple or extravagant wedding will not determine the marriage outcome. Today, if we were going to get married, would we do it the same way? Well, did you read any of the articles in the links? 6. Interestingly enough, there have been some articles in the news lately about the correlation between happy marriages and cheap weddings. Still, I love that my mom made my dress and my daughter’s and after all the ups and downs we are still here to tell the story (our 25th involves a rock concert in Paris, on our own LOL!). I know we don’t regret it. I would have more guests and include everyone important to us and family even if not close. I think the total spent was $600, mostly for the tent and the two bridesmaid dresses which I had a seamstress make for them as my gift to them – they chose the patterns.

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