chicken dill pickle soup

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I agree, Potato Salad Soup it is! This soup can only get better with their addition. This soup is AMAZING. Pour the vegetable broth into a crockpot and set on low. I was utterly flabbergasted when I saw this soup being made on TV. Thank you! Curdling happens when milk or egg proteins are exposed to too much heat or acid too quickly. Creamy Dill Pickle Soup combines grated dill pickles with potatoes, onions, celery, carrots and garlic in a creamy broth that is perfectly seasoned. Oh! Added fennel. This is my new first course gift to all who eat in my home for a long time. Oh my goodness, again, THIS. I made this soup yesterday, October 25, 2016, because the post resurfaced on a friend’s FB page. Its a polish recipe my mom used to make and I’ve recently introduced it to my kids…. What other kind of dill pickles are there besides and regular and I don’t get the foggy part. I had high hopes for this recipe. It sounds like something my grandchildren & I will love . Of course, I had to try this recipe. Made this tonight for the first time. Sodium is very High....eliminated extra salt and vinegar addedsmall amt sliced ginger instead of curry low sodium chicken broth and white wine to get the sodium down and carrots and celery...Its actually bright brighter in flavor w/o the additional..gave 2 stars as it is and 4 stars revised. I also add ham & cauliflower! True Polish Dill Pickle used naturally fermented pickles, not vinegar brined Vlasic varieties. I will only cook the potatoes until just the slightest bit tender, instead of fork-tender. it’s in the spice aisle but on a lower shelf if that helps. Up to you. Stir in chicken broth, potatoes, pickles, pickle brine, Worcestershire, dill, curry powder and bay leaves and bring to a boil. Do you have a preferred brand of pickle? Coconut Cream, also thickens, so I omit the flour! … or you might use the butter to cook the flour into a roux, which could then also be made into a slurry with the hot liquid and slowly whisked back into the pot. Reduce the heat; add milk. I was thinking that just making a simple Roux Dill Pickle Soup is totally standard in Polish restaurants. I do not care for dilled pickles, but hubby and daughter do. I make several very popular soups in my family, and have always used corn starch as a thickener. Hi! Do you think a cashew sour cream would work? Sometimes add a slice of cheese. Used fage 0% greek yogurt and 2 T flour for the end part and only 2 T butter, just in case there’s someone reading who wants to lighten it up. Homemade are best, and crispy artisan or speciality (mcClures are available in michigan) are a close second & worth the premium of $3 you’ll pay – The chemical taste from soggy grocery store shelf or cooler brands will ruin this delicious soup. I made it this evening and everyone loved it as per the recipe, but am going to make it for a soup tasting at work and have several vegetarians to accommodate. It comes together so quickly, no need to use a one. Over the years I've shared this recipe with many. I will make this soup again quick easy and yummy ? Friends! I have never had any trouble with it. I used plain yogurt instead of sour cream and I cheated and used potato flakes. I can’t believe it’s not in Canada. The first time I did this, my hubby says to me… are we pregnant? Delicious. Made this soup last night and I was pleasantly surprise how well it tasted! However, although I followed directions exactly and added the sour cream/flour mixture very gradually and whisked the heck out of it, I still had lumps. Wow I LOVE pickles can’t wait to try the Dill pickle soup!! Next time I will cut back on cayenne…just a touch too spicy. Forget the jelly! Wondering if hamburger dills will work ok, they are the only kind of pickle I like? I made this today and it is absolutely delicious. He made it and said it was delicious. no lumps. we were also thinking ground beef or even maybe chicken i can see ham.. I’ve tried several recipes and this is by far my favourite!! Can I make and then transport and reheat? Made this today!!! I added ham to it and it was amazing. I will post the results later. I find myself online searching for a recipe, it’s about time I learn to make it. maybe could even serve cold on a hot summers day. Thick and spicy! But I need to cut the recipe down to two ppl. Combine 5 cups water, the butter, the carrots and potatoes in a saucepan. Thank you for sharing a delightful recipe. Old Bay is used in crab boils and other seafood recipes, mostly. I’m finally now subscribing and will look forward to your newsletter and more wonderful recipes! I didn’t have a few of the ingredients on hand, so I replaced sour cream with half-and-half, left out the cayenne, and replaced chicken broth with beef broth. I love all things dill pickle, and have made soup a few times. Did you check the meat department and ask the manager? will this freeze well if I take out the potatoes? I also added my own spin—1/2 chopped onion, 1/4 c chopped celery, more pickles and pepper, and 1 cup of real bacon bits. The seasoned tender meat in a hearty broth loaded with pickles, potatoes, barley and sauteed vegetables is a treat to be had. But it wasn’t terrible. In my case extra salt wasn’t needed. can u replace the old bay seasoning with something else or even remove it all together? Very tangy, but just what I wanted. My whole family thinks I am weird. Here I found you, a fellow Oregonian. butter 1 small onion, finely chopped 4 Tbsp. Thanks for the reminder as I will have me a toasted cheese and dill pickle sandwich soon!! potentials of vehicular frog-slaughter. You may need to ask for your Kroger store. It taste pretty salty to me without adding salt. Butter or other fats keep the flour from lumping. Add pickle juice, Old Bay, salt (*see below), pepper and cayenne. I have never liked dill pickles, but I saw this posted the other day, and a friend convinced me to try it. I happened upon your pin for Pickle Soup and I know the post is really a few years old but I had to write. What is your ferment secret? All my Polish husband wanted today was Pickle Soup. I’m one for tweaking my recipes but I don’t think I would ever do that with this one. I would suggest it as an appetizer or a side dish, but not as a whole meal. Is it good reheated? Thanks for sharing the recipe! The paste also didn’t totally clear up and left small globs through out the soup. What would be better, fish, chicken, beef? country. You can use a product called Waxy Maize. Cucumber soup and watermelon soup are wonderful cold in warm weather, and I would bet this would be just as tasty. Stir in evaporated milk and heat through, but don't bring to a boil. Sounds really crazy, but I love pickle chips, so I can’t wait to try this soup! Bring to … Pickle and mayonnaise sandwiches? I sautéed some onions and put them in, I used plain yogurt instead of the sour cream, and I cut the butter in half. When you say dill ‘pickle’ , I would assume its from the bottle. I liked it more then the rest of my family. Grows on you like fried pickles do. It was a huge hit!!! I’ve been planning to make this for quite some time. What brand of dills do you prefer? Love them! How well does it store in the fridge and re-heat? I cannot wait to try it out! Traditionally, this soup is made with chicken kidneys, but this requires quite a bit more patience on the part of the cook, and … underground tunnel to save toads from the Chef Otto Fennerl has his own restaurant in Multnomah Village in Portland, OR. My taste buds now love it. There must be something close to it we can buy in Canada…. What do you thaink? I can see this becoming a regular meal for our family. However it looked rough. I’ve made these with Sweet and Spicy Pickles I make. I prefer Claussen refrigerated pickles the best. If you are going to add the flour mixture in the pot directly, yeah, I’d lower the heat. There are some things I really like about this soup and other elements I would tweak. Think I will try making a roux next batch. please let me know…thank you…. So true about the patience factor. Hi Do you have the nutrition content of the Dill Pickle Soup? It doesn’t get lumpy like flour and the consistency of the soup willl be unchanged. One of my best, reliable recipes ever. I was thinking sweet potatoes instead of the carrots would be good. What about all that flour? Also, I cut my potatoes into 1 inch cubes and added extra. I will add ham to it next time I make it! And for the record, I need to get back to my roots and eat a peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich!! I will save to try later when I can make it gluten free for me. I live in Calgary, Canada which is a very dry place so adding extra liquids is a pretty common necessity for recipes. It was tangy and spicy but not too much of each. It works perfectly for me every time…not sure what went wrong. I think it needs twice as many pickles and add some onion. Do you think I could use cornstarch instead of flour? Should Be Illegal Oven BBQ Ribs Recipe!!!!! It’s the BOMB! The first time I tried a version of this soup, it was called, “Chicken Dill Pickle Soup.” Other versions have had only hints of chicken. I was thinking some shredded rotisserie chicken??? Thanks!! My husband just ate 3 bowls! Friends! If you ruin this soup it’s only because you didn’t follow the instructions. Any ideas for a baked chicken recipe that would compliment this soup? Couldn’t stop eating it! My pickle-thieving daughter will love it. I’ve made this soup but did not put the pickle juice in it. Reduce heat and simmer, covered until potatoes are soft, about 30-40 minutes. Could you tell me what “Old Bay” seasoning is? It’s great for something *different*. Mine is an old (in-law) family recipe that was used a lot during lent and on meatless Fridays. I also add pickle juice and more dill weed than the original recipe called for. No lumps at all! Also, this collection of 17 Comfort-Style Soups Your Family Will Love has some of my favorite meals all available in one collection of recipes. Of course, it’s all a matter of preference and personal taste, and I enjoyed the soup very much as is. I can’t eat a whole jar of pickles in one sitting – anymore . I’m a single person and I know I can’t eat a whole recipe in one sitting! I would like to know what brand of pickles are used? My soups, fresh, reheated, or frozen and thawed, are always silky smooth. I’d definitely recommend trying it at least once. Remove bay leaves and serve, topping with additional fresh dill and/or pickle … I cut the potatoes a bit smaller then quarters (recipe calls for quarters) well this made mashed potatoes by the time I was done vigorously whisking in the sour cream/flour paste. FANTASTIC!! I think I’m a skeptic right now. I grew up on that. Please just take the time and read all the previous comments so you don’t have to keep asking the same questions over and over. I love dill pickle and peanut butter sandwiches! This looks both odd and amazing and I’ll definitely be making it soon. A tangy, delicious and over-the-top version of Dill Pickle Soup to be exact. This recipe will become a staple in your household. years ago a lady names Hannah made this pickle soup she was from Poland and said they made it a lot I just could not remember how to make the soup. Going to spring this on some of our friends at a fishing tourney this weekend! Un-freaking-believable. I ate them every day (with a side of potato chips) when I was in elementary school – a good half century ago. I am drinking pickle juice as I read this recipe. They are going to serve it with fried dill pickles. My family wants this once a week. Will be keeping this recipe!! Two versions of Pickles, is it the Pickles made in Vinegar or the Pickels made with salt & water. Hm. You can definitely try it! I did add onions and celery. Cornstarch works just fine in cream soups like this one but you have to first mix it in a cold liquid before adding then whisk briskly as the directions state. I think I’d be in love with this soup, too! If you’ve been following here long enough, you’ll know I’m dill pickle obsessed anyway. curry powder 8 Vlasic ® Farmers Garden ® Kosher Dill Spears, chopped 1 cup sour cream Fresh dill, snipped Directions. Does this do well in the freezer. Turn off the heat and add the dill. I made this today with claussen pickles.. Thank you! My roommates are leery of the idea of pickle soup, so I am obligated to make a back-up in case they don’t like it. I use homemade chicken broth in this recipe to really give flavor. never mind – cancel that question please. Or to be on the safe side, do as I suggested. Really like the sound of this so kindly reply so I can get started! Right? Delicious! Thank you. Add flour; cook and stir until bubbly. I had a tough time finding the Old Bay Seasoning (i was not familiar with it either) but, eventually found it in the seafood section of my local Kroger store. Love it! Very pleased! I couldn’t see the earlier comments till I posted mine. Simply leave out the flour. Overall, I think you’re going to find the overall preparation of this recipe very easy and straightforward. Dill Pickle Soup The Wine Lover's Kitchen chicken broth, flour, large carrot, sour cream, dill pickle, pepper and 8 more Cook like a Pro Make dinner tonight, get skills for a lifetime. Then I used a stick blender to blend up some of the soup before adding in the blended paste. Walmart here in nova scotia carries this. Hope it’s good! Try cheez whiz and peanut butter in a sandwich…yummy! Skip the sour cream altogether .. done dairy free , gluten free .. for creamy style sub in vegan margarine .. GF , I’ve used cornstarch.. if you don’t care about creamy style , just skip this step altogether .. fantastic flavour .. won’t make Dill pickle soup from any other recipe. This soup was out of this world. I’m not sure why you make it in the Instant Pot since it’s a 30 minute recipe? You could try another favorite brine you think might go with potatoes but then you wouldn’t be adding pickles so?? I know you get me. My favorite after school snack when I was growing up was a dill pickle and mustard sandwich. It might help to add into the directions that the soup shouldn’t be boiling for the flour/sour cream part, to help reduce the number of issues people seem to be having? Friends mentioned having Dill Pickle soup and how much they loved it. Delicious!!! I crave this stuff. If you are looking to take your Sunday mornings to a whole new level, make sure to serve up this Dill Pickle Bacon Bloody Mary to all your pickle-loving friends. It makes the best dill pickle soup I have ever tasted. I added the sour cream/flour mix to boiling water and it didn’t curdle.The temperature more than likely didn’t cause this, it was more likely the acidity created by mixing it with the pickle juice that caused it to curdle. I love dill pickle recipes! 1 Tbsp bay leaf powder(bay leaves crushed in grinder) Thanks for the wonderful recipe! Also, can I just use corn starch to thicken it instead of flour, or does the flour serve another purpose as well?? Hope you can find it. It really doesn’t need anything added. I now My only change was to lighten up on the pickle juice and salt a bit, as suggested, but otherwise just follow the recipe. would the dill relish work for this soup?? Really excited. Think I will try the potatoes next time. This soup should be a smooth soup, not chunky. I seen it on my friends page. : ). hoping my son finally eats one of my homemade soups. The potatoes completely break down so no need to dice them. I also thought of the onions and celery, but I had gone to a clam chowder soup. This was DELICIOUS! Worked like a charm. I also knew I wouldn’t like all the lumpiness from the potatoes, so I pulled at least half out with a little of the liquid, pureed it, and mixed back in. So perfect on a cold wintery day. And it’s ok. I made this soup for dinner last night, and used the large Vlasik dills in stead of the dill relish.. My husband loves dill pickles, but he had his doubts about a soup with dill pickles as a main ingredient. My family LOVES pickles, so we just had to try it! It completed the creaminess of the soup! I live in Michigan and couldn’t find it at Kroger or Wal-Mart. Thanks so much for the recipe! Additionally, using salted butter works best when sauteeing the carrots and potatoes, as you won’t need to add any extra salt. It’s my go to during the night when I notice it the most!! Soo good, Cathy! Also Dill pickle and Peanut butter sandwiches are good also. I drink pickle juice for heartburn and just because I like it. It’s a good idea to add the sour cream mixture a few tablespoons at a time as suggested….I didn’t need all of it to get a nice thick soup. like a hamburger soup? It still tasted good, but I want to make it for a friend, so I want to make sure it turns out like it is supposed to. Made this tonight and LOVE it! Since it is not cheese based, it does not separate, but the potatoes can be a little grainy. I have never used pickles for cooking, but this is going on top of my food-to-try list. looks like a lot of sodium. Dill Pickle Soup, Pickle Soup Recipe, Polish Dill Pickle Soup, chopped dill pickles (smaller dice ~ about 3 large whole dills), Optional garnishes: sliced dill pickles, fresh dill and black pepper. Yep, it’s the best! Jewish men. This soup sounds like a weird combination, but I just LOVE it! I want to make this but am balking at the amount of flour called for so that is a good alternative. Thank you so much for putting this online! In my experience potatoes don’t freeze well. Looking for a flour substitute…. After reading all the comments about clumping I opted to mix the sour cream and flour together in a good sized bowl until it was smooth then slowly whisked in 2 cups of the soup broth. This recipe sounds amazing–can’t wait to try it. And I added more seasonings, about 1/4 tsp. Add pickles and cook 15 minutes. Wonder how that would work. Or does it HAVE to be russett? , I made this soup i need to to know how long Does it last. Can you make this without the butter and sour cream? I put a pound of ground beef in my soup and it was delicious!! I have been making this for a couple of years and my family and I love it. Absolutely delicious! OMGEEE. Set aside your preconceived objections and just make it. ( If you like sour oriental soup), try adding lemon juice for flavor. To keep the flour from getting lumpy, I mixed it with the water first…then I added sour cream, mixed well and then I took a ladle full of soup from the pot to add to the mix.

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