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Map of the Central Portion of the United States showing the Lines of the Proposed Pacific railroads. From, Map of the First Pacific Telegraph Line, 1861, Map of the Panama Canal and Panama Railroad by Everett E. Winchell, 1913, Map of the San Francisco Bay area by Everett E. Winchell, 1913 with rail lines and ferries. Houghton as to the rights of the Southern Pacific R.R. Map showing the old stage and wagon roads and railway surveys across the Sierras. County and Township Map of Utah and Nevada from. The Central Pacific Railroad has been completed to Truckee Pass. Thirteen California Survey Maps from the Bureau of Land Management, Sacramento. Introduction. Historic Map of the Southern Pacific's Rail Lines, 1944. Map showing the Union Pacific Railway and connecting railroads. You may need to use a different web browser to see the right side of large map images. Route of the first American transcontinental railroad: The Central Pacific (red) and the Union Pacific (blue) railroads met in Utah in 1869. This is an original antique map of the route of the Central Pacific Railroad that is illustrated with 24 images of the west, primarily of California and Nevada, several of which are based on the work of celebrated American naturalist photographer Carleton Watkins. Sacramento, Cal. C. Bielawski's Railroad Map of the Central Part of California, and Part of Nevada. Oscar F. Davis, 1866, Omaha, Nebraska Panorama. Many 19th century national proposals to build a transcontinental railroad failed because of the energy consumed by political disputes over slavery. by E. McD. Western United States Map from the Pacific Railroad Surveys, 1858. Map showing the Pacific Railroads and their branches; prepared for the United States Pacific Railway Commission. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Central Pacific Railroad The Central Pacific Railroad was a rail route between California and Utah built eastwards from the West Coast in the 1860s, to complete the western part of the "First Transcontinental Railroad" in North America. Map of the Burlington and Missouri River R.R., the Burlington Route and its connections. Southern Pacific Railroad Annual Report, 1894. [With UPRR Elevation Profile.]. The Overland Route is that part of the Southern Pacific System running from Oakland Pier, now West Oakland, through Sacramento to Ogden, Utah. The Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad (reporting marks, CORP) can trace its history back to the mid-1990s when then Southern Pacific was looking to shed several hundred miles of its system in western Oregon. New Map of the Union Pacific Railway, the Short, Quick and Safe Line to All Points West, Rand McNally and Company, 1883. Geological Map of a part of the State of California Explored in 1853 - Pacific Railroad Surveys, 1855. [Map from San Francisco to Ogden], Map of the Union Pacific Rail Road and surveys of 1864, 65, 66, 67, 1868 from Missouri River to Humboldt Wells, G.M. Wadsworth Nevada Survey Map. The route selected for the Central Pacific Railroad through the mountains and deserts of Nevada generally followed the Old California Trail, since this had been proven the easiest route of travel through the Great Basin for many years. Union Pacific is the largest railroad in North America, covering 23 states across the western two-thirds of the United States. Courtesy Bud Uzes. 1866. https://locomotive.fandom.com/wiki/Central_Pacific_Railroad?oldid=74464. J.B. Krygier. The first Transcontinental Railroad was a monumental undertaking by the time workers finished it in 1869. It later became part of the Southern Pacific Railroad. (Showing RR Land Grants.). [Reproduction of similar 1866 California map.]. Central Pacific Railroad began operating freight and passenger trains over the first 31 miles of track to Newcastle in June 1864. There were actually two grades built, both parallel and adjacent to each other. Colton Map of the Union Pacific Railroad and Connections, c. 1867. The tunnels along the Central Pacific line conquered the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range while the bridges and trestles built by the Union Pacific crossed chasms. Map of the Central Pacific Railroad of California from the 39th to the 98th mile inclusive, showing connections with the U.S. Land Surveys. New York, J. H. Colton, 1853. Listing of Overland Route Stations and Mileage Central Pacific Railroad ­ Southern Pacific Railroad, 1866-1996. by Lynn D. Farrar. New rail road map of the United States and the Dominion of Canada, showing the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific R.R. Our route follows I-80 to Reno and parallels the Central Pacific route through Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, Elko and Wells, Nevada. Central Pacific Railroad operated routes across 3 states, this is an average amount across most railroads and is typical of small to mid size Eastern Railroads or mid size Western Railroads. Railroad & Historical Cartography Links. The line began in Sacramento, the railroad's western terminus. Colton German Pacific Railroad Map, 1870: "Karte der verschiendenen Pacific Eisenbahnen und deren Verbindung mit anderen Bahnen; für die 'N.Y. Map Showing the Pacific Railways and their Branches. Chicago Lithographing Co., 1868, Omaha, Nebraska. P. Bemis, 1878, Map of Nebraska showing the Union Pacific Railroad Land Grants, 1880. In Sacramento, California, the organization was able to keep track of just 20 miles before running out of money. S. Augustus Mitchell 1867 Atlas, County Map of California. U.S. Geological Survey Togographic Map On-line MapServer. Current Amtrak map showing present day passenger rail travel routes. A New Map of the United States upon which are delineated the vast works of International comunication, Routes Across the Continent, &c. by W. Williams. Rights & Permissions; Homework, ADDITIONAL TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD MAPS: [Click on a map to enlarge, or choose a linked map.]. Geologic Atlas of the United States, Sierra Nevada Folios: Selected California Maps (1/4 images of Quadrangle Maps) showing the Central Pacific Railroad by Waldemar Lindgren, USGS, 1894-1900. Centennial American Republic and railroad map of the United States and of the Dominion of Canada. Copied June 12th 1866, Map of the routes of the Union Pacific Rail Roads with their eastern connections, New trans-continental map of the Pacific R.R. Map Showing the Line of the Union Pacific Railroad. Colton 1876 Map of California to accompany printed agreement of S.O. "Guide Map of the Rail and Stage Routes to the Yosemite, Big Trees and the Geysers", "Map of Summer & Winter Resorts and other places upon and near the Central & Southern Pacific Railroads in California", "Map of Railroads from San Francisco to Sacramento", "Map of Oakland California and the CPRR Long Wharf". Post Offices visited by trains of the Central Pacific Railroad on local lines, Oakland, California. The Story of the Central Pacific. Published by Lippincot, Grambo & Co., 1851. and routes of overland travel. Philadelphia. On September 6, 1869, the first transcontinental rail passengers arrived at the Pacific … The River Lines [The "Delta" Route] Sacramento Steamer & Highway Route Map, Schedule, 1932. In November 1860, Judah published "Central Pacific Railroad to California", in which he declared "the discovery of a practicable route from the city of Sacramento upon the divide between Bear River and the North Fork of the American, via Illinoistown (Colfax), Dutch Flat, and Summit Valley (Donner Pass) to the Truckee River". Map of the western United States from Kansas City to the Pacific showing relief by shading, drainage, state boundaries, military and Indian reservations, railroads with main lines in heavy black; lists stage connections on each side of map. San Francisco Bay Area Railroad Map, Rand McNally, c. 1878. Colton Map for Horn's Overland Guide to California and Oregon, 1852. Elevation Profile: CPRR Elevations, Grades, Ascents, Rise & Fall, Maximum Curve, Curvature, & Date First Used by Location / Milepost. Some of the rights-of-way the Union Pacific and Central Pacific used for the railroad are still in service as railroad lines. Map of the Union Pacific Railroad and Connections, c. 1867. To meet its manpower needs, the Central Pacific hired thousands of Chinese laborers, including many recruited from … Chicago Lithographing Co., 1876, Omaha, Nebraska. Lewis M. Clement's copy of Map Exhibiting the Salt Marsh, Tide and Submerged Lands ... Bays of San Francisco and San Pablo ... 1878. Map: Sketch of the Different Roads Embraced in the Itineraries. of Geography, Panoramic Aerial Maps of the American West, Panoramic Aerial Maps of the South Central Sierra Nevada, Union Pacific Railroad's Map Gallery, Hargrett University of Georgia Libraries, Rare Map Collection - Transportation, Historic [LOC] Railroad Map Reprints, The History CD - [LOC] Railroad Maps, Detailed Interstate Commerce Commission Railroad Valuation Maps at the National Archives. United States map by John Bartholomew appeared in "General Atlas of World" published 1857 by Adam and Charles Black in Edinburgh. to government lands under Acts of Congress passed July 27, 1866 and March 3, 1871 made before the Committee of the Judiciary of the Senate and House of Representatives in May 1876. The Rise of the Big Four: Huntington, Stanford, Crocker, and Hopkins. The Central Pacific Railroad was the project of two of the great railroad barons of the day, Leland Stanford and Collis P. Huntington. The Central Pacific Railroad On January 8, 1863, Leland Stanford, now governor, officially broke ground in Sacramento to begin construction of the Central Pacific Railroad. "Union & Central Pacific Railroad Line" Timetable, Schedule of Fares, Connections, Information for Travelers (with 11 Engraved Illustrations), and the Rand, McNally & Co. "New Map of the American Overland Route" February, 1881 Co. of Cal. Handels Zeitung' gezeichne", Omaha City, Nebraska. Byron Reed, 1870, Omaha, Nebraska Panorama. Map from Nelson's Pictorial Guidebook, 1871. Colton Map of the Union Pacific Railroad and Connections, c. 1867. From "A Guide to Los Angeles and Southern California" published by the Southern California Tourist Bureau, Los Angeles (August, 1919), 24pp. By Richard Swainson Fisher, M.D. New Rail Road and County Map of Northern California and Nevada. Prepared for the United States Pacific Railway Commission. ... Sacramento to Ogden, 1856-1869 – original construction dates of the Central Pacific Railroad route GIF version PDF version. Commercial Map of the United States showing the principal connecting lines of Railroad across the Country, also the Proposed Railroad Routes to the Pacific, from Warren's Geography, Philadelphia, H. Cowperthwait & Co., 1859. From the Union Pacific Railroad Annual Report, 1876. Chief Engineer Samuel S. Montague's Official Linen CPRR Survey Map, Nevada County, California, 1868. Colton & Co., 1887. Detailed lesson plans guide them through the rich material, sparking discussions on history, geography and economics in the pre-Civil War decade. The site brings the dusty volumes of the Pacific Railroad Surveys of 1853 - 1854 to life for junior high school and high school students as they join four expedition parties exploring the best rail routes to the Pacific. Land Grant Checkerboard:  Central Pacific Land Company Lands in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, and in Nevada, 1924, Map of the Southern Pacific Lines: Sunset, Ogden and Shasta Routes and Connections. The Central Pacific Railroad was a rail route between California and Utah built eastwards from the West Coast in the 1860s, to complete the western part of the "First Transcontinental Railroad" in North America. For all the adversity they suffered, the Union Pacific and Central Pacific workers were able to finish the railroad–laying nearly 2,000 miles of track–by 1869, ahead of schedule and under budget. Guidebook to the Western United States, 26 Maps: Geologic and Topographic Map of the Overland Route from Omaha, Nebraska, to San Francisco, California, United States Geological Survey, 1915. Modern map showing "Transcontinental Railroad Lines, 1880's". Rand, McNally & Co., 1883. 4, Oct-Nov. 1871, courtesy of Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps Inc.lo Courtesy of the Bruce C. Cooper Collection. Map of Central California showing the different railroad lines completed and projected, 1860. CPRR - UPRR Timetable Map, 1881, Rand McNally, verso. The Central Pacific Railway (CPRR) was a railroad run by the U.S. Congress in 1862 to complete the western part of the “First Transcontinental Railway” in North America. Johnston, SPRR and the State Board of Trade, 1888. "Historical Souvenir of San Francisco, Cal." US Geological Survey, Bulletin 612, 1916. Land Office Map of the Central Pacific Railroad and the Dutch Flat Donner Lake Wagon Road, BLM, Sacramento. Rand McNally and Company, 1882. UC Berekeley Earth Sciences & Map Library, 26 USGS Topographic Maps: San Francisco - Omaha. The Central Pacific began laying track eastward from Sacramento, California in 1863, and the Union Pacific started laying track westward from Omaha, Nebraska, two years later in July, 1865. We explore six historic stops of the Central Pacific Railroad as the CPRR constructed the rail line up into the Sierra Nevada: Rocklin, Auburn, Colfax, Cape Horn, Dutch Flat and the summit tunnels. Background information about Historic Topographic Maps. "Territory and Military Department of Utah" (1860-1865) from "Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies" U.S. War Records Office, 1894. "Diagram of the Transcontinental lines of road Showing the Original Central Pacific and Union Pacific And their Competitors.". 1865. Locomotive Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Many overland wagon train travelers, following their noses to the California goldfields starting in 1849, used this route. New Railroad and County Map of Northern California and Nevada. 3 lines between the Missouri River and the Pacific coast to the city of Mexico via the A.T.&S. By 2019, 150 years after joining their rails at Promontory Summit, Utah, only the Union Pacific remains. Pacific States Railroad Map, 1872, from "THE GOLDEN STATE: A History of the Region West of the Rocky Mountains" by R. Guy McClellan. Profile Map of the Pacific Railroad, from Harper's Weekly December 7, 1867. One of these routes was known as the Siskiyou Line, once the … San Francisco was the end of the line, and just after Sacramento was a stop at a town named Lathrop. Carleton E. Watkins (1829–1916) was an American photographer of the 19th century. Colton & Co., New York. Library of Congress Animated Presentation - Mapping the West, Oddens' Bookmarks - 17,000+ Cartographic Links, Library of Congress Railroad Maps, National Archives, two 1878-1887 maps show Central Pacific Railroad lines and connections in California, Nevada, and Utah, "Maptech" Tool for Identifying Points on Maps, Wichita State University Libraries, Digitized Kansas Maps, USGS Historical Topographic Map Collection, Art Source International - 10,000 maps online, United States Digital Map Library, Map Exhibition on Westward Expansion in America - Heading West, New York Public Library, U.C. Railroad Town Maps c. 1908-1915: Rocklin, California, and Wadsworth, Carlin, and Wells, Nevada (showing roundhouses). 1866. - Significance: The Central Pacific First Transcontinental Railroad is a segment of the western half of the first transcontinental railroad, built from Sacramento, California to Promontory Summit, Utah between 1863 and 1869, where it joined the Union Pacific Railroad which had built west from Omaha. Rand McNally and Company, Chicago, 1883. The north/south California railroad has been completed from San Francisco to around present day Salinas. Transcontinental railroad route map. William Jarvis McAlpine Map of Proposed Routes for a Pacific Railroad, 1853. Map of Lewis and Clark's, Track across the Western Portion of North America, from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean, ... in 1804, 5, & 6. The Overland Route was a train route operated jointly by the Union Pacific Railroad and the Central Pacific Railroad / Southern Pacific Railroad, between Council Bluffs, Iowa / Omaha, Nebraska, and San Francisco, California over the grade of the First Transcontinental Railroad (aka the "Pacific Railroad") which had been opened on May 10, 1869. Historic Nevada Topographic Maps - Index Map, Union Pacific Railroad Route Map, 1891. 1, No. The Pacific Railway A Brief History of Building the Transcontinental Railroad. When the last spike was driven, the rail network was not yet connected to the Atlantic or Pacific but merely connected Omaha to Sacramento. Colton 1853 Advertisment From " A New and Complete STATISTICAL GAZETTEER of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA founded on and compiled from OFFICIAL FEDERAL & STATE RETURNS and the SEVENTH NATIONAL CENSUS." It later became part of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Stockton, Calif., J.D. Map exhibiting the several Pacific railroads prepared for the report on the internal commerce of the United States by the Bureau of Statistics. Geo. Map from "Beyond the Mississippi" by A. D. Richardson, 1869. "Envisioning the American West: Maps, the Representational Barrage of 19th Century Expedition Reports, and the Production of Scientific Knowledge." And, for the next three years, during the Civil War, there will be a lack of funding. Railroad Land Grants in California from a People's Independent Party map of 1875. Forming The Modern Southern Pacific. Prepared by G.W. Andrea Woolfolk, Elkhorn Slough Foundation, Western United States Map from the Pacific Railroad Surveys, 1858, 1858 California map of Transcontinental Stagecoach Lines. Map of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy R.R., 1879. Map of the Pony Express Route April 3, 1860 - October 24, 1861 by William Henry Jackson. With their monetary backing the group officially incorporated the Central Pacific Railroad of California on June 28, 1861. To get from Sacramento to the Pacific, the Central Pacific purchased the struggling Western Pacific Railroad (unrelated to the railroad of the same namethat would later parallel its route) and in summer 1869 resumed construction on it, which had halted in 1866 due to funding troubles. A correct map of the United States showing the Union Pacific, the overland route and connections. American Indian [native american] nation territories map of the west. and Mexican Central R.R. G.W. But as the railroad continued through the foothills of the Sierras, construction became more difficult. The Central Pacific made quick progress along the Sacramento Valley. Berkeley Library - Digital Map Collection, William A. Bowen's California Geographical Survey - Cal State Northridge, Dept. Compiled from the latest official sources.Watson, Gaylord, 1875. & C.B. Five Nevada Survey Maps from the Washoe County Recorders Office. Gibbes' New Map of the Gold Region, California. A New and Complete STATISTICAL GAZETTEER of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA founded on and compiled from OFFICIAL FEDERAL & STATE RETURNS and the SEVENTH NATIONAL CENSUS. Gibbes; New York, Sherman & Smith, 1851. Missouri Pacific Railway Map and Timetable, 1883. The Santa Fé route Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fé R.R. U.S. Geological Survey Togographic Map On-line MapServer. Maps Showing the Progressive Development of U.S. Railroads,1830-1950. New enlarged scale railroad and county map of California showing every railroad station and post office in the state. The transcontinental railroad line was completed around the north shore of Great Salt Lake, Utah, at Promontory Summit, as part of the Salt Lake Division of the Central Pacific Railroad, which became the Southern Pacific. George Cram, 1881. Courtesy University of Texas Library. The vaunted Southern Pacific name carries a complex history although its immediate heritage can be traced back to the Transcontinental Railroad's completion. Map of the Central Pacific Railroad of California from the 39th to the 98th mile inclusive, showing connections with the U.S. Land Surveys. "Map of the Central Pacific Railroad and its Connections" published in the California Mail Bag San Francisco News Letter and California Advertiser, Vol. View Book by C. P. Heininger, San Francisco, Cal., c. 1887. It was directed to " construct a railroad and telegraph line from the Pacific coast, at or near San Francisco, or the navigable waters of the Sacramento River, to the eastern boundary of California. Central Pacific Railroad Timetable & Map, May, 1869. Dodge, Chief Engineer. Today, tourists and enterprising photographers can visit much of what American ancestors left behind 150 years ago. The original Transcontinental Railroad route was the combined efforts of two railroads: the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific. The Gov. Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroad Timetable Map, 1882. It is interesting to note that the routes of the explorers and surveyors are clearly delineated belying the appearance that the nation has been settled from coast to coast. "Rand, McNally & Co.'s United States" in Rand McNally & Co.'s Business Atlas, Chicago, Rand McNally, 1878, California map from Rand McNally's 1887 Pocket Atlas of the World, Map showing the Union Pacific Railway and branch lines. Trestle on Central Pacific Railroad In 1869 the Central Pacific Railroad out of Sacramento, California, and the Union Pacific Railroad out of Omaha, Nebraska linked tracks in the Golden Spike ceremony at Promontroy Summit, Utah to form the first transcontinental railroad service in … Parker Map of Motor Routes Between San Franciso and Los Angeles, Also Sacramento, Reno, Lake Taho, Yosemite Valley, And Other Sierra Points. ; the great overland route and short line to the west and south-west, 1879. Knight, Leonard & Company, 1892. A. Hart, Traveller's Own Map, 1870. S. Augustus Mitchell 1871 County Maps of. Historic Topographic Maps of California: San Francisco Bay Area. Market Street Railway Map of San Francisco, including cable cars, 1943, City of Philadelphia, grounds of the Centennial Exhibition, and railroads, 1876. However construction soon slowed, first by the Sierra Nevada mountains and then by winter snowstorms. & C.R. In 1885, the Central Pacific was under the operation of the Southern Pacific Railway. U.S. Geological Survey Contour Maps of the entire United States On-line. J.H. Sacramento, Cal. The Unique map of California. San Francisco to Chicago via the CPRR, UPRR, & Burlington Route, A.

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