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I change diapers, cook food and write stuff. How to cook Okra Soup [Video] This soup is known as Miyan Kubewa in Hausa. Hope this helps. This one is inspired by West African okra soup, but is also closer to the Southern gumbo variation. Mix well with the rest of the soup. Try it and you will never be the same. To make sure you do not miss any of my cooking videos, subscribe to my channel on YouTube. You can use two cover of bottle water to measure your oil … Add in chopped or roughly blended okra (please watch video to see how I prepare the okra). This is my never fail Okra (Ila Asepo) recipe! THAT IS MY ASICE TO YOU. It should still look green and vibrant. If using meat, start by boiling the meat with water at the same level of the meat until tender. I am Deltan and my mum has cooked this soup since we were kids. It should still look green and vibrant. Your email address will not be published. A true Southern classic, this okra and rice soup was as commonplace in the nineteenth century as it is unusual today. Cook until it has a nice brown sear, stirring minimally to end up with mostly medium-sized chunks, 5 to 7 minutes. Boil on medium heat about 12 minutes. Even my picky eater eats and licks her fingers. I love their dishes from Eru, Idole(sorry of I spelt it wrong) corn fufu, their roasted fish, pork etc . Oct 21, 2020 | Uncategorized. Glad you enjoyed the Okra Soup! Be careful not to overcook the okra. Required fields are marked *. Yes's okra bay-bay! Add in water as needed. chorizo, fish stock, fresh parsley, butter, okra, shrimp, flour and 4 more. I spend a great part of my days calculating how to deal with the mountains of laundry that await me. I will eat (abi drink) it in any form but i love it best with seafood; and every time it has to be with garri only lol. Add in smoked fish and let them cook for another 5-10 minutes. Then visit the Okra Soup with Ogbono page. Waje Covers Guardian Life Magazine’s Latest Issue, My name is Precious... literally! The most common way it is eaten in Cameroon is with this vegetable called eru. Half way through the cooking, season with salt and ¼ of the chopped onions. I think many Nigerians who are comfortable with just what they know shouldn’t be bashing what they don’t. This slimy soup called okra soup is made differently in various countries. We are sooo arrogant, and got nothing to show for it. Add in chopped or roughly blended okra (please watch video to see how I prepare the okra). Despite the “throw-everything-into-the-pot” simplicity of the recipe, the result is a wonderfully complex blend of flavors and textures—thanks mainly to the unique character of okra. J Balvin - Lento (Dance Video), Watch Episode 7 of Neptune3’s "Table for Two: a Series of First Dates", Catch #BBNaija's Laycon & Vee in this Fun Episode of Ndani TGIF Show, 1/2 pound okra (about 1/4 kg) finely chopped or roughly blended, 1 pound fish, meat or both (I used smoked fish and beef), 1 large crayfish seasoning cube (Maggi Crevette/Shrimps) or 3 small seasoning cubes (regular Maggi). okra soup recipe cameroon. Okro soup is one soup i love so much. Temi….You sound like a bigot…If you were born and raised in Afghanistan, you probably would think Nigerian food is dog shit. Travel to places you will congratulate Cameroon’s dishes. Traditional and authentic okro soup should consist of the following ingredients: A full medium-sized bowl of finely chopped okro ; Fresh pumpkin leaves; 1 cup of fish stock made of fish heads (start with only … Everything from easy one pot recipes, to traditional and Sumptuous. Like serious name limbo and not much of an answer after three days. Oh yes! thank you Precious. Grilled , fried , roasted , mashed you name it. Why are we so rude and insensitive to other cultures??? If you want it lighter, add in more water. @Memoir I wish I could love your comment 100 times. Add oil, maggi cubes, maggi seasoning sauce, red pepper. You will be thrilled with this list.! Okra is also globally known as lady fingers and is rich in Protein. Sprinkle roast with 1 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon pepper. okra soup recipe cameroon - October 22, 2020 - Your cookbook and recipes will keep uniting the Nigerian family. Okra soup is very easy to prepare and you don't need to break the bank or have any … Thing is, at home in Sierra Leone, when we say okro, this is what we mean. If you haven't checked out my tutorial on how to make your own smoked fish at home, you absolutely should. It’s like telling me iru smells like faeces- which it does- and then asking me to try it out. Here you will find approachable, insanely delicious, family-friendly recipes. LOTD HAVE MERCY OOOOOOO! Pls don’t blast, Cameroonians dishes is (are) the best in Africa. My naija people open your eyes from your small cubicle and learn the world around you. Censoring and not posting normal comments. And it may taste great but to MY eyes, it’s visually unappealing. Sometimes, I ignore the dishes in the sink and just sit and eat pop corn in the living room because body nobi fayawood. If you can’t be open to other ppl’s culture/ way of life, at least be respectful. In Cameroon and other west African countries it is often served with some form of starchy dough. What is needed: Okra, palm oil, cray fish, (meat, foot cow, smoked fish, fried fish) or any of your choice. But I will say Cameroonian women give some serious competition. All the Nigerians whom actually blast the dish, it because they have not travel, pride for nothing. You could even eat it on boiled rice if that's your thing! Now I believe only few naija women cook well but almost every Cameroonian women I’ve met cook excellent. this can be true if a lot of onion is added, however, if a little is added as I did in this recipe, your okro soup … I'll love to have you follow me on Instagram. Learn how your comment data is processed. It takes exactly like the combination (Egusi soup and Okra Soup). Do you want to prepare this soup for your kids? Smh, this is why everyone (including our neighboring countries) hates us. Even my mum(the best cook) testified to their great cooking skills. Add the palm oil when you add the smoked fish. Here is all you need for this super simple soup: About 15 medium sized okras, 2 Maggi cubes, a quarter cup of crayfish, 1 large cleaned tilapia fish, half a medium-sized onion and a handful of spinach. But not too much so you don’t loose the green colour and the nutrients. Bring that to boil for 10 to 15minutes or until the fish is cooked. Some of the comments I’m seeing here are just plain rude. Dolapo Grey’s Peri Peri Chicken Recipe is Just Right for this Festive Season, Let Sisi Yemmie show You How to Make Puff-Puff for 100 Guests, You Should Try Out Sisi Jemimah’s Crispy Roast Potatoes Recipe. As in! That okra/egusi mix is delicious. Please pay a visit and let me know what you think. Hahaha ele ya okro soup rules eh! This Cameroonian okra soup recipe can be enjoyed with any fufu you like from garri to corn fufu to yam fufu (pounded yam). Be careful not to overcook the okra. Add in water as needed. Whaaaaat??? Add in chopped or roughly blended okra (please watch the video to see how I prepare the okra). I also make it it various ways in my kitchen. The combination of […], Your email address will not be published. Okra, enjoyed by most globally! It is easy to put together and it tastes so good! If you want it lighter, add in more water. This is definitely interesting. Because my girls love okra soup to the T. They never get tired of it! Boil till it is soft. My goal is to show you insanely delicious recipes you can replicate in your kitchen. This long-simmering Creole Beef and Okra Soup is perfect for rainy days. I WAS ON MISSION THERE AND WAS SERVED A DISH CALLED POULET DG… NO TASTE ANDTOO MANY THINGS IN JUST ONE DIAH. No, I didn't use oil in this recipe. I had something similar in a friends house long ago and it tasted nice, the only difference is that palm oil was added. You know, one would think that living in the western world their tastebuds would mostly crave pizza, burgers, yada yada. I share all things precious at Taste to make sure seasoning is perfect. Mix egusi with water to form a paste. Now i hv left over onions i dont know what to do with . Looking forward to cooking 50k to more often now that I have found the perfect recipe, […] can be eaten with a number of soups like ogbono soup or okra soup. You guys should try their food. Continue cooking, stirring occasionally, until okra and shrimp are cooked through, about 2 minutes. If you're using smoked fish and locust bean, soak them separately in hot water for 5 minutes, then break apart the smoked catfish and remove the bones. Wow! my tutorial on how to make your own smoked fish, CAMEROONIAN FISH PEPPER SOUP (VIDEO RECIPE). You don’t have to eat rice everyday, time to switch up that diet!! #presidentBiyamustgo. It is believed that onions make the soup less viscous. Serve with polenta, semolina, or even rice. I also make it in various ways in my kitchen. And I love to tell stories too. SMH. It will change your life. Recipe by Deddeh Howard (@secretofdd) Okro soup is made with okra vegetables cooked in a delicious mixture of oil, shrimps, goat meat, fish and African spices, and simmered to perfection! Good and humble people. We all love this version made with Egusi. Let it cook for 2-5 minutes. Widen your horizon. It tastes really good. One of my all-time favourites. Love, This soup look like soak garri mix with fish and pepper. You know why? I made a video to show you how to make this soup from start to finish. Combines beef short ribs, okra, tomatoes, and rice in a distinctly Southern recipe. Reduce heat to medium (6), and saute okra for 2 minutes. Cameroonian dishes tastes good. Sometimes plain, sometimes with Ogbono (a slimy friend to Okra) and sometimes with Egusi. Enyewah Bride Aabnda (CEO @ There are different variations of the same kind of food all over the world. The way it looks is not inviting. I made it with some homemade smoked fish. Wash and drain the locust bean. Okra soup is unarguably one of the most delicious soup in Nigeria and one os the easiest you can make any day. Bellanaija thanks, Precious Nkeih thanks for the Okra & Egusi recipe. U are a slave. okra soup recipe cameroon by | Oct 21, 2020 | CUSTOM HOME CONTRACTOR I am enjoying this site/group such much its a wonderful place n I always look forward to getting ur news letter n new way of making Nigeria food n delicacies.thank u for having this vision n … And I love how they cook varieties not just rice and Eba/fufu Nigerians tend to stick to. But you could add some palm oil if you want to. ?…the egusi looks uncooked sef like garri…yuk,this will be poisoning! Add in water as needed. #freesoutherncameroom# Save Pin Print Spread ground beef evenly in the pan. But it is mild and the addition of melon seeds (egusi) brings some nuttiness and earthiness to the soup. I tried the okro recipe and added garlic and ginger to it (Coz I'm a garlic and ginger kind of person) and it was great. If you haven’t checked out my tutorial on how to make your own smoked fish at home, you absolutely should. Add onions and saute for an additional 3 minutes. It's also quite simple to make hence can satisfy one's cravings timeously. This okra is cooked together with egusi (melon seeds). Be sure to check the consistency of the soup as you go, adding more water as needed. It is a simpler version of this recipe and kids simply love it! Do you want to add Ogbono to your Okra soup? Directions: 1. I made it with some homemade smoked fish. Ingredients: 2 pounds beef and mutton 2 quarts water 2 tablespoons salt 3 large ripe tomatoes 2 dozen okras, finely cut up 1 onion chopped ¼ cabbage, cut up 2 tablespoons cooking oil Pepper to taste 1/2 teaspoon thyme 1 teaspoon of garlic powder 2 tablespoons flour 1 stalk celery, cut up. Nigeria is glamorous only on TV and thanks to Igbo,you guys should travel. Onions in okra soup have always been an issue that is really debated. If you are looking for an easy Nigerian soup recipe to eat with Hott Eba this quarantine I have just the thing to satisfy that rumbling belly!! How can the site of this soup look good to you?? Mix well and let them simmer for two minutes. Don’t be too patriotic and miss your blessings sha lol, My husband is half Cameroonian(the English speaking part) so I had to learn how to cook their dishes. , Okra is also good for adults, as a matter of fact, I just made a pot of okra soup before writing this, a very small quantity that would serve for this night, it is Sunday night here in Nigeria. Add onion and garlic when butter stops bubbling; cook and stir for 1 minute. Enjoy! Your email address will not be published. ESHEWWWWWWWW. Today has been a welcome respite from the brutally hot temperatures we've had so far this summer. The potato okra this soup enough drawnness to … Check me out on YouTube at Whenever i percieve the smell, my face lights up & that puts me in a slightly happier mood . To prepare the okra, trim the ends, wash, and pat dry. Aug 28, 2018 - Okro eh okro JikokojiOkro went to the pot ooJikokojiTo make some nice soupJokokojiThe soup was so sweetJikokoji.Okro said, ehen ehen!If you did not sing this song during your childhood then I truly pity you. Okra soup is one of the most popular 'draw soups' enjoyed in almost every part of Cameroon. But no! Delicious chicken Nigerian inspired Okra/Okro soup/stew recipe potsofsmiles:) salt, fish fillets, oil, chicken pieces, spinach, chilli, crayfish and 5 more. Add okra, chicken stock, and tomatoes; bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low, and cook, until okra is very tender and soup thickens slightly, about 45 minutes. This is literally the easiest Nigerian okra soup recipe in the book and I love it because you can get most of the ingredients at any grocery store and any African store near you. Your email address will not be published. Blend the okra to a coarse consistency in a food processor or you can finely chop the okra into coarse consistency using a sharp knife Add the ground crayfish, bouillon or Maggie and egusi into the pan of boiled meat, cook for 5 minutes Then add shrimp, cook for another 5 minutes and finally add the spinach and stir for about a minute or 2. And it’s rumored to be the un-official Cameroon National dish . Ndole- At the top of my favorite Cameroonian food is Ndole. 9ja babes are just toooooo rigid. Nobody is forcing you to try it. We all love this version made with egusi. I visited Cameroon with my parent 5 yrs ago, and the people are nice. Shout out to all of my cameroonians. When there is a huge pot of okra soup in my kitchen. If you make this recipe, please share a photo and tag me: @preciouscore. Most might shy away from the texture and consistency with this soup but you will be pleasantly surprised. While the stock fish and cow feet are cooking, wash okro and chop by hand or in a food processor and set aside. Let it cook for 2-5 minutes. Mix well with the rest of the soup. Thanks for always coming through with wonderful recipes. You know one of the things that makes me happy as a mom? See more recipes from Precious Nkeih here. You could also share on my Facebook page. Thank u I don’t want, Nigerian women particularly South south women are the best cooks especially growing up with a mum who cooked at wedding and birthday parties, well that’s what I thought. BellaNaija is not responsible for the content of external sites and news culled therefrom. No sauce, soup… Please take your fufu & rice etc away. Hi precious, Please is oil not needed here?? Halfway through the cooking, season with salt and 1/4 of the chopped onions. Then reserve. If using meat, start by boiling the meat with water at the same level of the meat until tender. Okra Soup . Hope you find recipes here that will make cooking easier for you! Video Recipe : How to cook Okra Soup. Add in smoked fish and let them cook for another 5-10 minutes. Add in the fish and 2 cups of water. Then visit the Kiddies Okra Soup page. Now she cooks Cameroonian dishes. both of you are rude.. if you dont want to eat pls jump and pass.. what is your problem.. smh Temi u don come again with your oshisco behaviour.. shift. Now i hv left over onions i dont know what to do with , What happened to the rest of the 3/4 onions? Shrimp and Chorizo Gumbo La Cocina de Babel. Some people must be feeling very stupid after reading that. CAMEROUN PEOPLE WITH THEIR DISHES… IT NEVER APPEALS TO ME. Add 12 cups water, and bring to a boil; cover, reduce heat to low, and simmer 2 hours. I also love it with ogbono! Hi Precious. Be sure to check the consistency of the soup as you go, adding more water as needed. This loaded soup is a staple in some West African countries like Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon. Okay I have taken my fufu and rice away! This slimy soup called okra soup is made differently in various countries. It is easy to put together and it tastes so good! They love traditional meals like this okra soup especially when it is going down with corn fufu. Okra doesn't have a particular overwhelming taste so it is hard to describe. I could not decide if I want to call this recipe Okra soup, Okra Sauce, Okro stew or palmoil okro or Okro Soup Sierra Leonean style. Personally, I’d recommend adding a little palm oil to the soup to give it some colour. Get started with our Nigerian okra soup step-by-step recipe. Thank you very much haha. You can’t describe food as ‘slimy’ and expect that I will pay attention, much less eat. SO PLEASE CAMEROUN MAKE SOME EFFORT OOOOO! Cameroonians know how to party and have good fun. Best with white meats or goat meat. The description is a turn off and the picture is revolting.

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