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Splishing and splashing in the Long Island Sound is a sign of the summer. This natural resource provides recreational fun for us, habitat for wildlife, and income to many local economies. Next Event. Our Vision and the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, Committees and Work Groups/Meetings and Events, Climate Change and Sentinel Monitoring Work Group, Habitat Restoration and Stewardship Work Group, Public Involvement and Education Work Group, Clean Water Solutions to Reduce Nitrogen Pollution, Nutrient Bioextraction: Extracting Pollution from the Sound, New York and Connecticut’s Shellfish and Seaweed Aquaculture GIS Map Viewer, New Bioextraction Pilot Projects in Connecticut and Long Island Waters, Practical Applications of Nutrient Bioextraction, Ecosystem Targets and Supporting Indicators, Waters and Watersheds Ecosystem Targets and Indicators, Industrial Chemical Discharges (TRI data – Total LIS watershed and CT and NY portion of watershed), Habitats and Wildlife Ecosytem Targets and Indicators, Herring Runs at Streams with Upstream Planned Fishway Projects, Forage Fish in Open Water/NY and CT Coastlines, Shad & Blueback Herring – Long Island Sound, Sustainable Communities Ecosystem Targets and Indicators, Waterfront Community Resiliency and Sustainability, Population Within 50-mile Buffer of Long Island Sound, Climate Change and Sentinel Monitoring Research Projects, Other LISS Climate Change Research Projects, Water Quality Monitoring in the Sound and Embayments, Learn more on the role upgrading wastewater treatments plants had on the WWTP, Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, A Healthier Long Island Sound: Nitrogen Pollution, Restoring the Long Island Sound While Saving Money (TMDL fact sheet (short version), Restoring the Long Island Sound While Saving Money (TMDL fact sheet long version), The fishermen, boaters and student groups in New Haven Harbor formed the backdrop Tuesday morning as environmentalists and political leaders discussed a new study on the health of Long Island Sound. “[Rain can] pick up discarded litter and fecal matter from our landscape and our storm water and waste water infrastructure and deliver it to the coast,” Brown said. She says their hope is that marinas all along the sound will soon have the trash skimmers to clean up all pollutants. did a little freediving for tog and got my limit in the long island sound, brought them home clean them up and cooked them for a delicious meal Long Island Sound Study is presently participating in two pilot studies of advanced in situ (in water) high resolution monitoring technologies. Water samples were collected from 200 beaches on Long Island, Westchester and Connecticut. When concentrations are extremely low fish and shellfish unable to flee may die. View Water Clarity Environmental Indicator. The condition of the Sound depends on the quality of the waters draining from the landscapes surrounding it. Marshals Shot Serving Warrant In Bronx; Suspect Wanted For Shooting Massachusetts State Trooper Killed, New York Young Republicans' 'Secret' Mask-less Gala In Jersey City Draws Ire Of Gov. Have all practices and measures installed to attain the allocations for stormwater and nonpoint source inputs from the entire watershed by 2025. That’s why Theodore Roosevelt Beach in Oyster Bay closed on Thursday, but beach-goers were relieved it still scored an A. Learn more on the, LISS and its partners are developing a new generation of models to better describe dissolved oxygen concentrations as well as address new challenges such as warming temperatures, increasing precipitation and more development. The non-profit environmental, educational organization in Stamford has already picked up a tremendous amount of junk and pollutants from Long Island’s waters, but Shemitz notes one machine won't be enough. Polluted runoff from developed lands contaminates waters with pathogens, which result in closed beaches and restrictions on shellfish harvest areas. Long Island Sound Carte du Long Island Sound (en rose) entre les côtes du Connecticut (au nord) et de Long Island (au sud). View Nitrogen Loading Environmental Indicator. There will also be a need for land use planning that protects water resources, which includes adaptation to changing climate, and ensuring the sustainable use of the Sound’s resources. ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Seven beaches on Long Island rank among the cleanest beaches in New York, according to a study of water quality for the past three years. Long Island Sound Restoration and Stewardship Act (Sec. For some of us, it’s a large part of our work. To keep you up-to-date on your beloved beach getaways, here are some fun facts about Long Island Sound: Long Island Sound … “It’s beautiful. Additional emphasis is needed on assessing and improving the water and habitat quality of the Sound’s embayments, where much of the public goes for recreation and enjoyment. While Long Island Sound’s water is getting cleaner, the Sound still suffers from hypoxic “dead zones,” beach closures, and other effects of contamination that keeps the Sound from meeting water quality standards. Sound Byte Version (PDF) (2 pp, 311 K) Technical Version (PDF) (6 pp, 353 K) Long Island Sound Nitrogen TMDL (PDF) (10 pp, 158 K) Exit; Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. On Friday, officials came together to celebrate the fruits of that partnership. Beach and marine weather forecasts and real-time conditions, tides, weather radar, nautical charts - everything a boater or beachgoer needs to plan their day on the water on Long Island. Continue capital investments in wastewater treatment infrastructure. “I’m a little bit shocked. That means local sources of pollution have to be addressed. Upgrade 5% of the acreage currently restricted or closed for shellfishing by 2035 from a 2014 baseline. For More Information Reduce nitrogen from decentralized, on-site wastewater treatment systems (septic systems), and turf fertilizer applications. Connecticut and New York are now meeting the nitrogen reduction targets for wastewater treatment facilities, the largest source of nitrogen, thanks to recent investments in upgrades. Identify and control local pollution sources through community-based watershed monitoring (including citizen science) and protection programs. Document the economic and ecosystem consequences of nitrogen pollution from hypoxia, eelgrass and wetland loss, and increased vulnerability to acidification. Nitrogen from on-site wastewater treatment systems, residential turf fertilizer applications and stormwater runoff, however, have remained level or increased. Take Action. Learn more in the. Reduce the area of impaired sediment in Long Island Sound by 20% by 2035 from 2006 baseline. While Long Island Sound’s water is getting cleaner, the Sound still suffers from hypoxic “dead zones,” beach closures, and other effects of contamination that keeps the Sound from meeting water quality standards. So many of us cherish the opportunity to swim, boat, fish, and frolic in the waters of Long Island Sound, but there are some key facts that we may be missing out on. "The island is only about 50 yards wide in places and the design with a main boardwalk through the communities and boardwalks off to the beach and beach houses is quite unique." Check our calendar to find upcoming events near you, read on to learn about the opportunities we offer. “Ninety-three percent of the water samples collected in the past three summers at all the Sound beaches passed state criteria for safe swimming,” Tracy Brown, director of Save the Sound, said. As a volunteer, there are many ways you can restore Long Island Sound’s shores and water quality and protect the land, air, and waters of your region. The report shows the overall failure rate of beach samples more than doubled in wet weather. Long Island Sound is an estuary approximately 110 miles long (east to west) and 21 miles across at its widest point, and covers an area of 1320 square miles with 600 miles of coastline. Murphy, War Of Words, Coronavirus Cleaning: 'Ghostbusters'-Like Electrostatic Disinfection In Homes Is Big Business These Days, 'The Ultimate Police Vehicle'; CBS2 Rides Along In NYPD Highway Unit's New Hybrid SUV, No Crowd, But Rock Center Christmas Tree Still Sight To See. Connecticut and New York municipalities have prevented more than 50 million pounds of nitrogen pollution a year from entering Long Island Sound. Impaired Waters and TMDLs Home ; Program Vision; Impaired Waters and TMDLs throughout the … The Central Basin received an A (96%. Addressing these environmental conditions will require integrated approaches to reducing polluted storm and ground water, contaminants of emerging concern, and creating resiliency of infrastructure. “We need to know these things, especially if children are going to be in the water,” Syosset resident Doug Helkowski said. Find examples below of actions being undertaken by LISS and its partners to achieve outcomes to help meet the ecosystem targets and achieve the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan goals for a healthier Long Island Sound. Clean water is the foundation of a healthy Long Island Sound—for human use and recreation, for thriving fisheries, and for productive habitats. Long Island Sound is an estuary of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by Connecticut to the north, New York City to the west, and Long Island to the south. The Long Island Sound Restoration and Stewardship Act would combine two water quality and shore restoration programs to be funded at, respectively, $40 million and $25 million per year through 2020. I was just saying to my friend that the water looked clean today,” Meaghan Serravite, of Glen Cove, said. EPA, Connecticut and New York are working on achieving a cleaner Long Island Sound through new nitrogen pollution reduction strategies. The Sound … This connection between the land and water, between healthy, sustainable upland communities and a healthy Long Island Sound is the foundation of the Clean Waters and Healthy Watersheds theme. We’re a group of funders with missions that include protecting and restoring the Long Island Sound. Learn more in the Nitrogen Reduction Strategy, Municipalities are looking at green infrastructure projects to reduce pollutants carried by stormwater from entering the Sound and its tributaries. Through green infrastructure, low impact development, and stormwater disconnections, decrease by 10 percent the effective area of impervious cover in the Connecticut and New York portions of the watershed by 2035 relative to 2010 baseline. It is located in one of the most densely populated areas in the United States, particularly along the Nation's coastal areas, within the jurisdiction of two states, New York and Connecticut. 6 • Wrack Lines: A Connecticut Sea Grant Publication course of their dying and decay, lead to the depleted oxygen condition known as hypoxia. One of the major points of success was the 58.5 percent reduction in nitrogen levels in the Long Island Sound. Large Crowd Of Supporters Protests Shutdown Of Mac's Public House, Staten Island Bar That Defied COVID Restrictions, Lehman College Students Stunned To Learn School's Family Nurse Practitioner Program Accreditation Withdrawn, NYPD: Man Shot While Driving On Belt Parkway, Leading To Multi-Car Crash, Coronavirus Outbreak: More Than 170 Staffers At 3 New Jersey Hospitals Test Positive, Nassau County Homeowners Get A Break From Property Value Assessments, 2 U.S. CLEAN LONG ISLAND SOUND continued on next page By Peg Van Patten The Essential Services of Nutrient Bioextraction Gracilaria being grown in Long Island Sound as an experiment. Whether you’re looking to relax with a good book or take a dip in the Sound, these are the best beaches to do it! NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Most New Yorkers love their beaches, but a new report is shining a light on just how safe the water is to swim in. Implement smart growth and low impact development policies to minimize the environmental impacts of new development while green infrastructure is increasingly added to areas already developed. View Riparian Buffer Extent Environmental Indicator. Impaired Waters and TMDLs. Learn more in Taking Action for Healthy Watersheds, Extracting nitrogen through the harvesting of shellfish and seaweeds can lead to cleaner water. Learn more on the, The  amount of toxic contaminants discharged into Long Island Sound have been sharply reduced. With 332 miles miles of beach to choose from, you’re sure to find your ideal spot. The setting is the Gulf of Mexico, but much of what is discussed applies to the Sound. The full description of the actions, strategies, objective and outcomes for Long Island Sound Study can be found in the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan. Each was given a letter grade based on the frequency and magnitude of dry and wet weather features, since researchers say rain plays a huge role in temporarily contaminating the water. The video was produced with support from the Smithsonian Institution, Dalhousie University, and Texas A&M. Response to Public Comments - Long Island Sound Dissolved Oxygen TMDL, January 2001, … Dr. Greg O’Mullan, of Queens College, helped lead the report. With new information on the success of reducing nitrogen and the response of Long Island Sound to these reductions, the TMDL target will need to be assessed and revised as appropriate. Crescsent Beach in Glen Cove scored a D. Locals aren’t surprised, since it’s been closed to swimmers since 2009. But just how cl “I am glad that they’re checking the water,” Oyster Bay resident Laura Gaffney said. Increase the percent area of natural vegetation within 300 feet of any stream or lake in the Connecticut and New York portions of the Long Island Sound watershed to 75% (1,030 square miles of natural vegetation) by 2035 from 2010 baseline of 65%. The plan also identified steps to evaluate additional nitrogen reductions and alternative technologies while continuing monitoring and research programs to assess attainment of water quality standards. Bathers and boaters from Mystic, Conn., to Southold on the North Fork of Long Island are reporting growing amounts of floating and beached garbage. Making Long Island Sound’s water cleaner by removing excess nutrients such as nitrogen is going to require different solutions. Attain wastewater treatment facility nitrogen loading at the recommended 2000 Dissolved Oxygen Total Maximum Daily Load allocation level by 2017 and maintain the loading cap. It’s clean,” Jericho resident Denise Clappert said. View Impervious Cover Environmental Indicator. Warm-summer humid continental climate would be the climate here. But just how clean are the beaches on Long Island’s North Shore? Long Island Sound is a village close to atlantic ocean. But we all see the benefits of networking, collaborating, and keeping up on the latest issues facing the Sound. The documents detail the Long Island Sound TMDL at work. Water quality must be improved in bays and harbors to protect and restore submerged aquatic vegetation and benthic community health. The  video, created by  the NOAA Environmental Visualization Lab, describes how high levels of nutrients lead to hypoxia. The month with the lowest is February with an average water temperature of 39°F / 3.9°C. Further reducing nitrogen pollution requires addressing sources that are smaller, more diffuse, or more distant from the Sound. View Extent of Hypoxia Environmental Indicator. Improve water clarity by 2035 to support healthy eelgrass communities and attainment of the eelgrass extent target. Learn more in the nutrient bioextraction initiative, The Long Island Sound Dredged Material Management Plan (LIS DMMP) is a comprehensive planning process and decision-making tool to address the management of dredged material for a specific harbor or navigation project, group of related projects, or geographic area. To continue progress in attaining water quality standards it is necessary to manage adaptively, continuing to seek aggressive and practical nitrogen reductions from all sources while evaluating their effectiveness. Splishing and splashing in the Long Island Sound is a sign of the summer. Covering 1,180 square miles (3,056 square km), it is 90 miles (145 km) long and 3–20 miles (5–32 km) wide and is limited on the east by There are plenty of beaches in Connecticut, but these beauties along the Long Island Sound will make you feel like you’re on a tropical island! Clean energy isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for people. However, the Sound is heavily affected by the 20 million people who live within 50 miles of the coastline. It’s quiet. Based on these figures, over a lifespan of 100 years, the value of Long Island Sound and its watersheds is $690 billion to $1.3 trillion. An analysis by Synapse Energy Economics found aggressive renewable energy growth would lead to more jobs and better health for the region. The Total Maximum Daily Load Analysis to Achieve Water Quality Standards for Dissolved Oxygen in Long Island Sound (CTDEEP, NYSDEC 2000) set allocations for nitrogen among five watershed states. Work with states and communities in the entire watershed, not just in Connecticut and New York, particularly on low-cost upgrades to centralized wastewater treatment facilities. A new report by the organization “Save the Sound” details that, CBS2’s Ali Bauman says. It’s quiet. 2) This bill amends the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (commonly known as the Clean Water Act) to direct the Office of the Management Conference of the Long Island Sound Study within the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to include in studies on strengthening the implementation of the Comprehensive Conservation and … The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut describes many of the choices in its LIS Water Quality website. The waves are literally overflowing with resources and information that not many people know about. Long Island Sound is an estuary of national importance. It’s perfect. To teach about the Long Island Sound watershed and its impact on the water quality of Long Island Sound 3. By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. It’s perfect. This is all the more important due to the changes in the ecosystem brought about by climate change that may make Long Island Sound more susceptible to hypoxia. To read the full report, visit In that sense, n itrogen is a pollutant. The Eastern Basin received an A+ (100%). Measurably reduce the area of hypoxia in Long Island Sound from pre-2000 Dissolved Oxygen TMDL averages to increase attainment of water quality standards for dissolved oxygen by 2035, as measured by the five-year running average size of the zone. The East River is a salt water tidal estuary in New York City.The waterway, which is actually not a river despite its name, connects Upper New York Bay on its south end to Long Island Sound on its north end. “Avoiding waste going into storm drains, picking up after our dog,” he said. The Long Island Sound Task Force, a Connecticut-based group, says the lobster population on its side has increased significantly, and 1983 may … “It’s beautiful. View Sediment Quality Improvement Environmental Indicator. Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Analysis to Achieve Water Quality Standards for Dissolved Oxygen in Long Island Sound (PDF), December 2000, NYSDEC and CTDEP. Nitrogen reductions from atmospheric deposition and agricultural sources are also meeting TMDL allocations. It’s clean,” Jericho resident Denise Clappert said. One study, funded by NERACOOS, is examining the effectiveness of automated in situ nutrient sensor technology in estuaries throughout New England, including Long Island Sound, Narragansett Bay, Mass Bay, and the Gulf of Maine. All of the best-ranked beaches, all in Suffolk County, received the highest average grades during wet and dry weather conditions from 2016 through 2018, according to this report by Save the Sound. Controlling nitrogen pollution remains the top priority. Read the Report > View all reports. This connection between the land and water, between healthy, sustainable upland communities and a healthy Long Island Sound is the foundation of the Clean Waters and Healthy Watersheds theme. Beachgoers have begun swarming to the shores of Long Island to cool off now that school is out and summer is in, but the region’s favorite pastime isn’t all fun and games. "Always an amazing time at Fire Island whether you check out the grill dockside or you go to the Casino , some of the greatest refreshing summer cocktails and live bands every Sunday ." These  “dead zones”  can force fish and invertebrates to scatter, and make others susceptible to disease. The following ambitious, but achievable, ecosystem targets have been developed to drive progress toward attaining the Clean Waters and Healthy Watersheds (WW) goal. Long Island Sound, semienclosed arm of the North Atlantic Ocean, lying between the New York–Connecticut (U.S.) shore to the north and Long Island to the south. To help teachers understand how science lessons can be modified for visually impaired or blind students. Lattingtown Beach a few miles away got a C+. Hypoxia, low levels of oxygen, plague coastal waters, including Long Island Sound, every summer. He says a beach report like this is a tidal wave of information. To help students understand the impact of a local problem on global change 4. Aging infrastructure leaks untreated sewage to coastal waters. According to the report, the best beach for swimming in Westchester is Rye Town Park and on Long Island, it’s Hobart Beach in Suffolk County. Long Island Sound is a tidal estuary of the Atlantic Ocean, lying predominantly between the U.S. state of Connecticut to the north, and Long Island in New York to the south. He says neighboring beaches can have very different water quality. Catching northern kingfish, sea robins, dogfish sharks, and clearnose skates in July on the south shore of long island. Restore habitat in your backyard. It separates the borough of Queens on Long Island from the Bronx on the North American mainland, and also divides Manhattan from Queens and Brooklyn, which is also on Long Island. View Approved Shellfish Areas Environmental Indicator. August is the month with the highest water temperature at 73.6°F / 23.1°C. For others, it’s just one of many programs or initiatives. The Sound generates between $17 billion and $36.6 billion in economic value every year, according to a forthcoming economic valuation cited in the recently updated plan to restore and protect Long Island Sound. Long Island Sound/Dissolved Oxygen. Long Island Sound - Long Island's Salt Water Estuary, Get information about the Long Island Sound, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York For this reason, The Nature Conservancy’s Long Island Sound Program also reaches across boundaries, encompassing staff scientists and collaborating with partners from the three states and many programs that have connections to the Sound: New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island. You will learn about efforts to clean the waters as well as the shorelines of Long Island Sound, including those in Rye, Larchmont, Mamaroneck and surrounding communities. The avg. Learn more in the, LISS and its partners maintain a long-term monitoring program in the open waters of the Sound, and are expanding efforts in harbors and bays.

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