mother tongue questionnaire for teachers

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;hs����v�Wi�L�7k��L���F����*p�4?�0��1Ay����v�n�px|1��A��h��޻�m��C9��|,/���S3vֿ����~���S߹^{?�C�f;3@���A��g���ݩ�:����a�vǷ��܋���J�=\�����Q�w�f��&@q��f���V��j�� ٭�N�;�S� �����~�c���x�� >�uד���p=�u��=g�u-Ph�0�U��XO�[Bo�nW7Sorw(�p����:������ V��n8}�qK�XX����� �D�5p�n�&�CǼ?�A�=v�(1NF���NkL��Z���9n�Vk�ﳍ�q����a�;j-�_��腭;���0�d��7�[֣Qe� Language teaching and learning in multilingual classrooms EUROPEAN COMMISSION Directorate-General for Education and Culture Directorate B — Education policy and … Key Words Mother-tongue, Pedagogical Competencies, Pre-service Teacher Education, Questionnaire, Standards. Teaching in mother tongue till grade five: 60% of parents welcome the decision, but questions still loom large; Lockdown blues for youngsters moving back in with parents >> /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] Executive Summary This report focuses on two main issues: mother tongue-based (MTB) teaching in state and non-government schools in Myanmar1 (i.e. /ProcSet [/PDF /Text ] languages, teaching mother tongue as a separate subject, mismatch between trainings and expected outcomes, divergence of mother tongue at home from school, and lack of relevant materials. %�쏢 Oral Approach. �� �4�SW4�u�t���nXF�z!,�}��L����7R0��prf�֯�q�������!Ǽ�.� \�r�� K��E�dؙ�{�i[�J�6��/��� wGZއ������X�yn��x�^Y~'o�U�=�en�I�,�:�� ڷ�0�l�wˀ�gT�3�XϿ��a? /F3 12 0 R A. One in particular is studied in this paper, namely opposition to the use of the mother tongue as the medium of instruction. This analysis will be presented in tabular form. After the professional development program, however, teachers were all more positive about using the mother tongue as the language of instruction. Local and international research has found that children learn to speak, read, and write more quickly in their first language, and can pick up a second and third language more easily if taught in their first language. If you have any questions about the research, the researcher can be contacted at 5 0 obj The responses from this survey will be used to inform a study on mother tongue maintenance amongst bilingual students in UK secondary schools. C. Audio Lingual. /F1 6 0 R Keywords: Teachers, Attitudes, Mother Tongue, Instruction, Lower Primary Schools, Kenya 1. Implications for language teachers and policy makers are discussed. The idea of using local languages of instruction in the primary grades is … A melting pot and the educational center of the North, Baguio City, Philippines ... sessions for teachers have closed and open-ended questions to allow the researchers to endobj The effectiveness of a mother tongue based education to improve learning outcomes and second language acquisition in public primary schools of Zone 3, Mauritius Preeya Daby University of Leicester Abstract If Blommaert (2012) enumerates the richness of multilingualism in … policy, Philippines, survey research, English teachers, multilingualism. 3 0 obj E. Natural Approach. Questionnaire was used to seek the teachers’ opinions on the issue of mother tongue as language of instruction in nursery schools in Nigeria. Teachers also lack training in providing instruction in the mother tongue which may affect the quality of instruction provided to students (Medilo, 2016; Wa-Mbaleka, 2014a, 2014b. EFFECTIVENESS OF MOTHER TONGUE-BASED INSTRUCTIONON PUPILS' ACHIEVEMENT IN MATHEMATICS This study used a research method /F5 18 0 R As a consequence, learners often show need for mother tongue use in their English classes even at the college level. stream Each questionnaire had 20 items. stream The use of mother tongue in teaching in a multilingual setting affects the way pupils learn. Survey questionnaire was developed to determine background, knowledge and competencies of K to 13 teachers in terms of educational, teaching experience, teaching mother tongue or using MTB-MLE as Medium of Instruction, pedagogical practices in the teaching of MTB-MLE, also for the effectiveness of learning tasks/activities, delivery mode and assessment procedures. << >> >> Interviews revealed that teachers were more positive and confident in teaching the mother tongue when they had the opportunity to: 1) The teacher tests Students on the Spanish meaning for a set of words in their mother tongue. A questionnaire was addressed to 300 Greek students at three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. 4 0 obj particular issues where students needed L1 were also identified. While studies have long supported the use of mother tongue as the language of instruction, they have primarily been conducted in community rather than national settings. Questionnaires on the subject were administered to samples of 1000 primary school teachers and 1500 parents of primary school children. No language will be imposed on any student. Teacher Certification ... you will review the important points of Mother Tongue by Amy Tan to ensure you've picked out the important themes and the impact of language on her writing and life. /F4 15 0 R !�)����6y��.����y���/����E�����9� 4.3.1 Students’ Response on Prevalence of Use of Mother Tongue ..... 53 4.3.1 Teachers’ Response on Prevalence of Use of Mother Tongue ..... 56 4.4 Perception of Teachers and Students on the Influence of Mother Tongue on Performance of B. Hence subject content teachers may Introduction Controversies for incorporating mother tongue (L1) in … /Length 5082 /Resources << %PDF-1.5 /F2 9 0 R INTRODUCTION The Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) policy is complex from different perspectives. As such, little ����b�L�+76���ܤ��1Bx7�2w��X�������uӖ5�|F��B�3�f�4���RrP*Mf��be���Y�̽�l���9*n��i��ǵ� +��z�>�a�������[�;0��a��.���8`�~>�kx��� Questions have been raised on the pedagogical appropriateness of mother tongue. The situation in Jimma Teachers‟ college, which is the focus of this study, is not different from this. No language will be imposed on any student. In 2009, the Department of Education (DepEd) recognized the benefits of teaching children using their mother tongue or first language. what languages are used in classrooms); and the relationship between various types of schools in the country, particularly those administered by the government and by Ethnic Armed Groups As the number of English first-language speakers is only the fourth highest of all the language groups in South Africa, it follows that the majority of children in the country are taught in a language that is not their mother-tongue.School subjects in South Africa are either taught in English from grade 1 all the way through to matric or the first three years of education are presented in the children’s first language (any of the other ten official o… This call is to further reinforce its appeal for the introduction of mother tongue in tertiary institutions which benefit from the Tertiary Education […] This study sought to establish the relationship between the attitude of teachers in the early grades (1 and 2) towards the use of the mother tongue as a medium of instruction and the listening comprehension skills of their students in those grade Teachers’; perspectives on the different strategies to be used in teaching Mother Tongue and English. �uҾo�!P��y�]��O��tV��k�V��Hh��֊���0����G2/��{�o�;($�)�v�)�LR�٬N���(-]B��i01B��k[iIP�;ZT6E`g�����L��x�\kÉ@��������:�p�e��ߺ�v<. SUMMARY Chapter 2 METHODOLOGY INSTRUMENTS/TOOLS From a total of seventy-nine (79) Grade 7-10 students of St. Francis of Assisi Montessori School of Cainta for school year 2013 - 2014, the researchers utilized only seventy-three (73) samples. the only country in Southeast Asia to have instituted a national policy requiring mother tongue-based multilingual education (MTB-MLE) in the primary school years. Keywords: EFL, English-only, first language, L1, L2, second language 1. The results of the questionnaire research highlight the openness of subjects toward a new perspective of forming professional standards for pre-service mother-tongue teacher education. Many inadequacies of Nigeria's schools derived from their religious and colonial past. The policy poses challenges of instructional materials development, teacher training, and language instruction; just to name a few. Teachers’; perspectives on the pupils’ way of understanding the English language thru Mother Tongue ... Data gathered through the questionnaire will be subjected to frequency counts. The confusion here is even if a student wants to be educated in mother tongue, how will it be possible in a different state where teachers don’t speak that language. it was found that most teachers support the programme of using mother tongue as a medium of instruction in nursery schools. 4. Review Article Use of mother tongue at universities in a global context Page 1 of 5 Mother tongue as the medium of instruction at ... questions well and teachers can explain explicitly with relevant examples or demonstrations if applicable. The Abia State chapter of the National Institute for Nigerian Languages (NINLAN) has solicited the support of the Federal Government in producing graduate teachers that can teach science subjects in local languages. Jimma Teachers‟ College is a regional college located in Jimma town about 350kms to the /Parent 2 0 R Validity was established through consultation with experts in the field of linguistics and Mother-Tongue Based Instruction. ��WV���>�j���?ux�)!��?�n�}��4������hAo��� TA�=� i�D��2��Q��^^7>J��w�nju��QSt�5����{�0\nq^yяo��䍗%01E�qvU�U��?�O�¯�4�G�W�. D. Grammar Translation. Direct Method. awareness and implementation and interview guide for the focused group. <> publication of instructional materials for the teaching of Mother Tongue and that the educational language policy makers review their position with regard to Mother tongue with a view to promoting it both as a language of instruction and a subject. x^�\[s#ǭ~ׯ�#������Ӻ��lW�KY�y���\Q�ry)G�9���4�n =7���Z�3Ӄ��@7�����|yw�_�cV�lr׶����|���7��m�WfU���6�Z�}������Z>g���}֬��[�>l����ۏ��֫�֘��~Hw Your participation is valuable and much appreciated. 5. %PDF-1.4 x��][w޸u}��У�ֈ!A�>%M�L&�K�Id˲5�%G��(�"��������Ӧ�k�PA� ��^?{��O~��I�5�=yz��m�en��~w2���;��6x��ϧ_���flM?�ޜ����.�釳�醶�N_��M?��wg�}��̢����,}�t��u��M��S��Mn|rֵ��:s��s��������p ���8�گ��N�0 �7��Yߘ�o7Zl�6��#��`�Άf�m/~|�'�>�i³��%\#��߷)�ƞ>�F��%�}��+k:���w���n�����_?1�k5�NO/������ ���:���[j�����}�����٩�m�/���uM�O��a�[`���i��a���i�y�g�]��%��� �e�����n��>��-���>�>��h��u���-@Ӷ�_�_>}�'���c�����ڮNL������]N�^�9*Χֽ��O@��'��u`N��aNu ����ϳ����`Ġ�+(]ly:�|��|��/����k�ү��ɝ���15���lj;6�˗��11:�XN�_{��v\A�G���g�զŽ�p��=S K�Z��z��8�����?�t}k7�1f�D���޸�:��6;���,���bj�Ԛq;q�X�[7�ޝ���+hȱ������Ogn��u�E[�n�L����f�[������G�rW��_�S7�ј�B_7i]_���W>�M���q�R���h�5��;�ʷ�#�Y���G� #O�ez Good Answers to Tough Questions (GATQ) in Mother Tongue–Based Multilingual Education. Table 1 Some have even doubted if teaching and learning in mother tongue would not damage the course of national unity and whether or not starting one’s education in mother tongue … learning English through English. /Type /Page ����A>������= ����&�v����O�;��i�?�]x� W���2�_��Qg?^6�>����ۛ�w7?^a#�ԛ*1���ϱ�����Eɬ]w�P�@~��W��L��b! /Contents 4 0 R %���� << /Filter /FlateDecode They were asked general questions to elicit their view on whether the teacher should know and, in principle, use the students' mother tongue.

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