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I should have paid Edgar his princely sum the first-time round, never again would I let ego or pride cloud my judgement. We drank some tea together and the next morning I was off back to London. Get that into your head. He asked me to meet him in Hyde Park by the serpentine lake. Your parent did not teach you anything. I signed the letter and then forwarded it via email to Chevron and Jeffries with the Catalan management team in copy. The sale included their production platforms in the North Sea off the Dutch coast, their office buildings, around a thousand or so native Dutch staff, and their crude and gas pipeline evacuation infrastructure. The skies were a picturesque baby blue and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. My time in the family business, as a director in the telecoms division and upstream oil & gas company was challenging to say the least but engaging and ultimately rewarding. First off, EBN, the Dutch state oil company, were an active bidder for Chevron Netherlands and were specifically interested in the oil side. The Catalan-led JV was well suited to buy Chevron Netherlands. You couldn’t make this stuff up. I’ve always loved the oil & gas business, like many other Nigerians. Plan To Make Osinbajo President Will Fail - Arewa Youths Tell Yoruba Leaders. The team and I spent countless hours in meeting after meeting but to no avail. Chevron Netherlands was my Trojan Horse and it was on a strictly need to know basis. Telephone registered customers can use their account online by simply entering their 'telephone betting account number' (all upper case) or their e-mail address in the username field and then their password. However, Alex, was slightly reticent. Tensions were flaring with no headway being made. On one fine Amsterdam afternoon as I rode my bike through town, I thought to myself, “I am about to be a Nigerian Dutchman”. I motioned to him for us to meet outside the conference room. One of Richard Kent’s deputies was on the line. My mentor called me and told not me not to be hard on myself, that this was all a learning process and that it would shape me for further battles in the future. We argued further and eventually as a compromise, we agreed that we would take all of Chevron Netherlands oil & gas abandex but would still offer a notional $1 bid price. The clock was ticking and I was keen to find the other bidders before Chevron replied to my bid. However, Catalan would need to have management control of Chevron Netherlands as we know potential African partners would want to see the Afro side of an Afro-European oil company in control. This company would be the first of its kind and likely the most sought-after oil & gas company on the African continent because of its unique DNA and ownership. My plan for Alex was now set in motion, it was a mixture of “good cop-bad cop” and what Yoruba’s from Nigeria call “Ogbon agba”, loosely translated to “An old man’s wisdom”. Checkmate. Email Me, Jonathan Plans Floating Cities In Niger Delta. This was the cathartic process to get over my loss. One by one, Catalan began finding out who the other bidders were. Nigerian Senators And Their Contact {Telephone number(s)}, Obasanjo, Adenuga, Okoya Welcome Buhari To Ogun State (Photos), How Can I Get The Phone Number/email Address Of A Special Adviser To A Governor, Re: Any One With Mike Adenuga Telephone Number. I was shocked. I always like going to church when there is absolutely no one there. Paddy Adenuga’s birth flower is Rose. To say I was devastated wouldn’t capture how low and defeated I felt. Email Me, #contactyoursenators. Secondly, if we were to agree to the first point, how would we approach Chevron and manage the bid process? I was blown away. Alex proposed that the Catalan management team meet EBN and ONE at ONE’s offices in Amsterdam the following week to discuss the structure of this new JV and how we would formally propose to Chevron that we wanted to bid together for Chevron Netherlands. Billonaire son Paddy Adenuga appears to love being called ‘daddy’ by a girl. Vance was all too happy to join and signed on quickly. 8. I would go away for two months. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Michael Adenuga. I swallowed my pride and apologised profusely for our last meeting that didn’t go so well. This is the story of Paddy Adenuga, a young Nigerian and son of Dr Mike Adenuga, Globacom boss, on how at the age of 29, he tried to acquire one of the biggest oil companies in the … Shade Ladipo Debates Paddy Adenuga’s Viral Article About His Achievements. The second bombshell was that they had put in a joint bid with an indigenous Dutch oil & gas producer called Oranje-Nassau Energy (ONE). A week went by. I felt like I had arrived. I made up my mind that I was going to find the remaining active bidders, coax them into joining me, and leave Chevron with no choice. He drove into the boat club premises in his newly acquired Audi Q8 car. Paddy Wagon's is located in Boone County of Indiana state. These Dutch and their bicycles. Phone: +2348050020121, +2348050020200. First, if the JV was to be successful, how would we carve out the Chevron Netherlands empire? EBN did not attend the meeting and didn’t need to. I ensured that we arrived in style. The best thing about Paddy Adenuga’s story is that he did not win the bid. Essentially Catalan would agree to absorb the entire abandex amount and would pay a notional “$1” for the company. After all I was a young Nigerian man, trying to buy prized, national Dutch assets. Marcel and Alex received us at the entrance of their offices. I called my Bankers and made sure Edgar was paid. Despondent, I called my mentor for a way forward. Chevron finally opened the data room for the bid and provided all information needed for all companies to put in a bid. Ogbon agba! I stubbornly refused to give up and wrote another letter to Chevron that Catalan would be prepared to pay up to USD 100 million for Chevron Netherlands. Guillaume had come up with no leads but Edgar had, the kings ransom I paid for his services was showing dividend. They both assured me that I was on the right track and that if there was any issue, they would let me know. Born on 29 April 1953 in Ibadan, Nigeria is Mike Adenuga. This bid was destined for me to win. Edgar was making progress with Alex. The team prepared all the necessary paperwork, which I signed, and hand delivered to Jeffries offices to the manager of the bid process. With this, Chevron would have no choice but to sell Chevron Netherlands to Catalan and the other bidders in a new joint venture (JV) company. Richard wanted to know if I was interested in another bid, something was coming up in Italy. No Problem! It was my greatest stress-relief. In the words of Jeffries, “Catalan was taking over the bid process”. Frankly, I didn’t know where I was going to find the money but I was throwing one last shot out there when in actuality it was no more than medicine after death. This bid could not slip away from me. This was Californication at its finest. I was going to ride back into Africa on my Trojan Horse and become King. This is the tale of Paddy Adenuga, a younger Nigerian and son of Dr Mike Adenuga, Globacom boss, on how at the age of 29, he … I have to admit the drive from Zurich to this little village tucked within the Swiss mountains still remains one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. The modus operandi of my oil trading business was simple. The name didn’t really have a meaning, it just sounded nice and had a confident, stately demeanour to it. Marcel waved to Alex to join us and I asked Tarica to step outside with me. That was the first chess move. He is the founder of Globacom, which is the second largest mobile phone … So the fact that Catalan was chosen was a big deal to me. I told Richard I was done. I prayed for God’s blessings and good graces. The show was not over and we were going to be victorious. He has been alive for 13,211 days or 317,067 hours. I landed early as I usually do and by this time I had gotten used to the city being on bicycles. Chevron Houston asked for time to consider. A few weeks later, I got an email from Richard Kent of Jeffries. Thirdly, EBN knew that apart from itself, Catalan and ONE, there was one more active bidder that wasn’t European or African for that matter but had no leads. Gary Harwood of HKLM asked me if I wanted my father’s bull insignia adorned on any clothing or stationery. I called Edgar immediately I landed and asked if we could meet for lunch, my treat as always. A few hours later I changed and drove to Utrecht on a warm and sunny morning. Tarica called me that the team was ready to present their findings and proposal on the way forward. I told Gary that I wasn’t a bull and that my father was “the bull”. So Mr. Poster believe say him go fit pick phone begin dey jist with Mike Adenuga like for where person dey phone him in-law for village ? Chevron sent an email to Catalan advising when they expected bids to be received. Related references. Paddy Power allows you to use one account across all our channels. I arrived in Los Angeles half a day later. We would finance our acquisition via reserve based lending and would likely raise cash equity of thirty percent of our purchase price with a Bank raising debt of seventy percent to help the balance of the purchase price. I always have been and always will be.” Two weeks later Gary sent me a design of my own personal insignia, it was a Lion’s head. Edgar was highly intrigued but stated that he wanted hard cash upfront from the onset. The hotel sent a car to pick me and on my ride into Amsterdam the most fascinating thing I saw was that the Dutch rode bicycles everywhere. Chevron Netherlands was destined to be mine. Chevron now knew that it wouldn’t be too long before the last bidder was found and coerced into the Catalan-led JV. I had read ancient Greek literature when I’d attended military academy in Texas and it served as inspiration. In my heart of hearts, I felt that a cash offer was needed to win but my management team, for which I had paid a respectable amount for their services, had convinced me otherwise. Nigerian Senators And Their Contact {Telephone number(s)} / Obasanjo, Adenuga, Okoya Welcome Buhari To Ogun State (Photos) / How Can I Get The Phone Number/email Address Of A Special Adviser To A Governor (2) (3) (4), Jonathan Plans Floating Cities In Niger Delta / Fulanis Killing People In Gagdarko Village 75 Km To Makurdi? He is a Nigerian business tycoon and listed as one of the richest black people in the world.He has his fortune entitled majorly to telecom and oil sector. Alex however was keen for ONE to be an active player on the gas side as they saw the gas production and potential as the key driver for being involved in the first place. They were like the prettiest girl in high school and every guy wanted her to come to the prom with him. Richard Kent of Jeffries took me out for a drink. He then dropped a few bombshells on me. Tarica Mpinga of Canaccord Genuity served as the lead of the management team. In 2012 he was made Grand Commander of the Order of Niger (Nigeria). I arranged a conference call with my management team and charged them to find out who the other bidders were for Chevron Netherlands. Tarica took me out for a meal, trying to encourage me. Then I got into my car and drove to Malibu. I looked at Marcel and knew that he and I were both frustrated. The four of us walked over to Alex’s office for a man-to-man resolution meeting. But you went out into the real world and fought hard and fought valiantly. I appointed two of my most trusted confidants as directors in Catalan and with that the company was set to go. If Catalan found this last bidder the game was up and Chevron would have to cede Chevron Netherlands to the Catalan-led JV. They congratulated me on a well-fought bid and marvelled at my ability to push them so hard in their own bid process. A few weeks later Richard called me, “I have the perfect deal for you Paddy!” US oil giant, Chevron, had decided to sell their entire upstream, exploration and production business in the Netherlands and had appointed Jeffries to manage a bid process for the sale of Chevron Netherlands. This was all consolation. I pitched Catalan to Edgar and how if we pulled this off it would be the grandest of coups. And i am an electrical engineer. Even if President Yar Adua is not as old as your father, at least the office he represent is older than your father. I eventually met with my mentor and after explaining my idea to him and that him being on my advisory board would not only give my burgeoning company credibility but help us raise cash, he agreed in totality and went further to tell me that I should tell anyone and everyone that he was not only on board but was going to give our company his full support. ONE and EBN couldn’t believe that they had just been dumped. Take this as a privilege and that God himself is shaping you into a Man and not just any Man.” He was right and I agreed. I sat in my apartment for the first two days. I had described the “goldilocks” company Catalan needed to acquire. I was surprised he didn’t ask for my birth certificate and my mother’s driving license. They would cleverly use this time to tidy up the bid with the last, final bidder. He was respected by the industry on a global basis and having him on board would be the final piece in the puzzle, the icing on the cake. It was like something out of the twilight zone.

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