what eats skunks

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This only adds to their adaptability. Clean up woodpiles and get rid of tree branches and leaf piles. 17. Skunks obviously aren’t too picky when it comes to appetite. You learned earlier that they are omnivores, which means they can eat both plants and meats. What Skunks Eat. They tend to eat an equal amount of animal and plant matter in winter and autumn. Skunk diet Animals. However, it should be noted that they do have some scavenger tendencies as well. ; Frogs – Skunks will make a meal out of just about anything smaller than they are, including frogs and toads. Skunks are mammals that use their body odor as a defense mechanism. After that, they leave them alone, lol. Those thoughts, in turn, caused an intemperate Google search which turned up the following gem from the March 1959 issue of Boy's Life: Incidentally, skunks are edible. Skunks will often prefer an animal to eat over plants, but depending on the time of year, they may have to rely on foraging to find food. Any bird of prey large enough to kill with a first strike, such as large owls or hawks. Winter and fall seasons restrict the availability of food sources and during these cold months, a skunk will rely on any small prey they can get. The Indians ate skunk and so has many a trapper. Skunk, (family Mephitidae), also called polecat, black-and-white mammal, found primarily in the Western Hemisphere, that uses extremely well-developed scent glands to release a noxious odour in defense. Skunks have been known to eat poisonous snakes such as rattlesnakes. Other predators would be foxes, coyotes, wolves, dogs…one time. By Molly John on October 19 2017 in Environment. Skunks eat leaves, lizards, frogs, rodents, and insects. The skunk diet is seasonal and more dependent on the availability of food rather than choice. This makes them a nuisance to beekeepers, but also integral to keeping wasp populations low. The term skunk, however, refers to more than just the well-known striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis).The skunk family is composed of 11 species, 9 of which are found in the Western Hemisphere. Small mammals – Skunks regularly eat mice, rats, moles and other small mammals, but usually in the winter time. They love worms, fallen fruit, eggs, nuts, and pet food. https://www.furryfacts.com/what-do-skunks-eat/ Find out here what types of foods skunks eat such as insects, small prey and garbage. The diet for skunks is a combination of plants and animals. Essentially, skunks are omnivores which answers the question: what do skunks like to eat the most? ; Lizards and salamanders – Small lizards like salamanders, skinks, or anoles make a great source of protein for skunks. Skunks are prey for large carnivores such as lynx and cougar. The Best Way To Keep Skunks Off Your Lawn: Keep your lawn cleaned up and free of clutter or debris. Being omnivorous creatures, skunks are not selective feeders, and thus feed on what is available. They’re immune to snake venom. Skunk issues in the garden this winter have led to murderous thoughts. They are also are prey for owls at any size. Skunks eat wasps and honeybees are immune to their sting. Keep your grass raked and free of any fallen fruit or nuts off of trees. What Do Skunks Eat?

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