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Total = 68% (4 x 17%) Take note! Grants immunity from Freezing, Frozen and Stone Curse. A blinder enchanted with dark magic that adds immunity to Blind and 2% tolerance to Stun effect. A few tips are simply to maximize your stats according to what songs you will use and to stack as much reduction as you can without sacrificing the basic requirements listed above. Adoration of the Masses – Passive. Then there is Stun Resist Lv.1 to 5 that raises resistance to Knockback, Launch and Stun, but even with 2 of these skills on, I still get Knocked back and Launched into the air. Priest's skill Status Recovery can undo the effect. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a free-to-play fantasy RPG based off the original Ragnarok Online franchise, developed by XD Global and licensed by Gravity Interactive. Sup, on June 8th, 2010 at 10:16 am Said: Highrate servers are great as long as they’re 99/70 and balanced. If enemy attacks you, you will always get hit. It could definitely easier to reach 250 all stat with Super Novice. Impossible to move, attack, pick up items, skill usage, sitting, force disconnection, and item usage. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the RagnarokMobile community. Essentially we never got immunity through stun def, because it always subject to subtract by stun atk, however, practically we can have a similar effect to immunity by always have more than 100 stun def than stun atk like your last example here. Basic Abilities: Poison Immunity, Heal Block, Stun, Enervate. Press J to jump to the feed. Let us take bash for example under these conditions, Attacker has no Wraith Star or XMAS antler gacha. You must learn to move traps in bio3 with arrow shower, and quickly trap up a corridor for WoE. The stats resistance is multiplicative to encant or equipment resistance so it's not possible to have them 0% unless one of them is zero. Based on this field test there are 2 point which not comply with the prior assumption: It is possible to have more than 80% debuff resist from stat; When calculated the stat difference, the maximum stat for defender is 500? im still getting stun lock even i have 260+vit no buff and maybe 150 agi. In Ragnarok Online II , it's is a crowd control (CC) debuff that prevents the target from making any actions, such as moving, using skills, or consuming any potions. That is actually for Normal attack with Skeleton card. Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. Dropped By: Stainer Stalactic Golem Info Item ID: Compound: Headgear Pre/Suffix: Stun-Proof Description: Add a 20% resistance against Stun. Impossible to move, attack, pick up items, skill usage, sitting, force disconnection, and item usage. Prefix/Suffix : Anti-Evil. But once he entered the arena, he was immediately a crowd favorite! Dispell removes this ailment. 0 #9 Ashuckel Shadow chasers get 40% from Fatal infection, so it is relatively easy for them to get Stun immune. ... Ragnarok Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Find detailed information on Card - . Super novice. Lowers the effectiveness of healing skills on you, including, You can dodge critical wounds inducing physical attacks if you have high flee, are in. On the other hand I try with 400 VIT + 70 AGI (94% resist), it depleted on around 4 minutes. Attacks from 4 Savage Babe cards have a total 20% stun chance. Gain immunity to the Stun status. Click “Advanced Enchantment” 2. Typing "/effect" will disable the "wavy" rendering effect, but damage will still be displayed as random numbers. Register. StunDef is "Stun Res" in your status sheet. This status ailment causes the following effects: Also known as Freeze. You can dodge coma inducing physical attacks if you have high flee. lva+b is basically the % chance that stated on the skill description. As you can see, Meteor gives the ff buff on enemy: {42000130, 42000230, 85140}. For other classes, you need immense luck in enchants. So in the same assumptions as above it would look like this: Hope everything is still clear up to this point. Menu. So anything below the Buff variable is no longer for meteor. 100 VIT (final, stun/curse immunity, pot effiency, max hp) 90 INT (final, sp reg + gypsy’s kiss bonus, sp pot effiency, less is okay too if you want more str) ... Ragnarok is beatyful game! Maybe 135 is enough for most cases. If we have 100% Stun Def and has those anti debuff charge, it won't be depleted until it expired. Of course, STR is contributed to positive dizzy rate, but even I try to stretch the stat gap (600 stat difference), the debuff rate is still penetrate as if we have 500 stat. We talk about most of the 1000 debuff+ here, without even take more than 3 debuff. Hi there, with 500 vit and agi, will it show 100% stun resist in our profile? Now this Buff refers to type 130 (highlighted). As such, having 80 vit (supposed 80% stun resistance from formula) and a stalactic golem headgear (20% stun resistance) will not give you 100% stun resistance. 100% Immune to Stun - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: To be 100% immune to stun do you need 100 base vit or is 100 total vit enough? As like before lets look at the Enemy Buff: 80010. A pure frost joke clown … Getting StunDam to 0 will result into a No-Stun scenario. What makes me curious is this "DizzyRate" of yours, because, under many circumstances, it definitely could go higher than 80%. Inversely, having higher Luk will increase the chances for Coma infliction when attacking. From what we have now if you have 100 of any base stat you are able to be immune to a certain amount of debuffs and ailments. This status ailment causes the following effects: Officialy known as Freezing. Hidden Debuff Resist not as reliable as Standard Resist, but since every job already has certain attributes high enough to have significant resist, we should focus more on the other debuff resist. All DEF contributed by items is reduced by 50%. View Entire Discussion (10 Comments) More posts from the RagnarokMobile community. Dunno about eps 6. Description : Add 15% more tolerance against Shadow Property Attack. Unfortunately, I can’t do the test myself since I am unable to get StunDef to 100. This status ailment is caused by: Swordman class skills: Fatal Blow, Smite, Shield Press (I know it also made my head dizzy). Stun immunity (97 vit preferable for the song apple of idun) 150 total INT for bragi; Balanced amount of damage reduction; The gears for a clown are pretty flexible, so no example build. Add … This is actually CalcBuff_130 from the CommonFun.lua file. In the next few weeks, your wiki will be migrated to a domain. Acolyte's skill - Cure, Panacea, Royal Jelly can undo the effect. The stat resistance has a 80% cape, so it won't get to 100% resistance. Max Level: 99/70, Pre-Renewal Low Rate: 13x/13x/5x ~ 15x/15x/7x Mid Rate: 130x/130x/30x ~ … INT also reduces the chance and duration. ... Ragnarok Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Increases your casting time by 20% - 100%. For example meteor storm level 7 = 25%; 7*3+4 = 25. Causes "rapid" loss of HP over time. Try to get at least 17% for each of the equipment. With monster drop, description and other information for each item. Done with: Agi A Str A Earth Converter 1x Mandragora Card in weapon Concentration Leader Aura Agi/Bless Impositio Manus +15% auto attack damage runes 1x Sword Mastery Rune Stats are in video. For StateDef we can use the Genetic Skill: Life fusion: [116220] = "{id = 116220, BuffName = '生命融合(生命体)', BuffRate = {Odds = 100}, Condition = _EmptyTable, BuffType = _EmptyTable, BuffStateID = 116220, BuffEffect = {StateDef = {d = 0.15, b = 0, type = 3250, c = 134080, a = 0}, type = 'AttrChange', AtkPer = {d = 0.1, b = 0, type = 3250, c = 134080, a = 0.1}, MAtkPer = {d = 0.1, b = 0, type = 3250, c = 134080, a = 0.1}}, BuffIcon = '', BuffDesc = '', Dsc = '', DelBuffID = _EmptyTable}". Damage can not be reduced. I already test StunDef 100 at eps 4 & eps 5, and it works 100% against everything without StunAtk. : The stats table is VERY useful for me, congrats on making it. In-depth explanation of how Stun chance works w/ means on how to get Immunity to Stun without Orc Hero card. This status ailment causes the following effects: This status ailment is inflicted only by Satan Morroc. Overall a good guide. You should of course build a character that makes sense, but a couple of one stat for 15-20 LUK is around 15-20% immunity to some effects and durations, not to mention LUK can translate to ATK and other things as well. One of Battle Chant 's random effects grants 60 seconds of immunity to all status effects to party members, including Chaos status. So as you can see it still refers to the same calculation, but this time, a=6 and b=-30. Scholar's skill Mind Breaker cancels effect. Click on the small ‘i’ for more information. All Except Novice Class Eye Mask Takius' Blindfold iRO Wiki Database Divine Pride Database. But of course like every theory & formula, we will also need to do the field tests. ... Estland Ragnarok Online - Is a complex of International Ragnarok Online Servers. I will not explain the computation of this because it will be lengthy but just know that StateDef can come from this. Ragnarok Online Item Database. If I understood correctly, once I get 0.8 from stats & at least 0.2 from gears, I won’t get stunned no matter what, even if the attacker has more than 1.0 stun chance modifier from gears? Mercenary's skill Regain can undo the effect. The crowd is out for blood, and cares little about who … O: Though I’m still … If enemy attacks you, they will have 2x CRIT chance with their attack. The wavy screen effect will cause severe local-machine lag on many newer computers (less than 1 fps), making it difficult to move or use skills or items. Immunity: Abomination: Poison: Annihilus Coldsnap + Frostbite + Incinerate (When Cosmic Control Rod is Active) Black Bolt: Poison: ... Hulk Ragnarok: Poison: Human Torch: Incinerate + Cold Snap + Frostbite: Hyperion: Poison: Iceman: Bleed + Poison + Incinerate: Joe Fixit: Poison: Juggernaut: Mind Control: Kamala Khan: ... Stun Immune at 3+ Genetic Code while hitting. This is the general formula, although certain skills may have their own stun formula which is very similar to this one: A= (lva+b)StunDamStateDamCommonFun.calcAttrDizzyRate(srcUser, targetUser), Lv = Variable coming from the skill used. Stun. I think some skill is only decreased chance to hit but not duration. From time to time, he even enjoys getting sent to the slammer, if only to see his old friends who always have the best stories. When a character is first inflicted with the Stone status, they are still able to move, and being attacked does not cancel the effect - note that during this time they can be effected by Lex Aeterna, and cannot attack or use skills but still able to use items. Green Herb, Green Potion, Panacea, Royal Jelly. Hope this helped in clearing things. So to gain imunity, you need to go for enchantments. With 250 to all stat, I try to get debuff from clock, phen, zipper bear, teddy bear, around 2 hours and the charge is never depleted. For RG Stun Resist from VIT-AGI is quite good and compatible with some Build (Sacrifice, ED wind armor rune), If you want to see the process, please check the full video here: Also, there's a "bug" with eAthena which gives characters base 3% resistance against status, as such, for achieving true immunity, 97% resistance is enough instead of 100%. Now since we have all our variables ready let us transcribe it under these conditions: Defender is LK class (no life fusion for StaeDef), Attacker is Wizard and has no Xmas horns gacha and Wraith star card and has 0 STR, Defender Vit and Agi is 0 (we will get to max later). AFAIK vit and agi also reduce stun duration. A purple skull appears on the players screen to indicate the status effect is active and lasts approximately 5 minutes. Getting hit automatically cancels the effect. The red icon disappears but the effect stays even after relogging or map/zone changes. Pharaoh card SP consumption -30.00% Magic Damage +8,00% Ork Hero Card Vit+8 Stun effect immunity Ragnarok Origin « Swordman/Knight/Lord Knight/Paladin Berus Core Skill List Ragnarok Origin Boss – Thor Ragnarok Active Nodes: Combo Shield: The Combo Meter is not reset after being struck by an attack. Nevertheless, his stays are always short, since there’s no lock that can resist Mr. Bone’s skills! ... Philippine Ragnarok Online Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. After all, the only thing better than smashing, is smashing them while the crowd goes wild! Having high VIT and LUK will reduce amount of time this ailment affects you, as well as chance of being affected. Before I proceed, let me just tell you that this formula is used by several skills/buffs to determine stun rate. Only Hulk knows how he ended up on Sakaar, fighting in the arena. Because at most, at max vit and agi, it will be capped at 0.8. and 1-0.8 leaves you with 0.2. If laid down on the formula it would look like this: This scenario would give you a 27.5 chance to Stun. For the Monster Exclusive Skill see NPC STUNATTACK and NPC WIDESTUN. Having high INT and LUK will reduce amount of time this ailment affects you, as well as chance of being affected. Hypothetically, if you have 50% standard stun debuff resist and 50% hidden stun debuff resist, does that equal 100% or its effect in-game are separate? The screen goes wavy and you see crazy numbers for all damage that is processed around you, but they are all fake. Mercenary's skill Mental Cure can undo the effect. Do they stack? Now let’s talk about getting stun immunity. Home; Action; Adventure; Arcade; Board Game; Casino; Education; Fighting; Multiplayer; Puzzles; Shooting; Sports; Strategy; RANDOM GAME Essence of Evil Dex 3 is a good way to decrease your LUK to 0. Getting hit by any damaging attack or skill (physical or magical) automatically cancels the effect. Stun causes any flee will be negated and makes it impossible to move, attack, pick up items, skill usage, sitting, force disconnection, and item usage. 3 Counters Alex Bone was a … Dispell removes this ailment. StunDef is "Stun Res" in your status sheet Essentially we never got immunity through stun def, because it always subject to subtract by stun atk, however, practically we can have a similar effect to immunity by always have more than 100 stun def than stun atk like your last example here. If you did well in math in highschool you can tell that the rate here will never be 0. Kingpin (Final Boss) - Empowered Immunity, Stun Immunity, Force of Will, Unblockable Finale ⭐ Best Champs option For Act 6.2.4 First Run: Ghost Trinity, Domino Synergy with Rulk, Blade Synergy with … In discord they actually made a very through breakdown of the game's formula. Ah yes, from the skill right? The str is for holding potions and sp items, while vit is for stun immunity. Wow, many thanks for the complete reply, I do familiar with the formula for a certain reason. By using his unique belend of savage rage, showmanship, and unstoppable strength to smash through some of the strongest beings in the galaxy, he became their champion. Just adding to the theory crafting, you know who can get tons of stats? Vit +3 Permeter Card. Stun immunity without Orc Hero Card. If laid down on the formula it would look like: Keep in mind that Vit and Agi value is capped at 0.8, thus even if I had 500 vit and 500 agi, it would only make DizzyRate to 1+ 0.1 – 0.8. Don't hesitate to give correction incase I have any mistake or if you have any idea what to test regarding debuff resistance. Let us take bash again for example under these conditions, Defender has 100% StunDef items from the above mentioned sources. the only stune immune items this game is orc hero card. This status ailment causes the following effects: Any flee will be negated. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 1 year ago. Edit. So even with 60-70% resist still possible to get stun lock. Both player characters and monsters are capable of inflicting them. The difference between those 2 will be exposed more on eps 6 due to some ignore immunity rune skill. So does anyone know if there is a skill that grants full immunity to Knockback and Launch? All DEF contributed by items reduced by 50%. Before we go there take a look at variables a and b. which is 3 and 4 respectively. but u can go get stun resist gears to reduce the chance of getting stun and lessen stun duration. There is also a rarity 4 Orc Hero card called Heroic Bravery that grants complete immunity to stun for 10 cost. You do not need to FA for this build but you may(the damage will be quite weak, ranging from 4-5k). First and foremost, we need to understand how the formula for the actual Stun Chance works. Both debuff resist there's no cap so both of them could go 100% Resistance. How are the standard debuff resist and hidden debuff resist implemented in game? If HP is over 25%, you will lose 1% of your HP every 5 seconds. Now let me show you how to really get Stun immunity. Listen the stars are talking, the sound of nature is guiding the Rangers to become Stellar Hunters. Also id like to know more about the issue with status immune system. Also, congrats on the video! DizzyRate = Dizzrate is taken from the Stats vs stats comparison of the attacker and the defender. Undead There are many status debuffs (or status ailments) in Ragnarok Online that work against you in many ways. Also graphically reduces range of your visibility. Even though he's the greatest safecracker of all time, Alex Bone is no stranger to prison. For 1 Debuff there's also 1 attribute that increase chance & time; We need 500 total Stat (Main & Secondary) in order to reach 100% debuff resist, So basically if we have 250 to all attributes, we can reach 100% all debuff resist. Gamepedia. Deals fixed (1000 + 3%*MaxHP) damage every 3 seconds. Yay, on September 23rd, 2010 at 11:24 am Said: Where’s the str? Maybe 135 is enough for most cases. 36. (175% damage from Wind based attacks, 25% damage from Water, 50% damage from Fire). This has been tested by some Shadow Chasers and we have validated this to be the case. So with this even 0.1 sec debuff which can easily miss with normal observation can be detected. My testing method is simple: what anti debuff mechanism is triggered after debuff resist failed? Or do they apply separately? Dozens of classes, hundreds of weapons and armors, tons of different skill load outs to customize your character to your play-style and truly you are in control of your game destiny ... Gain immunity to the Stun status. There you go. Contrary to the effect of Poison, this CAN kill the victim - however the damage is slow enough that it rarely will. Protection skills of Alchemists grant immunity. Hello friends, this is Stellar Hunter skill guide Ragnarok Mobile. Having higher Luk will decrease the chance of Coma when attacked. Even other players see those numbers at you. (Similar with 100% Stun Def). I try 420 VIT+81 AGI, with only 5% Stun Def (pupa deposit), and it not depleted even after 1 hour+ under constant stun. ... the card to give stun immunity is an mvp card!!! Note: The Stone status effect is a two-stage effect. Role: Denier/Attacker 1 Overview 2 Recommended Moveset 2.1 Can't touch this! 1. Passive. The effect status 4 is for stun. Priest's skill Status Recovery can undo the effect. View Mobile Site Check below. Ragnarok Online item search for iRO, kRO and most private servers. Sign In. Aspect of Death: As this Defender activates a Special Attack, their successful hits become lethal for 4 seconds plus 1 additional second(s) for each knocked out member of the Attacker's team. Learn more about our new Champion! Panacea, Royal Jelly, Holy Water, Acolyte's skill - Blessing can undo the effect. One of Battle Chant's random effects removes all abnormal status effects from party members, including Stun status. Blade: Shrugs off debuffs up … This status ailment causes the following effect: To assist in recovering from this ailment: This status ailment causes the following effects: Also known as Confusion. XMAS antlers Gacha = [34960] = "{id = 34960, BuffName = '圣诞大鹿角', BuffRate = {Odds = 100}, Condition = _EmptyTable, BuffType = _EmptyTable, BuffEffect = {StunDef = 0.1, Luk = 1, type = 'AttrChange', Vit = 1, Dex = 1, Str = 1, Agi = 1, MoveSpdPer = 0.02, Int = 1, StunAtk = 0.1}, Meteorite Armor =     [20760] = "{id = 20760, BuffName = '陨石铠甲', BuffRate = {Odds = 100}, Condition = _EmptyTable, BuffType = _EmptyTable, BuffEffect = {StunDef = 0.5, type = 'AttrChange', FreezeDef = 0.5}, Fatal Infection =     [116410] = "{id = 116410, BuffName = '致命感染', BuffRate = {Odds = 100}, Condition = _EmptyTable, BuffType = _EmptyTable, BuffStateID = 116410, BuffEffect = {StunDef = {b = 0, type = 1, a = 0.04}, type = 'AttrChange', BlindDef = {b = 0, type = 1, a = 0.04}, PoisonDef = {b = 0, type = 1, a = 0.04}, SilenceDef = {b = 0, type = 1, a = 0.04}, StoneDef = {b = 0, type = 1, a = 0.04}, FreezeDef = {b = 0, type = 1, a = 0.04}, ChaosDef = {b = 0, type = 1, a = 0.04}, CurseDef = {b = 0, type = 1, a = 0.04}, SlowDef = {b = 0, type = 1, a = 0.04}}, There is currently no gear/card/skill/buff that gives StateAtk. Monsters Hard-DEF and Soft-DEF is reduced by 50% (round up). Typing "/effect" will disable reduced visibility effect, but HIT and FLEE will still be reduced. The player can not reequip any items into a given equipment slot, depending on which one was targeted. Learn more about our new Champion! LUK reduces chance of being Cursed, VIT reduces duration of being Cursed. For video proofs you can Ping Dudie and Reize. Immunity from 4 Savage Babe hits is achieved if VIT + (LUK/2) >= 100. Please let me know if I miss/misunderstand something. However it can't remove the Stun status from the paladin itself since it can't cast any skill as long as he/she is stunned. Skill List Dark Blinder - Ragnarök Wiki. Having high hard MDEF and LUK will reduce amount of time this ailment affects you, as well as chance of being affected. Dispell removes this ailment. Causes the character to move into unintended directions when trying to navigate. The dex is mainly for enabling fast reaction and movement. The effected player cannot be resurrected. Dropped By: Orc Hero Stainer Info Item ID: Compound: Headgear Pre/Suffix: of Aristotle Description: Increase resistance to Silence status by 20%. When used against monsters, amount of EXP that equals the damage you dealt during this period is not given when monster dies. For 1 Debuff, there's 2 Attributes Counter, 1 Main (decrease chance & time), 1 secondary (only decrease chance). That's why I made a post& video about that. Normal attacks would have lv=1 since normal attack is actually a level 1 skill that is classified as normal attack. In Ragnarok M There's 2 type of Debuff Resist: Standard Debuff Resist from equip, card, or rune, Hidden Debuff Resist from attributes (STR AGI VIT DEX INT LUK). How? The meteors are showering through the sky. I currently have 470 vit and agi but the stun resist shown is only from aesir and enchants. I think it's common knowledge by now. Be sure to check it before spending your Mora coins! Changes your elemental status as "Earth LV 1". LUK is actually kind of a nice spill-over stat to build up immunities.

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