is oregano safe for dogs

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Yes, I would like to subscribe to your newsletter for information on natural health, products, and great deals! Best known for eliciting a state of euphoria in cats, it also … I use 4 drops, 2-3 times a day, for 2-3 days only. It’s hypoallergenic for a dog’s … Are they involved in consumer education — or are they just middlemen? 3. My dog had one for the first time. Let’s first take a look at 10 of the best herbs and spices for your dog, and then we will follow it up with 10 herbs and spices that you should always avoid. 4. They may be submitted either digitally (at 300dpi) or as prints or slides along with your manuscript. It contains Vitamin K, anti-oxidants, iron, manganese, fiber, and is a natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids. We pay for unlimited rights only. We acknowledge that diarrhea and even vomiting are possible, but small amounts are harmless and even healthy. It helped tremendously! The great taste is obvious but did you know that oregano can help with a sore throat, bronchitis, asthma and even the common cough? Protects the … A brief biographical sketch of yourself is also recommended. You might try Stinging Nettle instead. Although we prefer to use original material only, we do sometimes publish book excerpts. It is a very “hot” oil and can chemically burn tissue; because of this, it can be used topically to remove warty tissues. We give her skin a good rub-down. Just keep in mind that one drop of oregano essential oil is so strong it can ruin a pot of spaghetti sauce! My guess is it can be treated like a human tooth. Jana’s doctor is not up to speed about herbal medicine. Thank you for the kind words. Click here to download the Animal Wellness – Top Health Tips eBook, Yes, I would like to subscribe to your newsletter for information on natural health, products, and great deals!No, Thanks. Dogs should not eat oregano because it is toxic, i.e., it is a gastrointestinal irritant, notes ASPCA. * Oregano is one … Would it be better if I mixed it in with olive oil, too? The common safe oils to diffuse are chamomile, clary sage, cedarwood, marjoram, and myrrh oil. After 3 times of using it, the wart disappeared! Oil of oregano will only topically help the gum, but not affect it internally under the gum. So while oregano may hold hope for a number of your dog’s poor health conditions (or even your own), please be sure that it is in fact the real thing. Moderately fertile, well-draining soil is perfect for oregano. I’m wishing your pet much relief and comfort. 1/4th teaspoon of coconut oil for every 10 pounds of your pooch’s weigh is recommended. I did some research and have found for my grooming clients, that when nothing else worked, the supplement FlexPet helped and quick. [gravityform id=”15″ title=”false” description=”false” ajax=”true”]. Our publication embraces the entire holistic spectrum, from physical health issues to the emotional and spiritual well being of our animals. It provides sodium, which is necessary for life. Your doctor is misinformed. It can be used as a medicinal herb or as added nutrition to your furkid’s meal. Labs are notorious for dry-skin issues. If an essential oil inflames a tissue (the signs are redness, itching or a burning sensation), quickly dilute it by applying a fatty carrier oil to the affected area. We regret that photos cannot be returned. Oregano Health Benefits for Dogs. The herbs in the supermarket are not and most commonly mixed with Marjoram. ... Sea Salt, in small amounts, is considered safe for dogs. Fights free radicals. Look for Turkish or Greek oregano and source it from your local herb shop. I have so far avoided having to go to an orthodontist to have the root pulled out surgically. The grass would start to grow and she would start to itch. I am very familiar with both and love them. A. Helps prevent diabetes. So remember — in supporting canine health, as in cooking, less is more! In this article, we talk with integrative veterinarian Dr. Jodie Gruenstern for her expertise and advice on using this oil for dogs. Do not use essential oils “neat” inside the ear canal, and be very cautious even with dilution. Oregano could even work on infections including UTIs and certain heart problems. Oil or dried herb? Its toxicity is considered mild and it is due to polyphenols such as carvacrol and thymol as well as flavones, monoterpenes, and mon… I am a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). Topically. Click Here, Thank You! I have never noticed any side effects. I have a 35 pound Beagle that has insane itching from grasses, etc. My doctor cautioned me because it is such an effective antibiotic that it can diminish the beneficial flora in our guts. Apply aromatically. Finally, Hawthorn (Crataegus Oxycantha) may be useful for cardiovascular disease. For ear mites there are several natural remedies with diluted white vinegar, almond oil with vitamin E, etc. Please let us know because we're always trying to improve! Your email address will not be published. Couple of days tops. Do they grow/produce their own ingredients, or are they at least able to visit their product sources? Before submitting to Animal Wellness, we ask that you familiarize yourself with our publication so that you have a strong sense of the type of articles we publish. It is my belief, based on my own experience, that your dog’s gums actually would absorb the oil. Thank you for the info. I don’t know about oregano oil for dogs, but I recently discussed using it internally for myself. When your dog has an infection or is recovering from surgery, the vet often prescribes antibiotic medication. When properly diluted, oregano oil is considered extremely safe whether taken orally or applied topically, but don't increase your dog's dose without contacting your pet's health practitioner or veterinarian. Additionally, some traditional herbalists will blend the plant’s herbal parts into a fatty carrier oil and call the infusion oil of oregano. Cold ultrasonic diffusion is preferred. It’s a suspension of … Some say it can help to clear up a urinary tract disease, gastrointestinal tract inflammation, diarrhea, wounds, abscess and boils. Every year I apply 1 part of oregano oil and 3 parts of virgin olive oil on their infected skin and it works all the time. The essential oils not safe for dogs are garlic, clover, oregano, rosemary, thyme, tea tree, and wintergreen oil. I thought it was just for joint health, but it’s loaded with immune system boosters, and it’s not crazy expensive. I had never heard of it. He loves his bones and plays like a puppy. I use oregano oil, for a few days, until the discomfort stops. For treatment of wounds, as an arthritis supplement, or simply sprinkling it onto food for taste — your dog can benefit and they may even enjoy it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Internally. It can also be applied topically. We reserve the right to publish all photos in Animal Wellness Magazine, and on our website. We just started using oregano oil for the dry, flakey bumps and the scent also repels mosquitoes. Anti-cancer. The wonderful thing about oregano oil is that it does not destroy beneficial flora like antibiotics do. It is used in dogs both topically (“neat” — essential oil) and internally (diluted — oil of oregano). In large doses, oregano oil may be toxic -- and even lethal. 3. Add few drop of OO in water to food meant for the dog. That would be amazing! Here’s the way to safely use oregano oil for dogs to assist combat ear mites, infections, and alternative canine diseases. Oregano contains chemicals that might help reduce cough and spasms. Yes it is. 160 Charlotte Street, Suite 202 Articles may range in length from 500 to 1,500 words. Prev 1 / 8 Next Enter full name, email address, and mailing address to qualify. He has warts in his mouth. Avoid diffusing essential oils around epileptic dogs. Perform any additional tasks (liking a Facebook page, captioning a photo, submitting a story, etc.) The infection might be severe and can also create fistulas which will cause worse problems. Previous Peppermint Oil for Constipation: Does it … Another remedy for itchy skin is black tea with a crushed aspirin in it. There are actually numerous uses for this herb. I wanted to try oil of oregano diluted in carrier oil (1 drop of 100% essential in 5ml of olive oil). How many oil of oregano pills can I give my 34 pound dog? Know the manufacturer, and ask the following questions: A. The ASPCA lists oregano as having toxicity for dogs due to a potential for gastrointestinal irritation. Veterinarians sometimes apply this oil in combination with other oils, and with carrier oil dilution, to the external ear canal for a variety of purposes. My ShihTzu had the same problem. Thankfully, the plant itself is only mildly toxic. She is a veterinary acupuncturist and food therapist certified by the Chi Institute; vice president of the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association; and a member of the AHVMA. The most commonly reported signs of oregano toxicity are: Older dogs, in particular, often need help combating arthritis and that’s where oregano comes in with its outstanding antioxidants. Yes, believe it or not, it’s simply strong green tea. After only one week of nettle, the little dog didn’t itch anymore. Used judiciously, this oil can also be beneficial to canine health, but it’s important to understand the forms of this oil, what they can do, and how they should be utilized and administered when it comes to your dog. If it’s to be used internally, dilute it in a fatty carrier oil or in food, and remember that one drop goes a long way! She eats it and still wants more. Oregano and Flax will now go into their homemade food and treats. Aloe Vera is one of the best herbs for dogs. In Moderation, Dogs Can Have Oregano. As the #1 natural health magazine for pets in North America, we take pride in providing our readers with the information they need to make wise health care choices for their animal companions. The general dilution guideline is one part oregano essential oil to four parts fatty carrier oil, to make what’s termed oil of oregano. Colloidal silver is another good alternative to antibiotics. I have 2 dogs that get skin allergies and irritation every spring because of pollen. I wanted to make chicken and carrots for my dog, a girl, but it seemed so plain. So now I always give it through the growing season and she’s fine. While it’s easy to merely buy your doggo mass-produced pet food and never think about what you feed the pup again, that’s a mistake. How Canine Biologics’ nutrition system supports dogs with cancerÂ, Prioritizing muscle health in senior dogs, Shelters and rescues for senior dogs and cats – an inside…, Supporting joint health as dogs and cats age, Ketosis and calorie restriction improves outcome for dogs and cats with…, DoggyStat rapidly resolves non-infectious canine diarrhea, Including your dog in your exercise routine, New testing tool for quick salmonella detection, CBD Dog Health infuses essential oils with CBD to create a powerful product line. For example, oil of oregano should be shown to contain 60% to 75% carvacrol (the active compound in oregano). The fact is she’s old it will help with her aches and pains and as a antibiotic. Either form can be considered medicinal if the plants are grown and harvested properly, and the oil is distilled correctly. Make sure the photos are labeled and include your name, address and phone number. By Andrew Daniels. The anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties will reduce bacteria and viruses. Does the company have expertise on herbs or oils in general, and their use in animals? As always, it’s a good idea to consult with an integrative or holistic veterinarian before using any essential oil, diluted or not, with your dog. 2. Wag Walkingincludes symptoms such as low blood glucose, gastrointestinal ulcers, decreased heart rate, clotting disorders. Ask for local anesthesia. I think it’s best to get rid of the infection. Could somebody please advise me of something that actually works for these allergies? I’ve tried lots of alternative remedies, but nothing has responded so fast and easily as oil of oregano. You may submit articles either by our online contact form, or by mail to: Animal Wellness Magazine You need to find out if the allergy is seasonal or dietary. But like most things, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. This is the same case for cats. It is used in dogs both topically (“neat” — essential oil) and internally (diluted — oil of oregano). It has health-supporting properties; it’s antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory and immune-supportive. Every attempt is made to return photographic material, but it is advised that you keep copies of your images. If you are sending your submission by regular mail, please also enclose a SASE and keep a copy of the article for your own files. In conclusion, most sources seem to agree that oregano is safe for dogs when treated as a medicinal food. It is considered safe to use on dogs. The truth is that no one knows for sure how effective oregano is against bacteria in cats and dogs. A. Dr. Jodie owns the Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex, is a nationally renowned speaker, author, TV and radio personality, and authored the book Live with Your Pet in Mind (,, It is highly recommended to get a dental cleaning and remove that tooth. If you dilute it properly, oregano oil is extremely safe, no matter if you administer it orally or topically. The most common side effects of oregano poisoning in dogs are usually mild stomach irritation. Also, how often a day? You may want to try rubbing in into your feet and put some socks on, since your skin absorbs over 60% of what you put on it! PMB 155, Centennial, CO 80122 While standard dog food can certainly come packed with plenty of essential nutrients, you can supplement your dog’s dietary regimen with certain healthy oils—jam packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids—to promote optimum heath. Have any studies been done and posted/published about the specific brand? So, is Oregano Oil safe for dogs? Additionally, oregano essential oil can be diffused to support respiratory health. Required fields are marked *. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.Please visit the About Us page for more information about Stephanie and this website. When using oregano oil the first time, monitor your dog's behavior closely to make sure nothing unusual is going on. Large amounts of oregano can upset the stomach. The best solution is to get the tooth and infection under control by removing that tooth. Antibacterial. If I were to give it to them in their food, what amount of oregano oil would you suggest I give them? Please ensure that any health facts or statistics that might appear in your article are accurate and come from an accredited source.

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