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Located in Kananaskis Country, Pocaterra Ridge is a solid day hike at 12 km long (roughly five to seven hours). It also gets very busy during autumn, thanks to the abundance of larch trees lighting up the trail, so come early if you plan to hike in late September or October. Photo by Shannon Martin. Boom Lake (Banff National Park) 10.6km rt. Commonwealth Ridge (Kananaskis) 7.9km rt Reply Cindi | aneasyjourney at 6:01 PM. There’s a small window of time from when the needles turn and fall off. Pocaterra Ridge near Highwood Pass is an outstanding ridge hike in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada.. Pocaterra Ridge is a 4–humper. Look for a GRAY VW car. Journey through thick forest, over rocky peaks, and down steep mountain-side meadows. Larch Trees on Pocaterra Ridge : By late September, this whole forest would be a bright golden yellow: Pocaterra Ridge is glorious in the fall : Forests turn magical in September: We enjoyed the end of our ridge traverse and made it to the final summit just as the wind was picking up. 10 of us headed up #Pocaterra Ridge in the #Highwood Pass area of Kananaskis on Sept.7th. The hike itself is pretty challenging, but it’s totally rewarding – if you can stay on the path! This hike is gorgeous without too much effort required to enjoy it. I hope you can visit next Fall. It was stunning. Sparrowhawk Tarns. Nugara's personal favourite hike is Pocaterra Ridge, located off Highway 40, which has a 727-metre elevation gain. We enjoyed the opportunity to photograph the blue sky, white snow and mixed alpine forest, … Enjoy dramatic views of Mt. The total elevation gain is nearly 1,000 metres, meaning that the views you’ll get at the top are more than worth the trip — just make sure to bring your poles. Pocaterra Ridge. The trail-head is a short walk across Kananaskis Trail (Highway 40) after parking in the Little Highwood Pass parking area north of the Elbow Pass trail-head (the route to Elbow Lake and beyond to the Rae Glacier). Wintour and the Opal Range. One of the most popular larch hikes in K-Country, this ridge hike offers breathtaking views. This is due in part to the stunning colours put on display as the Larch trees change with the season. As expected, golden forests abound, yet it is significantly less well-known than nearby trails — a welcome reprieve while hiking in the mountains. We could smell rain in the air and knew we'd best hurry to get off the ridge. Pocaterra Ridge is one of the most stunning trails in Kananaskis. During the fall I find the biggest treat is the changing of the larch trees and the beautiful contrast they provide against the landscape with their intense golden yellow colors. It’s best done as a car shuttle with a start at the Highwood Pass parking lot. This heavily trafficked trail is another one that’s practically lined with larch trees. I was so excited when some friends invited me to do some larch hunting on Pocaterra Ridge the third week of September. In speaking with locals, Pocaterra Ridge is the hike that comes up as their number one choice in Kananaskis Country. It snowed throughout the week so we looked for a hike that had a fairly dry trail, larches and a spectacular view. 10.1 km. That turned out to be a good decision. This is a moderate to difficult hike that is best suited to seasoned climbers. Rocaterra Ridge is a 7-mile hike in Kananaskis Country. It’s at the Highwood Pass and the elevation is 2941 m. It was absolutely stunning. We did it. Pocaterra Ridge Image credit: Hikebiketravel.com. We share a common goal: to see… If you have two vehicles available you can do it as a point to point hike without retracing any steps. The larch forest is particularly thick between the second and third peaks and there are wonderful views of larches in the valley below.

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