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Deficiencies in teaching and learning English as a foreign/second language in the secondary schools of India and Iran. SECOND LANGUAGE LEARNING ERRORS THEIR TYPES, CAUSES, AND TREATMENT Hanna Y. Touchie Abstract Recent research in applied linguistics emphasizes the significance of learners' errors in second language learn ... English relative clauses by adult Arab learners. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (7968 views) The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English by H. W. Fowler - The Clarendon Press, 1919 COURSE GUIDE: Teaching English II (Teaching English Pedagogy Option) Myth: This course is centred on Western theories of learning and does not relate to countries where English is a second language and taught as a second-language. It has become a part of Indian life. Mojtahedzadeh, M., & Mojtahedzadeh, R. (2012). English as an Islamic language: a case study of Pakistani English Or you may simply want to take a few classes abroad. English is taught as a compulsory subject from class one up to graduation level in Pakistan. Subsequently the report was published (Coleman 2010a) by the British Council and distributed to various interested parties within Pakistan. English is now not the monopoly of English people and it can be studied for our own advantage. Pakistan period, as a legacy for British rule, English was a second language. Importance English Language Education Pakistan Essay Urdu In our country Pakistan, we have so many coaching centres and institutions that offer english language courses. The role of English language teaching and learning in Iran. Language in India www.languageinindia.com ISSN 1930-2940 13:10 October 2013 Hafiz Ahmad Bilal, Abdur Rehman, Ch. The syllabus focuses on the linked language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Cambridge O Level Second Language Urdu is designed for learners who already have a working knowledge of the language and who want to consolidate their understanding to progress in their academic or professional careers. Pakistan has the fifth largest population (207.77 million) in the world. The Study of Second Language Acquisition . English is their second language. Pakistan is dropping English as its official language and switching to Urdu, a popular language in the Indian subcontinent. In London people speak over 300 languages and 32% of the children live in homes where English is not the main language … Anyway there is no reason why English Language should be completely abolished from the study. Through their study of Cambridge IGCSE Urdu as a Second Language, learners can achieve a level of practical communication ideal for everyday use, which can also form the basis for further, more in-depth language … Ghani, Mamuna (2003) The Status and Position of English Language in Pakistan. Language teachers being the followers of different learning theories of Psychology, have chosen few objectives, and suggested various approaches/ methods/strategies such as oral approach, … Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities. There are few places in the world where only one language is used. language. Second Language Acquisition (SLA) refers to the study of how students learn a second language (L2) additionally to their first language (L1). Vol.4 No.1 2003. The participants filled questionnaire and were interviewed. (Lobaton, 2012). Pakistan Journal of Language. In many places, English becomes the third language as they have a local language, then Hindi followed by English. English is the language of the Constitution, the Supreme Court, the High Courts and official departments. It has to be second language in our country for the better development of the country. Results show that identity is fluid and changing. The educated or even fairly educated people had to use English in offices, profession, education and other purposes. Though informal contexts to practice it are not so much but people are aware of its importance to great extent. As a second English learner, one does not have any culture to claim. Being a second language in Pakistan, English language is learnt formally and practiced informally. Second language acquisition is not easy; the students experience various challenges in the process. Pakistan is a country in southern Asia.It is next to India, Iran, Afghanistan, and China.It is officially called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.It has a long coastline along the Arabian Sea in the south. English. That language should not become a barrier in the progress also another objective. Because English language is spoken in many parts of India, many of the schools have integrated it into their programmes as they know it makes students liable to more opportunities.. English language is used in many of the Indian websites on the internet and therefore knowing the language gives you access to many websites so that you can participate in forums and discussions over the internet. Therefore, any other The acquisition of English grammatical articles has been of considerable concern since early 1970s (Brown, 1973; Bresson, 1974; Maratsos, 1974, 2009; Warden, 1976).For native speakers, the proper use of English articles is acquired unconsciously and at an early stage (Brown, 1973; Maratsos, 1974).However, English-as-a-second language learners (ELLs), especially those whose first languages … Language Learning Strategies Employed by L2 Learners. This thematic paper is an attempt to review the arrival and augmentation of English language in Pakistan both before and after its creation. Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) refers to teaching the English language to students with different first languages, typically used to imply that the English Language Learner may have already learned more than one language, prior to learning English.TEFL can occur either within the state school system or more privately, at a language school or with a tutor. Forty (40) students who were studying English as second language in Lahore College for Women University, Pakistan participated in this research. English is not the mother tongue of Pakistani students. Although it has informed a number of theories of second language acquisition, ... English as a Second Language (Count-in speaking) (0511) English as a Second Language (Speaking endorsement) (9-1) (0993) Enterprise (0454) IMPACT: International Journal of Research in Humanities,, 2(6), 5-14. It features sections about types of grammar, punctuation and formality. It is a living and vibrant language spoken by over 300 million people as their native language. That they should write English correctly is one of the objectives in starting English from the class III. It investigates the influence of English foreign language on Pakistani students’ identity. Thus English has great importance for the integrity of India. Ellis, R. (1994). (2014). Abdul Rashid, Rana Adnan and Muneer Abbas Problems in Speaking English with L2 Learners of Rural Area Schools of Pakistan 425 This is a book about the actual use of the English language. English is an international language, spoken in many countries both as a native and as a second or foreign language. That’s great news if you want to move to an English-speaking region or work in one—a student visa can get you there. Ghani, Mamuna (2003). That’s why they feel it difficult to learn. Second-Language Classroom: A Support for Second Language Acquisition1 El Uso de la Lengua Materna en el Salón de la Clase de ... lesson plans were designed: the first one using only English as the language of instruction, and the second one using both languages, Spanish and English. That is why, they usually mix and switch to English Code in their native language. Second, competence in a language is measured against the standard of an ‘ideal’ native speaker. Mirzaie Rizi, B., et al. The paper explores the evolution of Pakistani English (PakE) as a legitimate variety of English by largely discussing the works of Ali (1993), Baumgardner (1987; 1993; 1998), Kachru (1982; 1983; 1992; 1996), Mahboob (2004; 2009), Rahman (1990; 1991), and Sidwa (1988; 1993) on Pakistani English. Pakistan, particularly in the field of education, should also be considered. teaching English as a Foreign language in a second language environment. If it becomes availabe, we will upload it. In those situations where English language is taught as a foreign language at school, college or university level and the people of those places who speak languages other than English therefore, it becomes very important to investigate teachers what they say and how they converse in English classrooms during the learning process of the students. The qualification reflects the … So it is wise to keep it as a second important language for the students … With respect to English, Pakistan is a second language context which implies that the language is institutionalized and enjoying the privileged status of being the official language. It is taught in the schools in almost every country on this earth. Chomsky’s concept of linguistic competence was chiefly developed to describe first language acquisition. 1.5 English in 21st Century Though theoretically English is still the second language /third language, practically it is gaining Tony Capstick joined the British Council in Pakistan as its English Language Adviser just Motivation, attitudes, and set of beliefs, about learning the language … English is now firmly rooted in the soil of India. Second language definition, a language learned by a person after his or her native language, especially as a resident of an area where it is in general use. The Number and Variety of L2 Users "Using a second language is a commonplace activity. English as Second Language: Alignment Perspective as Quality Improvement in Pakistan Abida Khalid Assistant Professor University of Education Bank Road Campus, Lahore, Pakistan Muhammad Azeem Assessment Expert Punjab Education Assessment System (PEAS) University of Education College Road, Township, Lahore, Pakistan Dr Muhammad Bashir Gondal The majority of the students think are O Level Pakistan Studies Paper 2 has not been published by CAIE for this session. A case study in Canada indicates that students have different perceptions about their fellow colleagues who take English as their second language. Although it is referred as Second Language Acquisition, it is the process of learning any language after the first language whether it is the second, third or fourth language. The country's 1973 constitution mandated the change, but it was never made. Language, especially English, is a significant instrument in the fields including scientific communications, business world, cultural interchanges, political issues etc. Fact: This course is prepared to address the issues and problems of second-language pedagogy in Pakistan. Even when we step into the job market, the first impression which any individual can make on others is his proficiency of english language. It is widely accepted that fluency in the English language is a key to success in life. This wikibook is intended for use by native speakers or advanced learners of English as a second language. See more. If you learn English well enough to pass tests like the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) you can study in English-language universities across the globe. It is a second language for them. As compared to the learners from urban areas, learners from rural areas face more difficulties during the process of language acquisition.

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