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Hey, if Claire Danes can get into Berghain, you might be able to make it in as well. An interactive video training for getting into nightclubs. Infamous Berlin nightclub Berghain is notorious for being just so incredibly difficult to get into. Now you can save yourself the trip and get turned down by a svelt bouncer/doorman in the comfort of your home via a pre-recorded virtual reality simulator. The interactive trainer places you right in front of Berghain, where a bouncer asks you three random questions to determine whether you’ll get into the club. Using your computer’s camera and microphone, it is basically an online simulator of trying to gain entry to the club. In Berlin the night does not get started until 2 or 3am, so going to any club before midnight is not recommended. Prices inside are not expensive, so save it for when you get in, if, you get in. No respectable person shows up at Berghain before 1 in the morning on Sunday (it opens at midnight on Saturday). According to a news feature on The Guardian a new book, by the infamous heavily tattooed and pierced Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt Nacht ist Leben (The Night Is Life, ghost written by journalist Judka Strittmatter), sheds new light and offers … Stop thinking you’re exempt from lockdown rules because you’re rich, Curtis says he feels ‘betrayed’ and ‘stabbed in the back’ by Chris and Maura. Get Magnetic Ad-Free for 30 Days. Despite several blog posts (check this) and even a new app few have succeeded beyond the iron gates of the 10 year old Berghain.. Try different times: A lot of people who managed to get into Berghain have suggested trying different times of the day. Below are 10 must-don’ts if you want to ensure successful entry into Berghain. Study popular Berghain music before you go. Easy as that. Peter Kirn - May 30, 2016. Are You Cool Enough To Get Into Berlin’s Famous Berghain Nightclub? The club has even gotten rid of all mirrors and reflective surfaces as well. Because Berghain is a techno nightclub, researching electronic or dance music from around the world (particularly Germany) could improve your chances of getting in. It takes you all the way to the door, where you need to answer three questions correctly. Case in point: I was once in line with four Italian guys, all about 25 years old, standing behind me. It’s simple, it’s easy to avoid, so just don’t do it. Now that you’ve had a chance to try out the Berghain Trainer on the website created by Aubry and Burghardt, we’re taking a deeper look into how you can (maybe) enter the infamous Berlin nightclub in person. The Berghain Head Bouncer Is Also an Accomplished Artist. Check out the Berghain Trainer here and learn how to dance at Berghain here. No need to wait! And last week, a bunch of American teens on TikTok randomly stumbled upon the club’s existence thanks to Berghain Trainer, a site that uses your laptop’s camera and microphone to analyse your body language. Avoid times when the lines are super long. Familiarizing Yourself with Berghain Culture, { A new simulator, called Berghain Trainer, seeks to replicate the very same dynamic of the … This is a rookie mistake; Berghain technically opens at midnight on Friday, and if you’re over keen and are the first to arrive the bouncers are not going to be very impressed. The busiest time to visit Berghain is 1 a.m. on Saturday nights. You can try your luck here – or take our own quiz here. Well, it’s official: viral online jokes about Berghain, Berlin’s club venue, occur with the same frequency as its Klubnacht. WHAT: The “Berghain Trainer,” new web app allowing people simulate trying their luck at getting into one of the world’s most secretive nightclubs. Click on the microphone icon … There are guides online about how to dress to get in to Berghain, ebooks written on the topic and features in every lifestyle magazine or website. Felix Da Housecat was denied entry last year. purports to offer a take on whether you could gain entry to Berghain – and yes, it’s really hard. If you wear black you will be more likely to fit into the crowd and maybe, just maybe, you will be deemed entrance. It’s simple, it’s easy to avoid, so just don’t do it. Okay, I guess we all know how strict the Berghain door policy can be. Try breaking into smaller groups, no more than two or three, and then you might just get in. Unlike most of the club world, it actually helps to be older to get into Berghain and other Berlin clubs, which is maybe why students would actually ask someone as old as their professor about clubbing. Keep your money for when you’re inside or maybe later you can grab some necessary drunk food on the way home. Tweet. Share. By Magnetic. News. Sure, your weekend plans may include some drinking, but if you go over board during the predrink and arrive blatantly drunk at Berghain, you’re chances of getting in are slim. But they don't say one word. News. Now you can practice getting into Berghain in your browser. He’ll ask you three random question and if you answer them appropriately, you might be allowed in. If your scene involves wearing stilettos and a LBD Berghain is not the place for you, unless you’re a man. For artists getting booked to play …

But what if there were a Berghain training simulator you could practice with? So if you see your browser loader "enter.mp4" you know you already won. You'll be walking along the famous club queue to find bouncer Sven at the entrance. 35, I’d guess, is an optimal Berghain age for entry. Berlin is the club capital of Europe, and there’s nowhere entry is more coveted than Berghain. Plan a British tapas buffet and we’ll guess where you’re from, We asked Newcastle girls: ‘What is it really about rugby boys?’, This is how to get the ‘what do you meme’ filter that’s all over TikTok and Insta, All the backlash that’s happened to Rita Ora after *that* 30th birthday party, Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which iconic I’m A Celeb campmate you are, Chrishell Stause has confirmed she’s dating someone new and this is her guy, Hey celebs! No one talks in line, so if you realize that you and your group are the only ones, that’s a sign to shut up. I had discovered that there exists an online training site that takes you through the Berghain bouncer experience virtually, it’s called Berghain Trainer. Just login and you'll be re-directed to the "Get into Berghain Tonight' It's quick and easy. Don’t do it, just don’t. Now, though, a new virtual program takes the process to its most personal with Berghain Trainer. If you do and get caught taking a photo be prepared to be kicked out. Don’t be afraid to stand out The site listens to your voice, and uses a tracker to measure your facial expressions. No one talks in line, so if you realize that you and your group are the only ones, that’s a sign to shut up. From advice from Sven himself, to cheeky cartoons depicted some other strategies. "How to Get Into Berghain" has become a subject of fascination on the Internet. Published on May 30, 2016 16:27 Berlin Time Share. Ask yourself: Do you REALLY want to get inside Berghain? Berlin has something for everyone, so if you’re looking for something a little more posh just go to somewhere in Mitte or West Berlin instead. But this deserves some mention, in that it says perhaps less about Berghain as it does about Berlin’s culture of obsessive-compulsive technologists. Unlike nearby clubs such as Watergate that attract crowds of tourists, Berghain is not seeking that reputation. Purchase "Get into Berghain Tonight' and you will receive a password via e-mail which you can use to log into my site and access this exclusive content. You guys should try … Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. But what if there were a Berghain training simulator you could practice with?.

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