the basic operations performed by a computer are

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8.c) Storage It is used to describe, in algebraic or tabular form, the manipulation done by logic circuits called gates.Gates are The logic operations like <,=,>. Few more functions are required to make the above-mentioned queue operation efficient. d. ALU, Fund-Q9. The following seven logic operations take inputs that are either true (1) or false (0) and produce a single output value that is also true or false.Most of these operations can take more than two inputs, except for the NOT operation which takes only one input. Following are 10 MCQ Questions from Basic Operations of a Computer. If you have any subjective questions you want me to answer, you can send them through the following form: What are the 5 basic operations of a computer? C , 10. Most of the test conductors like FPSC, NTS, KPPSC, PPSC and others, are adding computer knowledge MCQs in their test patron. CU doesn't perform any actual processing on data yet it is known as a central nervous system for the comforts of the computer. Thus the importance of storage Unit in a computer system is vital. This is the act of feeding in the data and instruction to the computer (by computer here it means the processing unit). A computer can perform arithmetic (processing component) 4. To use a stack efficiently, we need to check the status of stack as well. Apart from these basic stuffs, a stack is used for the following two primary operations − 1. push()− Pushing (storing) an element on the stack. C 3. A computer performs 5 basic operations. Inputting is a basic operation of a computer system. 3.D. Processing is performed by CPU- Central Processing Unit. Information and programs are entered into the computer through Input devices such as the keyboard, disks, or through other computers via network connections or modems connected to the Internet. 2. pop()− Removing (accessing) an element from the stack. C,. Click on a link for an operation to learn more. ALU is having collection of two types of operations: 1.Arithmetic operations 2.Logical operations . The basic operations performed by a computer are 1 See answer Jessey529 is waiting for your help. d. CU. Below are examples using only one or two inputs, which is what usually happens inside a computer.The operations are listed below. Next, a computer can retrieve that information for processing. Logical operation C. Storage and relative D. All the above. A computer system consists of different functional units and Input Unit does the operation of Inputting. This article will give you a quick information about the basic operations of a computer. d. Cache, Fund-Q8. Add your answer and earn points. What are the five basic operations performed by any computer system ? After completion of processing the final results are send to storage units from ALU. Calculate data b. c. Projector, Fund-Q10. C 7. The devices that help you to input data and instructions are known as Input Devices. It is the brain of computer. If you want to get job or admission related to computer, you must prepare online for computer science MCQ’S questions and answers. The basic operations performed by a computer are A) Arithmetic operation B) Logical operation C) Storage and relative D) All the above 3. These are − 1. peek()− Gets the element at the front of the queue without removing it. The storage unit holds: Think about Q.No 3, if there is better option that what you choose. c. Projectors, Fund-Q3. Which type of computers use the 8 bit code called EBCDIC? Number of arithmetic & logical operation that a computer can perform is determined by the design to perform the four basic arithmetic operations. Queue operations may involve initializing or defining the queue, utilizing it, and then completely erasing it from the memory. The data and instructions stored in the primary storage are transferred to it as when required. Following questions are probable from this topic. It processes the input according to the set of instructions provided to it by the user and gives the desired output quickly. It is the process of entering data and instructions into computer system. Accept data, perform prescribed mathematical and logical operations at high speed, and display the results of these operations. Soft copy output is something that is temporary or is available only as long as the output device is turned on. All calculations & comparisons are made in the ALU. Keyboard b. Similarly, results produced by the computer are required to be stored before it is passed to the output unit. Control Unit c. Memory d. Output Unit, a. data to be processed b. intermediate result c. both of above d. none of above, a. 5.a) ALU 9.c) Projector 2.c The steps performed by the computer processor for each machine language instruction received. 9.c A computer can assign a value to a variable or memory location (processing component) 5. What are the basic operations performed by a Computer? Again the output is also stored inside the computer for further processing. c. both of above, Fund-Q7. The basic computer has 16-bit instruction register (IR) which can denote either memory reference or register reference or input-output instruction. Required fields are marked *. 3.a C , 9. a. It's asking about the basic operations of a computer system. Rather than drifting away with the huge list of wonders that computers are doing every day, you should think about the aspect for what the question is expecting. Inputting is a basic operation of a computer system. This unit takes care of receiving processed information from processing unit and present it to the user in the suitable form. The questions about the basic operations of a computer may confuse you at first glimpse as it is a versatile machine doing numerous tasks such as playing awesome games, useful calculations, huge storage, quick retrieval, processing spreadsheets, creating and managing documents, playing songs and movies and what not? The basic operations are implemented in hardware level. The devices that can output information from a computer are known as output unit devices. A computer system consists of different functional units and Input Unit does the operation of Inputting. After completion of processing, the final results are sent to the _____ before it goes to output device. Computer Fundamental MCQs, Computer MCQs , MS Office, MS Excel, MS Word, MCQ on Internet, MCQ Quiz KPPSc MCQs, MCQ of Computer Science, NTS GAT, Computer has become most demand able thing in any work. c. Analyze data, Fund-Q2. Control: The manner how instructions are executed and the above operations are performed. The computer system can perform so many operations for the purpose of converting raw input data into information as useful for users. For the storage purpose, a computer system may have different devices such as registers, cache, RAM/ROM, flash, magnetic disks, optical disks and so on. 6. Logical operation C. Storage and relative D. All the above. Similarly, looking at whether the storage device works close with CPU or works as backup media, they can be primary storage or secondary storage. 8.c In computer science, a stack is an abstract data type that serves as a collection of elements, with two main principal operations: . Input Unit devices take care of encoding. 4.b Monitors, Speakers, Projectors are soft output devices whereas printers, plotters produce hard copy output. Computer Networks MCQ Questions and Answers with PDF Download, Solved Question Paper of PSC for NARC 2074-2-18, Computer Basics – Solved Question Paper of MPA 2017 (Spring) – Purbanchal University (PU), A simple protocol used for fetching email from a mail box is, Download Solved C++ MCQ PDF file and Prepare Offline, 201 to 300 MCQ Questions for Fundamentals of Computers » MCQ Sets, 401 to 500 MCQ Questions for Fundamentals of Computers, 301 to 400 Computer Fundamental MCQ Questions. CPUs perform two basic types of tasks: arithmetic operations and logical operations. 5. And it every important to know the basic Knowledge of computer. 5 basic operations performed by computer system Inputting Storing Processing Outputting Controlling, Your email address will not be published. 10.d) CU, 1.b C 8. Which of the following unit does encoding? 6.c Computers have the innate ability to process data using a central processing unit (CPU). 10.b, 1. The machine cycle is a 4 process cycle that includes reading and interpreting the machine language, executing the code and then storing that code.. Four steps of machine cycle. Hope this discussion helps you and makes you select correct answers in your exam. Secondary storage is known by other names such as backup storage or secondary memory. Mcq Added by: admin. This is a question from Computer Fundamentals chapter and specifically, it is about Computer System. B. , 2. The basic operations performed by a computer are__________? The basic operations performed by a computer are_____? Also describe five basic operations performed by computer. C 9. C 4. Which of the following is soft output device? It is the process of performing arithmetic and logical operations on data to convert them into useful information. Stack operations may involve initializing the stack, using it and then de-initializing it. The basic operations performed by a computer are a) Arithmetic operation b) Logical operation c) Storage and relative d) All the above A. A computer can receive information. 5.b Data input is the most basic function of a computer. First, let me point out that what I’m going to outline here are basic approaches to things. The unit in Computer System that is responsible for processing is ALU (Arithmetic and Logical Unit). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); is the Pakistani Top Mcqs website, where you can find Mcqs of all Subjects, You can also Submit Mcqs of your recent test and Take online Mcqs Quiz test. A computer can put out information. Aagmansriva993 Aagmansriva993 The basic operations performed by a computer are Arithmetic operation, Logical operation and Storage and relative. Because Computers work with bits, there should be some mechanism to make data understandable by CPU (the process is called encoding)  and also the information produced by CPU must be converted to the human readable form (called decoding). Devices such as a keyboard which require encoding data so that it is in the form a CPU can understand are Indirect Entry Input Devices. Define term computer. Required fields are marked *. Input is performed by input devices like keyboard, mouse, scanner, digital camera and microphone etc. 2. isfull()− Checks if the queue i… The task of performing calculations and comparisons are known as processing. Contrary to these are hard copy output which is permanent. D, Fund-Q1. b. ALU is responsible to perform the operation in the computer. Having a good command on the computer is very necessary. D, Your email address will not be published. The six basic computer operations, as pertaining to a pseudocode algorithm, are: 1. Which of the following function is not performed by computers? The printout in a paper is not lost because the printer is turned off! The Five Basic Operations of a Computer System Inputting.The process of entering data and instructions into the computer system Storing.Saving data and instructions to make them readily available for initial or additional processing whenever required Processing.Performing arithmetic operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc.) 2.c) Projectors This is the act of feeding in the data and instruction to the computer (by computer here it means the processing unit). ; The order in which elements come off a stack gives rise to its alternative name, LIFO (last in, first out). C 2. 7.d) Cache IF YOU THINK THAT ABOVE POSTED MCQ IS WRONG. A. Arithmetic operation B. Binary logic deals with binary variables and with operations that assume a logical meaning. Your answer for Q. The intermediate result produced by the computer must also be stored for further processing. Fetch - Retrieve an instruction from the memory. Memory Reference – These instructions refer to memory address as an operand. When data is PUSHed onto stack. Flash Memory b. RAM/ROM c. Registers d. Cache, a. They are +,-,*,/. Most of you might be knowing about these basic operations. What are five basic operations performed by the computer system? Also known as the processor, this device is the brain of the PC. Microphone b. Plotters c. Projectors d. Card Punchers, a. So, among this huge list of tasks, a computer performs, how to identify which ones are basic operations of a computer? 7.b Input Unit b. ALU c. CU d. Output Unit, a. Arithmetic Logical Unit b. The unit that manages and co-ordinates the whole system is Control unit: ALU dose not know what should be done with the data likewise, output unit dose not know when the result should be displayed. Mouse c. OMR d. All of above, a. 2. March 17, 2014 by Suresh Khanal 8 Comments. The basic operations performed by a computer are Arithmetic operation, Logical operation and Storage and relative. Answer them in the comment section below. Identify the direct entry input device: A computer is a programmable electronic gadget intended to acknowledge information. C 10. Here are the generally accepted six basic computer operations: 1. It manages and coordinates the entire system. Your email address will not be published. What is Cache Memory and where it is installed? All computer systems perform the following five basic operations, for converting raw input data into information, which is useful to their users : Inputting: The process of entering data and instructions into the computer … Keyboard, Mouse, Light Pen, JoyStick, Scanners, Microphone etc are some examples of input unit devices. It's what allows you to transfer … ALU is the place where actual execution of the instructions takes place during the processing operations. The input device also retrieves information off disks. Before actual processing start, data & instructions entered to the computer must be stored somewhere inside the computer. However, a computer system does primarily perform the 5 basic operations namely inputting, storing, processing, outputting and controlling. It takes care of step by step processing of all operations inside the computer. Input Unit, Fund-Q5. Which of the following is not input unit device Storing 1.c) Analyze data Push, which adds an element to the collection, and; Pop, which removes the most recently added element that was not yet removed. The devices that can send data directly to the CPU or which does not need to encode it before sending to CPU are considered Direct Entry Input Devices such as scanners. The first basic function a computer can accomplish is storing information, typically in binary form (as either a one or a zero). a. Arithmetic Logical Unit, Fund-Q6. A computer can put out information (output component) 3. Basic Operations Performed by a Computer are 5. A computer can receive information (input component) 2. Here are some MCQs related to the Computer from basic to advance will help our readers to secure high marks in the computer portion of the test. A) Universal Automatic Computer B) Universal Array Computer C) Unique Automatic Computer D) Undervalue Automatic Computer 2. Microphone b. OCR c. Projector d. Touch Screen. Mouse, Fund-Q4. Now after you identify the area that this question is targeting, it will be easier to hit the answer.

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