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Airplane fatalities are statistically rare. Flying Training Institute, Behala, Calcutta. In single fee of Rs. It is measured in, a) e.m.f. Reply. What  is  the  relationship  between  the  voltage  and  the  current  in  an  A.C circuit  containing  resistance  &  inductance? A list of lists of df's, one corresponding to each module, containing GO enrichment information for each module in each of the GO categories selected. EASA Part 66 Exam. DGCA CAR 66 Module 3 Main. Matter; Mechanics; Thermodynamics; Optics; Wave Motion and Sound Module 3 – Electrical Fundamentals. Which of the following is most likely to cause thermal runaway in a, a) excessive current draw from the battery, b) high current charging of the battery to more than 100 percent of its, 38. 40. 40. 5. What  is  the  peak  value? Location -:  New Delhi, India CATEGORY -: Maintenance Post -: SR.Aircraft Maintenance Technician Job Description Company:  FedEx Expr... Job Details -: Structures Technician Job Location -: Marana - Headquarters - Marana, AZ DESCRIPTION -: Ascent Aviation Servic... Air Djibouti Boeing 737 Suffers Gear Collapse During Landing at Garowe Airport in Somalia. The books are recommedned as per EASA or DGCA Part 66. Download the AME Modules Book Free. Free E-books and Study Material 3. MUMBAI: Country’s aviation safety regulator DGCA on Thursday extended the suspension of scheduled international commercial passenger flights to December 31. questions part 01 module 3 for ame What  charge  does  the  nucleus  of  an  atom  possess? 30. Its turns  ratio  is, 13. How can the direction of rotation of a DC electric motor be changed, a) reverse the electrical connections to either the field or armature, b) interchange the wires which connect the motor to the external power, c) rotate the positive brush one commutator segment, 34. maintenance practices 47 module 8. basic aerodynamics 51 module 9a. Aviation Job Notification 4. The  relative  permittivity  of  a  capacitor  is a) the  relative  permittivity  of  the  dielectric  in  relation  to  a  vacuum, b) the  permittivity  of  dielectric  in  relation  to  dry  air, c) the  permittivity  of  the  dielectric. a) Capacitive  elements  may  be  damaged. I have prepared this as a short refrence video for aiding help to your module 3 EASA and DGCA modular examination preparation And I want you to … 32. Download DGCA Previous Papers here. This was in compliance to Rule 78 of the aircraft rules, 1937. It includes all the DGCA Modules latest question papers, starting from Module 01 to Module 17. Module 3 Electricity EASA question part 4 2017; How to Pass Module 3 DGCA examination ? ... From the start of Lookback (11:59 Day 2) to the end of the Rest Period 23:59 Day 3, a rest period of 36:00 exists within the lookback period, however only 1 LNR exists within the same period. All the applied candidates can download the Civil Aviation Sample Papers and start exam preparation. Result Flight Crew License Examination, 3 of 2019 without ATPL oral Exam. PART -66 MODULE 17 PART-3 Visit to download all latest EASA / DGCA CAR 66 Module examination Question papers and stud y material 17.5 Propeller Ice Protection 17.6 Propeller Maintenance 17.7 Propeller Storage and Preservation DOWNLOAD OUR MOBILE APP FROM PLAY STORE @DGCA QUESTION PAPERS IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUS SESSION QUESTION PAPERS, SHARE WITH US AT [email … The quill drive on an aircraft generator, 43. The method of ascertaining the voltage of a standard aircraft lead-acid, b) the voltage with rated load switched ON, 44. 05/2020 . a) Current  leads  voltage  by  up  to  90°, b) Current  lags  voltage  by  up  to  90°. List of Modules for AME License Examination Revised Scheme by DGCA Module 1 – Mathematics. One purpose of a growler test is to determine the presence of: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 500/- (From full syllabus of DGCA / EASA) for the students of AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) & Integrated course (B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering + AME) students. 03.Ferromagnetic  materials  can  be  magnetized   -: a) the  magnitude  of  the  EMF  is  directly  proportional  to  the  rate  of  change of  flux, b) the  magnitude  of  the  EMF  is  indirectly  proportional  to  the  rate  of change  of  flux, c) the  magnitude  of  the  EMF  is  directly  proportional  to  the  magnetic  flux, 05.To  reduce  eddy  currents  in  a  transformer  you  would, a) reduce  the  thickness  of  laminations  in  the  magnetic  core, b) increase  the  thickness  of  laminations  in  the  magnetic  core, c) reduce  the  number  of  turns  on  the  primary  winding.

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