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Buddleja or Buddleia is a genus containing over 140 deciduous, evergreen and semi-evergreen shrubs, trees and a few scrambling climbers. It is very decorative when in flower. They are B. auriculata, B. dysophylla, B. glomerata, B. loricata, B. pulchella, B. saligna and B. salviifolia. Field guide to the trees of Southern Africa. Its leaves are browsed by game. It is endemic to southern Africa. The small cream flowers are borne on the previous year’s wood in late autumn or winter. It comes from eastern Asia and grows to about three and a half metres high with purple tubular flowers and sage-green leaves." Pooley, E. 2003. Buddleja saligna, the false olive or bastard olive, is almost endemic to South Africa where it has a wide distribution. Size, form and leaf color can vary widel… The flowers attract many butterflies and other insects, which in turn become food for insectivorous birds like the Southern Boubou and Cape Robin. Treeshop is a boutique indigenous tree nursery located near Pretoria. Accessed on 2020/11/23. Buddleja salviifolia NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. Field guide to the trees of southern Africa. Pooley's Trees of eastern South Africa. We cultivate and have for sale about 180 species of indigenous trees, including some scarcer ones. Buddleja auriculata (Weeping Sage) A small evergreen tree that is frost resistant, water wise, fast growing in the sun or semi-shade. Gardening in South Africa will also guide you on how to plant vegetables, herbs and other yummy things to enhance a healthy diet. Dombeya burgessiae 4 x 4 pink, white. The species are divided into three groups based on their floral type: those in the New World are mostly dioecious (occasionally hermaphrodite or trioecious), while those in the Old World are exclusively hermaphrodite with perfectflow… TERRY A. TATTAR, in Diseases of Shade Trees (Revised Edition), 1989. Common names: sagewood, butterfly bush, mountain sage (Eng. A very hardy, evergreen shrub with a weeping appearance. The fastest way of propagation is through cuttings. The species was described and named by Lamarck in 1792. Pooley’s Trees of eastern South Africa. It grows naturally in forest margins, rocky hillsides and along stream banks on the escarpment. Buddleja salviifolia makes a quick hedge if pruned. South African Buddleia Buddleja salviifolia. Adam Buddle (1660 – 1715) an English amateur botanist and vicar of Farnham, ... Found in WC, EC, NC FS, Les, KZN, Swa, G, NWP, M, L, and south-weatern Zim. It can grow in poor soils on hot mountainsides away or close to water. The leaves of some cultivars are densely hairy underneath. It grows as an upright shrub to 4-5’ tall and as wide with a rounded habit. Buddleja – named after the Rev. Give less water in winter (June to end August). Although it is a widely distributed and well-known plant in South Africa, there is still an opportunity for research and development on this plant. It is widespread throughout South Africa and naturally occurs in the bushveld, dry forest margins and wooded grasslands. Buddleja auriculata is known as the Weeping Sage. Buddleja saligna has not been extensively researched for its in vitro and in vivo medicinal properties. Buddleja, or Buddleia (/ ˈ b ʌ d l i ə /; also historically given as Buddlea), commonly known as the butterfly bush, is a genus comprising over 140 species of flowering plants endemic to Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Weeping sagewood. The species name 'salviifolia' refers to the leaves that resemble those of Salvia farinacea. Adam Buddle, an English botanist of the 17th century. Bred by Denny Werner of North Carolina University, it has B. davidii, B. globosa (via the B.x weyeriana hybrid Honeycomb) and B. lindleyana in its complex ancestry. JOFFE, P. 2001. Besides its use in horticulture, this plant has other economic uses. Locally Buddleja salviifolia is known as Sagewood, Wild Lilac, and Butterfly bush. Name derivation: Buddleja named to recognise Rev Adam Buddle 1660-1715. The thick foliage could provide safe shelter for birds. Buddleja auriculata. They are mostly shrubby and can sometimes become small trees. Venter, F & Venter, J-A. Young plants must be protected from frost for the first season whereas well established sagewood can withstand frost and drought. In southern Africa, the genera with trees include Buddleja, Dermatobotrys and Freylinia. In this family, there are about 65 genera and more than 1 600 species. Van Wyk, B. Dodonaea viscosa 4 x 4 yellowish green. Hardwood cuttings can be taken during the active phase of growth and must be treated with a root stimulating hormone powder. A number of species found principally in montane cloud forests occasionally inhabit the subpáramo, contributing significantly to the overall high diversity of páramo in general. Genus Buddleja can be evergreen or deciduous shrubs, occasionally trees or scrambling climbers with simple leaves and panicles of small, tubular fragrant flowers . The leaves are sage-like, dark green and densely covered with small, white hairs, giving the leaves a distinctive silvery colour (shown in the photo). I’ve noticed that they do not like being over-watered, so rather allow more days between your watering schedule. Strelitzia 9. Buddleia or Buddleja saligna is also known as False Olive or Olive Buddleia. All woody and herbaceous plants are susceptible; some of the common woody plant hosts include althea, boxwood, buddleia, cape jasmine, catalpa, clematis, deutzia, euonymus, fig, dogwood, forsythia, maple, nandina, peach, pine, privet, rose, spirea, and weigelia. An infusion of the flowers of B. "Number three is Buddleja lindleyana. Family Scrophulariaceae . Small white flowers but at least they are scented. It is quick growing – up to 1,5m per year and is both cold and drought resistant.

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