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A number of shops in Ixtapa arrange surf and SUP trips to La Saladita, including Catcha L’Ola. Nightlife: Tokyo is one of the best cities in the world for nightlife. I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. Think: Amazing pointbreaks (a whole lot of them), some incredible reefs and plenty of enjoyable beachbreaks. Well, no one does. The Gold Coast, known as the Surfing Mecca of Australia, holds arguably some of the best surf spots on the East Coast. Our reader suggestions on Facebook. If this isn’t of Indo quality (sans the crowd) Stab doesn’t know what is. Ixtapa was a pastoral coconut plantation up until the late 1970s, when the Mexican Government launched an initiative to transform the area into a family-friendly resort. The selection of photos Burkard sent Stab for this location was the hardest to whittle down: Endless surreal, otherworldly landscape with perfect barrels grinding through the foreground. Shrouded in palm trees and surrounded by sheets of wave-like rock formations known as the Devil’s Washboard, Aoshima is a tiny island – complete with Shinto shrine – located on the southeastern coast of Kyushu, Japan. Which makes those discoveries all the more rewarding. With several swell sources, including ferocious western Pacific typhoons, the many charted coral reef waves on the eastern side of the country have earned a reputation for quality – and for maddening inconsistency, being either very good, or dead flat. It’s the biggest brown bear population in the world. The image you see here worked better as a double (that shipwreck!) But, Greenland sharks are present in the North Atlantic. This is one raw, natural and surreal climate. Oh, and if you’re going in winter… 6mm suits with the thickest booties and gloves you can find. While it’s hardly brimming with world class waves, Stab couldn’t leave such a dreamy location off a list of must-surf places. Above: On the off-chance that you were wondering how we came to settle on this issue’s cover, it played out like so: Every single location we visit here had one standout image from the selections we were sent – with the exception of Mauritania. Cuisine: The country's colonial history is reflected in its Portuguese-influenced cuisine. This huge island nation off the southeast coast of Africa is home to thousands of animal species that you won’t find anywhere else, and a cultural mix of Southeast Asia, East Africa and European influence. The best way to put it is, that it’s like the wild west. Heard of ‘em? Surf-wise, typhoons are king here. Colonial German and Afrikaans … Sure could be worse, yes? The Raft of the Medusa, a famous painting in the Louvre Museum in Paris, depicts the aftermath of a shipwreck off the coast of Mauritania in 1816, in which hundreds of people died, many of them eaten by sharks. What you’ll need: Standard shortboard for good swell days, and a longboard comes in handy for smaller conditions if you can get your hands on one. Be more worried about the bears. As opposed to its famous neighbours, Oahu and Hawaii Island, Moloka'i doesn’t boast many rental opportunities, and managing to get a lesson there may prove tricky. While it isn’t all peaches with the neighbours, Oman is easily the safest country in the Middle East. You’ll want a 6mm suit with the thickest booties and gloves you can find if you go in the winter. The Aleutians were America’s stronghold against Russia, and following the War, never quite recovered. Treasure the tranquility San Clemente Surf Report See the forecast for San Clemente Brave new surf destinations worth a credit line. Which isn’t to say you won’t come across some of the best sushi you’ve ever eaten. What you’ll need: In March and April, you’ll want a 4/3mm suit, but in November you can sneak a 3/2mm. Locals: Most people haven't even seen a surfer. Good news for Australians and Americans? Peaceful Ngor – a tiny island just off the tip of Dakar, Africa’s most western point – offers a range of reliable surf options. But that’s not why you came here anyway, right? You won’t be needing a step-up. “Norway is a huge country, so it all depends on where you’re going, what you’re doing, what your goal is,” says Chris Burkard. “We went to a place that’s rampant with bears,” he recalls. Falafels! Banzai, near Rome, can get kinda rammed, but you can get spots in Sardinia to yourself. Zambezi/Bull sharks. “They’re not there to serve anybody or do anything for you. None of that there.” Now, the Faroes really require commitment, time and patience if you’re hoping to score surf. Waves: The Angolan coastline favours long, left, sand-bottom points. Russia’s hardly famous for its food. There is a de facto international border about 20 clicks north of the peninsula, crossed regularly in both directions by private and commercial vehicles. These 8 remote waves are blowing up right now... here's why. Locals: Surfing has boomed in recent years and Taiwan has thousands of local surfers, with the breaks around Taipei thronged with beginners and intermediates every weekend. The capital of Nouakchott has grown from a fishing village at independence to a city of more than one million people. Mediterranean seafood! It’s so easy online now, in Iceland it’ll take you 10 minutes to find another Icelandic surfer who’ll show you around.” Get there within the next three years, before it’s overrun with travelling surfers looking for an ice-cream headache and some dinner party stories. Plan ahead and camp out overnight in one of the few designated spots on the island to really take in the feeling of seclusion. Pipe was the original hairball dry-reef barrel, and is still one of the ... Snapper Rocks. It is an ideal destination for a good all around surf trip with good vibes, food and cultural discoveries. But enough of that… how about the surf? America’s easternmost point in the archipelago, it enjoys temperatures of 82 degrees all year round and packs a huge punch when it comes to scenery and outdoor recreational opportunities. Obviously there’s good times to be had in the bigger cities. Above: And now, may we please board an around-the-world flight, with stops at 20 of the least likely surf destinations imaginable? It’s also a location not well known by most of the Italian surfers, because the area isn’t overexposed by the media yet, and the locals tend to preserve it as much as possible…” Hence why we won’t be naming this spot. There’s something about how the reefs are set up and how the location is organised, it’s one of the better locations in the world for surf, yet completely untapped. 4. Second, despite the cultural diversity, all Malagasy people have one overlap: fady. This beautiful country has a long coastline facing the Mediterranean, with consistent swell from the famous northerly Mistral wind between October and April. They have built Indonesia’s reputation as one of the world’s best surf destinations, and for good reason. With staggered outcrops jutting from the sea and strong waves that break onto a rocky shoreline before a dense jungle thicket, Pico de Loro is definitely a spot reserved for advanced surfers and those with key knowledge of the area. Yep. 1. Come surf tawain ! 5. Sharks: As with most places, there are some Great Whites out there, but there’s been seven shark attacks in Chile since 1934. What else to do in Mauritania? And though you may surf in your free time, they really want to know how you afford to live in New York City-because to do so truly requires a fair amount of hustle. Potjiekos (one-pot bush stew, usually cooked over a camp fire, and made with just about anything – although, chicken and vegetable is common). Cuisine: Biltong (an air-dried meat, which is a bar snack staple, usually made from beef or kudu). Water temps are quite warm, though a vest will come in handy for the occasional windchill. Wetsuits are necessary, as it can be cold in the winter months with stiff morning offshores and temperatures as low as seven drips. Just don’t expect much power – it is the Mediterranean Sea. Waves: You’ll likely encounter every variation of wave-type here, but the majority of setups are fast, hollow reefs. Oh, and some patience. Cuisine: It’s full on, no two ways about it. Endless crowds of beautiful (though notoriously difficult to engage) women, and a food culture that David Chang believes is the world’s best, all wrapped in a pulsing shroud of kitsch neon. The spot is remote, and Namibia is one of the world's least populated countries (only 2.1 people per square kilometre) – meaning the gals are lonely and the crowds are bearable. Its smooth, long-peeling left point break is said to provide one of the longest rides in Mexico and is good for longboarding all year-round, with waves being smaller in winter. The winds are usually stronger in the morning, which is also when the lagoon is the least crowded. Definitely worth a roll of the dice. Sharks: Surprisingly, no concern. Despite what the west’s bastardised version of Japanese cuisine tells you, sushi train isn’t ubiquitous. What you’ll need: Standard shortboard for the better days at the points and the thumping beachbreaks on Masirah Island. Of course, as in many desert regions, wind can be a significant factor on the quality of the waves. This idyllic PNG retreat is set on a 76 hectare private plantation, perfect for the surf adventurer looking for guaranteed no crowds. Don’t bother outside those months. Sardinia is the pick, with good options in Puglia, Tuscany and Rome. Sand-bottom setups and trunks… one of the finest combinations imaginable. These places take time.” Now, while half the attraction here might be the, uh, characteristics of Nordic peoples, real talk: In Norway, where you surf is very remote. What you’ll need: Small wave boards and one step up, unless you’re chasing a typhoon, in which case you’ll want as much performance volume as you can stuff in your coffin. The same swell that affects Morocco filters through the Canary Islands to the points and beachbreaks of the Western Sahara. Leave the step-up at home. Waves: Longish-period winter windswell, with many point and beachbreaks on offer.

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