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10. He completed the Stryker Leader course, Advanced Situational Awareness, Combat Life Saver Course, Army Basic Instructor Course and First Anny Academy for OC/T. National Defense Service Medal 1 . Usually when you are writing an award, supporting documentation goes along with it in the form of highlighted information on EPRS. a.) It was converted to a medal on November 2, 1971 by Secretary of the Air Force Robert C. Seamans, Jr. He was also selected by the Canadian CFC commander to lead a Canadian training assistance team. Eligibility. These meetings brought together nurses and speakers to solve nursing issues and increase communication. SFC ______'s commitment to the success within the Squadron is a great testament to not only himself, but that of the senior Non-commissioned Officer Corps. His techniques to counter Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and vehicle borne IEDs, detainee search, small arms weapons and close quarter marksmanship techniques were invaluable for preparing over 600 personnel for deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. d.) each OTS board has different needs/requirements - what's far more important is your push letters, … SFC ______ also served as the Battalion primary MRT instructor, he planned and instructed training on a monthly basis for __ Soldiers which increased the battalions resiliency as a whole. ACCOMPLISHMENTS. CSM s faithfulness through these times was and is a testimony for others to follow. ACHIEVEMENT #2 CPT ___________ planned and coordinated for a BN Validation Exercise (VALEX) of the Warrior Tasks and Drills (WTD). Assigned to National Training Mission Afghanistan (NTMA) out of Camp _______, Kabul, he embedded with an Afghan Anny training facility in order to train and certify combat readiness and deploy-ability of Afghan Anny units from ___ separate training centers. During this period SFC ________ has provided collective training to multiple Multi-service Combat Support and Combat Service Support (CS/CSS) Reserve and National Guard units preparing to deploy in support of worldwide contingency operations. The Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) is a military award presented to members of the United States Armed Forces who distinguished themselves by outstanding meritorious achievement or service to the United States subsequent to January 16, 1969.. purchase course work on chemistry now Baton Rouge get report on capital punishment. It is awarded for exemplary behavior, efficiency and fidelity during a four-year period while serving in an enlisted status in the Air Force Reserve. ACHIEVEMENT #1 __RANK / NAME__ distinguished himself by his exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service as the _____ Battalion Senior Food Operations Sergeant.His monumental leadership and technical expertise provided concurrent training for his Soldiers the necessary guidance to ensure only the highest standards were … This relationship resulted in the transfer and fielding of 454 pieces of equipment valued at over $10 million. unless they are air force level awards you wont get ribbons for it c.) need a medal deployment would be your best bet. His extensive medical knowledge as the company Combat Life Saver Course instructor allowed him to successfully train over 76 Soldiers throughout the Battalion. His leadership and experience in operations yielded excellent results. The VALEX set the conditions for future training ensuring that each soldier was proficient at their WTD before conducting collective training with their respective companies. Sergeant First Class Sherry Lopez has served honorably in the United States Army and the Alabama Army National Guard for the past 23 years. 3. He often worked well into the night to ensure that all deadlined vehicles were repaired in a timely manner. BACKGROUNDThis decoration was established by Executive Order 11448 on Jan. 16, 1969. CRITERIAThe Meritorious Service Medal may, He built lasting relationships with three active component brigades on xx xxxxx beginning the practice of mutual support of training objectives that continues today and has become standard in 1A. Meritorious Service Medal Citation Examples. The unit has been able to incorporate greater hands-on and field training time to increase METL proficiency as a direct result of his efforts. He developed and implemented training focused on food distribution processes and accountability through countless meetings, dialogue and inventory management techniques. The Meritorious Civilian Service Award is commonly the second highest award and medal provided to civilian employees within agencies of the federal government of the United States. The MSM was previously awarded as a decoration for achievement during peacetime, but effective September 11, 2001 this decoration may also be … Reserve Medal. Major execution of Fort Benning's annual influenza vaccination program for two consecutive years resulted in the lowest influenza-like illness rate on post from 2010-2011 flu seasons. Successfully completing and processing over 600 work orders while maintaining an overall 98% Operational Readiness Rate. SFC Barnes provided leadership and administrative oversight of a three man joint team and local national interpreter on a Coalition Combat Out Post (COP) located within an Afghan National Army (ANA) camp. ACHIEVEMENT #3 __RANK / NAME__’s experience of leadership, and knowledge of infantry tactics, were instrumental in enhancing all Observer Coach/Trainer missions. ACHIEVEMENT #1 __RANK / NAME__ 's technical expertise allowed for the swift repair of _#_ pieces of equipment. SFC _____'s performance greatly contributed to _____ CAV's success during JOAX 13-01. His leadership, knowledge, and drive allowed his NCO to win  the 1st ID Food Service NCO of the Quarter , _#_ QTR FY__ and his Soldier winning the Combat Aviation Food Service Cook of the Quarter, _#_ QTR FY__. Add 'th' or ‘d’ at the end of the organizational numbers. This award was authorized by the Secretary of the Air Force on Oct. 20, 1980. In meeting the challenging time restraints of the Army Reserves he was still able to keep in compliance with AR 350-1 by standardizing unit requirements and implementing a monthly mandatory online training program. SFC ____ trained junior enlisted team members on the stage of planning, pre-combat checks, and after action reviews to execute these missions and to maintain 24/7 secure communications with the RSC-W TOC. Without a staff, SSG Smith was the sole S-3 section for a battalion sized element scattered over six states. MERITORIOUS CIVILIAN SERVICE AWARD (MCSA – WING LEVEL) NOTE – This factsheet applies to all AF units in the KMC with the exception of HQ USAFE and 3AF staff sections . His leadership abilities, management skills and technical expertise were instrumental in a series of 14 Field Training Exercises, one Pinon Canyon rotation, and one National Training Center Rotation. She has also served 10 years as a full-time Soldier in the Alabama Active Guard Reserve Program. To recognize an individual or group for outstanding service to the AF in the performance of duties in an exemplary manner. HELP! Assigned to the XXXX BDE from 2015 - 2018, he built and shaped the XXXX to deliver intelligence support for tactical defensive Cyber operations while creating forensics and malware analysis section for the XXX with documented tactics, techniques and procedures that led to decreased analysis response times from weeks to hours. SFC _______'s dedication to mission accomplishment is evident in his support to Post Mobilization training where, as the OIC or RSO conducted over ___ small arms and crew served weapons ranges. Thanks for your service and your support. MSM BULLET/CSM _____ was irreplaceable during his tenure. MEDAL DESCRIPTION FOR EXCEPTIONALLY MERITORIOUS SERVICE IN POSITIONS OF INCREASING RESPONSIBILITY CULMINATING A 20 YEAR ARMY CAREER AS THE OPERATIONS SERGEANT FOR XXXTH MILITARY POLICE COMPANY. He also organized and conducted two M16 qualification exercises as the range OIC. __RANK / NAME__ has a unique understanding of the battalion staff and was hand selected to support multiple Combat Support Training Exercises, and other unique OC/T missions. Lieutenant Commander Smith was the guiding hand in every major decision, improvement, and addition to USS NEVERSAIL during his tenure. ACHIEVEMENT #4 __RANK / NAME__'s contributions exceeded expectations. MCSA SSS Sample. COL XXX achieved the highest safety standards possible in 2007. This recognition was only possible with COL XXX's leadership and emphasis on safety in all facets of both on and off duty safety as well as the overall welfare of this Soldiers and civilians. CW4 Patter was instrumental in reestablishing the brigade's presence in the USAREUR and EUCOM area of operation after the BDE redeployed from OIF in 2009. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. For the Coast Guard, the Operational Distinguishing Device may be awarded. His ability to train what he has learned has proved invaluable in preparing Soldiers for combat in any theater of operation. So, while the Medal of Honor sits atop the food chain, followed by the Distinguished Service/Navy/Air Force Cross, there are now six medals available for non-heroic distinguished service: the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, the Homeland Security DSM, (Army) DSM, the Navy DSM, the Air Force DSM, and the Coast Guard DSM. 2.1 Meritorious Service Medal (MSM), Air Force Commendation Medal (AFCM) and Air Force Achievement Medal (AFAM): 2.1.1 Decor-6 no older than six (6) months prior to submission to AFDW and signed by wet signature with signee’s signature block. His actions gave every senior leader in his chain of command the freedom to shoot, move, communicate, engage and plan to meet operational standards. It is awarded to Air Force personnel for outstanding achievement or meritorious service rendered specifically on behalf of the Air Force. Purpose: To recognize outstanding service to the Air Force in the performance of duties in an exemplary manner with command-wide impact. He was also the approving authority for the BN Defense Travel System, managing ten million dollars without any discrepancies. b. During his tenure as the Company Training Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) SFC Pardon-Varde has distinguished himself through his unwavering dedication to better the unit by establishing protocol specifically aimed to improve the unit Body Fat, DMOSQ, APFT, NCOES and CRM Programs. During this period, __RANK / NAME__ provided coaching and mentoring during collective training conducted by multiple maneuver, fires, and effects Reserve and National Guard units preparing to deploy in support of worldwide contingency operations. SGT Joe served as the Operations NCOIC for the Theater Aviation Sustainment Maintenance Group for TF-12. ACHIEVEMENT #1 As the Commander of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company of ___IN, CPT ______________ deployed his company to Kuwait ISO Operation ___________. The Air Force has streamlined the process over the last few years and it's easier than ever to submit someone for a medal. SERGEANT FIRST CLASS xxxx HAS DISTINGUISHED HERSELF BY DEMONSTRATING CLEARLY THAT SHE IS A PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER, DEDICATED TO EXCELLENCE IN HER FIELD OF EXPERTISE. Job Description/Key Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities - Accomplishes hourly periodic phase inspections and lubrication requirements on … In addition he assured the vaccination of a population of more than 90,000 Soldiers, NCOs, Officers, retirees, and their families. His initiative, devotion to duty, sound judgment, and technical expertise were instrumental to the quality of service and support to the Combat Aviation Brigade. SFC Barnes personally mentored 30 ANA NCO's on the maintenance and repair of buildings, allowing for a higher quality of life for their occupants and permitting the reallocation of DPW resource for future use. It’s awarded to personnel below the rank of Brigadier General. His leadership and experience in operations yielded excellent results and enhanced overall unit readiness which directly resulted in the unit's successful deployment to Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). As the ____ Company, __________ Battalion Shop Foreman, __RANK / NAME__ demonstrated great leadership and loyalty by assisting the Maintenance Platoon Sergeant and Battalion Motor Sergeant with various maintenance and servicing issues totaling _#_ services and the repair of _#_ Polaris' and _#_ Gators. His reconnaissance expertise aided in successful short and long range surveillance operations. On multiple occasions, he flawlessly established an incident command post, coordinating fire, EOD, ambulance and multiple other agencies in real-world incidents. Hundreds of Officers rely on him to provide proper training even as he works to ensure their morale and focus. CAA More Information. SSG Williams took the lead in the preparation and execution of all operational requirements that related to pre-deployment activities for 1MISB (A) S6 mission. He performed over _#_ QA/QC's and technical inspections on numerous pieces of equipment to include scheduled and unscheduled services. A airmen can be awarded decorations for participating in specific services, attaining high marks in various training exercises, and for many other actions done while serving the Air Force. He expertly managed and coordinated numerous training events, to include an Air Assault Course and four new equipment fielding/training missions. Additional awards are denoted by oak leaf clusters. Our awards are provided by service members. 2. __RANK / NAME__ was the Lead Contracting Officer Representative, while he and his team continually refined the process to improve supply accountability procedures within a Logistic Civil Augmentations Program (LOGCAP III) dining facility in support of the responsible drawdown of forces. His leadership abilities, management skills and technical expertise were instrumental in a series of 14 Quarterly Musters and the inprocessing of over 300 Wounded Warriers during his tenure. Due to his success, two EXEVAL validations were resulted in perfect T ratings. MSM BULLET/CSM _____ applied extensive knowledge and substantial experience, he aggressively pursued and resolved countless military issues and led all efforts to reorganize and focus the staff for greater efficiency. Medal. SFC CanMan's determination provided the HHT and B Troop to validate with a 100% in their Pre MOB training and quickly move to the Post MOB station. SFC Smith served with distinction, honor, and commitment to the Army and our Nation; from forecasting fuel and ammunition to ensuring that proper delivery platforms and safety precautions were executed. AF Medal Templates? His POI included Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM), Advanced Rifle Marksmanship (ARM), Pistol Marksmanship, basic and advanced Short Range Marksmanship (SRM), and Squad Designated Marksmanship training. service member whose entire service during or after the time of the distinguished act, achievement, or meritorious service has not been honorable. msm award bullets., navy meritorious service medal citation , navy meritorious service medal citation, meritorious service medal summary of action In November 2006, SFC Smith led a team that provided the on-site perimeter security during the capture of Abu Abdullah al-Shami, one of the senior Al-Qaeda leaders on the most wanted al-Qaeda operative roster, in Kost province, Afghanistan. While performing duties as a Military Police duty officer, SFC XXXX provided exceptional law enforcement support to USAG-HI and the DES. His leadership abilities, management skills, and technical expertise were instrumental in the development, coordination, and operation of the Aviation Sustainment Team which was tasked with providing contract oversight for contract personnel assigned to TASMG TF-12. Newcomers. His actions directly contributed to the battalion's ability to maintain an Operational Readiness Rate of _#_%. For his efforts he was coined by BG Jimmy, Commander of Task Force Falcon. SFC Smith's gained combat experience, over seven deployments led to his selection as a subject matter expert for the Theater Specific Individual Readiness Training (TSIRT) program. Outstanding meritorious service while serving as Operations Officer, Naval Air Systems Command, Combat Aircraft Survivability and Threat Lethality unit, from 01 September 2010 to 01 December 2012. Title: Scanned Document Created Date: 10/26/2018 4:49:58 PM Your energy and enthusiasm in carrying out the mission of the Surgical Admissions Center resulted in increased quality and quantity of care for healthcare beneficiaries. His constant dedication ensured the unit received the best support and directly resulted in the units successful deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). These STXs were carefully balanced to maximize the agents' limited time between gaining a solid foundation in the critical Army Warrior Tasks and improving their investigative abilities. Air Force Achievement Medal Ribbon. ACHIEVEMENT #2 __RANK / NAME__’s diligent efforts in managing the food service operations, combined with his previous deployment and logistics experience, was depicted as essential while appointed as Contract Officer Technical Representative (COTR). He was directly involved in the planning, documentation and instructing of training to numerous Army National Guard units; 60th CAB, 60th STB, 69th MP BDE, TF 165 Armor, 1/140 INF, 60th MP Company, and the 460th ASB. for service set forth in the following. Contact     Disclaimer. SGT Smith's untiring honorable service has been recognized with numerous accolades. First Sergeant Braziel consistently performed his demanding duties in a highly professional manner. It is based on Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2803, The Air Force Awards and Decorations Program, dated 15 June 2001. During his tenure, he coordinated RESET support for over $35,000,000 worth of equipment assigned to the BDE's units. CW2 Snuffy Joe displayed selfless service while serving outside his MOS as the Company Executive Officer. Examples can be posted by using the form below. Throughout this period, Commander Albani distinguished himself as an officer with vision and as a leader of the highest caliber. Add 'th' or ‘d’ at the end of the organizational numbers. 8. He led the staff to prepare, train, deploy, and redeploy the battalion to four major Reserve Component CTEs at remote locations throughout the Western United States. 2.6 Nomination Process. In the absence of the Battalion Operations SGM, SFC XXXX ensured the S-3 shop continued operations with minimal direction. Feel free to use these as is, or modify them, any way you would like to. He was directly responsible for facilitating over 400 daily briefs and teleconferences that were invaluable to the operation of the MISO force in Afghanistan. MCSA Justification Sample. ACHIEVEMENT #1 SFC _________ volunteered for deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom ____, where he served as a Tactical Mentor and Trainer for seven months. His leadership, guidance, and planning provided the much needed subject matter knowledge for the unit to effectively move necessary goods and services to innumerable decisive points throughout affected areas of concern. In addition, he promoted 37 soldiers, graduated 43 soldiers from NCOES, and re-enlisted 21 of 23 eligible soldiers. ACHIEVEMENT #3 As the ____ Company, __________ Battalion Shop Foreman, __RANK / NAME__ demonstrated great leadership and loyalty by assisting the Maintenance Platoon Sergeant and Battalion Motor Sergeant with various maintenance and servicing issues totaling _#_ services and the repair of _#_ Polaris' and _#_ Gators. MCSA SSS Sample. Additional awards of the Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Medal are denoted with oak leaf clusters. Awards should be restricted to the recognition of achievements and services that clearly place individuals above their peers. 2. CPT ________'s POI has been recognized by the BN CDR. SFC XXXX was instrumental to the development and implementation of the 728th Military Police Battalion law enforcement certification program. 5. His actions gave every commander in his chain of command the freedom to shoot, move, communicate, engage the enemy and win decisively across any battlefield. MAJ H. began a web site for sharing information, contacts, and presentations from the committee. He was personally involved in the development of the support operation's concept of support, which integrated the BDE's logistical capabilities into the EUCOM and European LCOP subsequently increasing equipment and Soldier readiness. SFC XXXX's dedication and commitment to excellence greatly enhanced the installation's ability to provide a secure environment for over 93,000 Soldiers and their Family members residing on Oahu. His keen insight and creative ability to match needed schools with key personnel increased the unit's ability to perform its wartime mission and increased unit METL proficiency insurmountably. Retirement MSM: Joint Meritorious Unit Award (JMUA) JTF - Assured Lift: Basic Joint Service Medal Example of Board Recommendation Thanks! He established an extended DOD School vaccination program that allowed over 50,000 students to meet all required immunization requirements for their School District. As the commander for the XXnd MP BN (CID), COL XXX exuded leadership every day. When the information is not captured on a EPR, most Group or Wing leadership will want a signed MFR addressing the information that was missed. Additionally, __RANK / NAME__ was recognized by the leadership of the battalion and the training units for his  ability to facilitate relevant after action reviews, leading company's and platoons to self-discover strengths and weaknesses, thus increasing readiness. As Battalion Executive Officer, CPT xxxxxxxx took charge of a brand new battalion staff, developed systems and training to harness their strengths and formed a functional team that was capable of conducting decentralized operations throughout the Western United States with great success. 9. Served as Co-Chair of the Nursing Leadership Committee. of Citation: Silver Star : Citations 1,2,3,4,5,6. SSG Ward was entrusted with more than $10 million of various equipment and vehicles. CAA Citation. His knowledge was acquired from over 760 hours of Military Education in 14 specialties outside of his MOS. MSM BULLET/CSM _____ keen insight and creative ability to match needed schools with key personnel increased the unit's ability to perform its wartime mission and increased unit METL proficiency insurmountably.

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