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Try even to meditate a bit and focus on your sensations. Furthermore, it is also known as the “party drug” of Ancient Egypt. All of them are also referred to as blue water lilies (among other names). Try to use it in a relaxed setting. The effects of Blue lotus provokes a state of relaxation and have the ability to make the people who tried it more talkative and comfortable. A Blue Lotus sprang up from the water and opened its petals to reveal a young god, a Divine Child. Would you like to try the plant the way ancient Egyptians were enjoying it?Then prepare the Lotus Flowers by soaking them in wine! It is important to mention that the psychoactive elements of the Blue Lotus are the buds and the flowers. MILD is a lucid dreaming technique, also known as Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams.It is a powerful way that can... Lucid Dream Society is an educational platform dedicated to helping lucid dream beginners and enthusiasts to learn & improve their lucid dreaming skills. Nymphaea caerulea … contains an anti-spasmodic called Nuciferin, and likely contains aporphine… Dosage: Probably about 3-5 flowers, or about 5g. The plant can enhance dream-like states, and it can promote lucid dreaming, too! It was considered holy among priests, which used its psychoactive effects to commune with the gods. There are a few different ways that you can use the flower in order to experience its effects: You can either make it by yourself, by soaking the flowers in hot water, or you can buy it, already prepared in tea bags. Blue Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) and Blue Lily (Nymphaea spp.) Furthermore, it has even more benefits. ”Lucid Dream Society is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. There are a few plant species that are referred to as the Blue Lotus, and these belong to two different classes. You can find it on Amazon in 2 ways: pills (powdered form) and as a tea. Apomorphine is a psychoactive alkaloid, which will give you the feeling of calming euphoria. 00 ($22.67/Ounce) Save 5% on 3 select item(s) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. and held in the mouth for about 20 seconds and swallowed slowly. All rights reserved. $34.00 $ 34. When it comes to legality of Nymphaea Caerulea, it should be noted that it’s not an approved and controlled substance in US. The world is changing and so is the internet. It is a non-selective dopamine agonist, furthermore, it stimulates dopamine receptors and improves motor function (for that reason it is also used to treat Parkinson’s disease). Lastly, the Blue Lotus was used for aesthetic reasons, too – females would wear blue flowers in their hairs as decoration. The Blue Lotus of the Nile was the purest of all the other plants and it was definitely valued above all others. The plant has round green leaves and flowers with sky blue or bluish-white petals which are pale yellow at the center. For tea, 1-2 teaspoons of the dried herb is used for each mug. My goal is to help beginners and lucid dream enthusiasts to learn & improve their lucid dreaming skills. Then you should learn the two main lucid dreaming methods.The key is... Can FILD technique (Finger Induced Lucid Dreams) give you guaranteed lucid dreams? I am now trying 3.5 grams on an empty stomach. My name is Merilin, I'm a 24-year old lucid dream enthusiast and researcher. Sounds interesting!! Now, we are going to examine the following questions: Blue Lotus, also known as Nymphaea caerulea, is originally from Egypt. Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) grows in East Africa, India and Thailand. Your thoughts will be appreciated! The plant was associated with the sun god Ra as the bringer of light. This is a fine Powder that dissolves easily and has a mild, pleasant 'iced tea' like flavor. The truth is that plenty of monuments in Egypt display the flower. Usually, the plant often delivers a sense of higher psychic energy as well as a pleasant warmth around the head and upper body. It is ideal to be used for massages since the alkaloids can be absorbed through the skin! The flower also plays a role in Buddhism, where it represents the victory of the soul over the senses, intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. It is also called blue water lily. You will be able to experience the benefits and sensations right away. Desktop and laptop users, use control + to increase zoom for 175% for optimal viewing. For example, it is a natural anti-anxiety remedy and stress reliever. The standard dosage of Blue Lotus tincture is 6-10 drops in juice, water, wine or under the tongue. If you do it too often, your body will possibly get used to the substance and there will be mild withdrawals in the symptoms. It was worshipped as a visionary plant and was a symbol for the origins of life. FILD is known to be a successful lucid... How to lucid dream tonight?Is that even possible? Even though it is a natural substance, which is harmless, there may be some side mild side effects. Blue Lotus flower (Nymphaea caerulea) was embraced by the ancient Egyptians and Mayans. In Africa, Nymphaea nouchali occurs in tropical to southern Africa where it is common (although not as common as it used to be) in pools, dams, vleis and swamps, seasonal ponds, lake edges and slow-flowing streams and rivers, mostly in water 30 to 90 cm deep. 2-3 grams might work. There's a slow and covert attempt to take away our freedom of speech, health, and our civil liberties. Experts also recommend not to consume the herb in any form if you are taking other drugs for your health conditions. Let me know if you decide to try a higher dose! ... (Nymphaea caerulea). Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) This blue lotus product is great for starters and connoisseurs alike. Recommended use to make instant Blue Lotus Tea: 1/4 level … have gained immense popularity in recent years due to it's rich history with the Egyptian people, both for its reportedly intoxicating effects and its use as a sexual enhancer. However, if you are interested in increasing your chances of controlling your dreams, you should definitely consider combining the potential “dreamy herb” with mindful meditation and lucid dreaming techniques! Blue Lotus is an exotic flower, that can provide amazing sensations, by simply drinking a cup of Blue Lotus tea, but that’s not all! The plant is considered to have aphrodisiac properties. Webmaster@BotanicalGuides.com. – Review 2020, LUCID DREAMING PILLS: Benefits, Risks, Dosage, HOW TO USE GALANTAMINE FOD LUCID DREAMING, CALEA ZACATECHICHI FOR LUCID DREAMS: All you need to know, LUCID DREAMING WITH MELATONIN: Dosage & Tips. Interestingly, studies found that Blue Lotus contains apomorphine and nuciferine. The Egyptians believed that the world was originally covered by water and darkness. Your email address will not be published. Blue lotus flower (Nymphaea caerulea) is a psychoactive plant, also called blue Egyptian lotus, blue water lily, and sacred blue lily.It’s been utilized in conventional medication for hundreds of years as a pure aphrodisiac, sleep help, and anxiousness reliever. A solid hash-like material, made by compressing the flowers into a sticky substance that you can also smoke. Before you tried the blue lotus extract, did you use stimulants such as coffee or sugar? If it didn’t work for you, then you should probably increase the dose (at least a little bit). HOW TO USE VITAMIN B6 FOR LUCID DREAMING? I would like to try it!! It can be mentally stimulating or sedating depending on dosage. Blue Lotus Flower has been enjoyed for thousands of years by civilizations around the world. If you decide to make it by yourself, simply brew the plant, just like you would do with a normal tea. Shouldn’t this be enough for a very pleasant experience?? However, the effects will differ, depending on your body chemistry. Very nice indeed peace x, Your email address will not be published. WHAT IS A LUCID NIGHTMARE AND HOW TO GET RID OF IT? I tried 1.2 grams with absolutely NO effect! Good luck. FREE Shipping by Amazon. the equivalent to over 200g not enough ? There are five African varieties: Nymphaea nouchali var. Explore a variety of educational content on lucid dreaming, astral projection, the meaning of dreams, etc. Grown Chemical Free Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) from China ~Lucid Dreaming ~Visionary ~Relaxation ~Third Eye … The seller has offered a refund if I return it. Try even to meditate a bit and focus on your sensations. The numbers are far from exact, but an estimate would be about 10 grams n. caerulea concentrated to 500-1000 milligrams of alkaloids. Yeah, really. TULPA: HOW TO CREATE IT AND IS IT DANGEROUS? However, they have some main differences. Required fields are marked *. This website is best viewed on a mobile device that's turned side-ways. This post and the photos within it may contain affiliate links. It is the purest form that is highly concentrated, made by solvent extraction. Our Blue Lotus is of the highest quality. Try to use it in a relaxed setting. Read More about lotus flowers benefits and medicine:- https://www.rawforestfoods.com/raw-sacred-lotus-flower-pollen/, I find blue lotus like mild opium! From shop SchmerbalsHerbals. Nymphaea Caerulea (Blue Lotus) was held in very high esteem by the ancient Egyptians. Ginkgo Biloba ~ Circulation - Memory - More! The flowers are a beautiful vibrant mix of blue-to-whitish and purple-mauve colored petals. All blue lotus products are vacuum sealed until ordered.. Further, note that it will be better to not use it every single day. The main goal is to learn more about the intriguing skill of lucid dreaming and its benefits! are you sure ? It … caerulea, or previously Nymphaea caerulea, known primarily as blue lotus (or blue Egyptian lotus), but also blue water lily (or blue Egyptian water lily), and sacred blue lily, is a water lily in the genus Nymphaea, as a variety of Nymphaea nouchali.Like other species in the genus, the plant contains the psychoactive alkaloid aporphine (not to be confused with apomorphine). Luckily, as mentioned, it won’t cause any ”hangover” sensations. Known by several names, including blue … If you want to experiment with Blue Lotus and lucid dreaming, the perfect way will be to take the substance just before going to bed. Nymphaea nouchali var. Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is first mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead; blue and white lotuses were the most important ritual plants in ancient Egypt. Lower the dose when using kratom powder, as it is usually stronger than plain leaves (3-5 grams). I’m glad to hear that you want to try it! Uses of Blue lotus. There, it as a controlled substance and they don’t sell it freely. Blue Lotus is not a drug. Moreover, the flower won’t make you encounter any kind of a “hangover”. Lucid dreaming is the act of being aware that you are dreaming, furthermore to be able to control your actions and surroundings in your dream world! Frankly, the effect of the flower is very similar to small doses of MDMA, or ecstasy – it gives those who take it a feeling of relaxation, happiness, and euphoria. The Blue Lotus dosage is between 5-10 gr. In my personal opinion, 1.2 grams may be too low, even though it is possible to work for some. Though proponents of the flower tout its medicinal benefits, very limited research backs up these claims. The easiest way to find the plant is online. Today, the blue lotus flower is still a popular supplement with virtually no side effects, providing significant benefits. More commonly, in the modern world, it is brewed into a tea (or mixed into various cocktails, wines, and liquors) by boiling the entire plant for 20-30 minutes before ingesting.It can be smoked as well, but should be a blend of petals and bulbs, not solely one or the other as the majority of the ingredient lies in the bulb, and some in the petals. In ancient times the plant was depicted in artifacts. Features of Blue Lotus. For instance, if you mix it with other medications, it may cause a confused, dazed state. Find out how to lucid dream for beginners!To learn how to lucid dream, it is essential to practice certain things.... Do you want to learn how to lucid dream? In tea form, it was (and still is) used to induce lucid dreaming an… With this potent 50X extract powder, we are able to provide our customers with the very best sourceable Blue Lotus. The essential Blue Lotus oil is alike to the concentrated oil, except it is extracted via a steam distillation process, which makes less potent. Further, there’s no safety data on the substance and no generally accepted dosage. The Blue Lotus Sacrament is absorbed through the membranes of the mouth and throat more than the stomach (unless empty). The dried flowers of certain species of Nymphaea caerulea and Nelumbo nucifera contain the active constituents which are attributed to its psychoactive potential. The good news – it is relatively cheap to buy and it is easy to be found. The effects will last for around approximately 2-3 hours, so be ready to relax in a comfortable place. Besides that, the full effects will appear just after 20-30 minutes. Is it legal to use? The leaves are large, up to 40 cm in diameter. Blue lotus is an adaptogenic tonic with a history of use in Ancient Egypt as a sacred narcotic. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. When Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) was smoked or drank after being soaked in water or wine, it acted as an intoxicant. [email protected]. Blue lotus dosage should be thus controlled and should be taken after the consultation of your doctor. When ordering blue lotus extract, you agree to our disclaimer. [0:00] It was smoked through a glass 'gravity bong', a few full hits in the space of just a few minutes. Artwork has been found in Tutankhamun’s shrine, which depicts both the queen and king pouring a liquid out of a jug in one hand, and holding both poppies & blue lotus flowers in the other. Hey! The main classes are: Nymphaea caerulea (Blue Lotus); Nymphaea nouchali (Blue Star Water Lily); and Nelumbo nucifera (Blue Lily). You may re-dose after 5 or 10 minutes. The natural Blue lotus is a safe, legal supplement perfect for people who wish to enhance their lives naturally. Nymphaea caerulea - Blue Lotus The amount in smoking mixes and teas may vary, depending on the personal flavour. Hey there! – 8 Unbelievable Lucid Dream Stories, ALL ABOUT LUCID DREAMING: Techniques, Benefits, Risks & More, WHY CAN’T I LUCID DREAM: 10 Common Mistakes, HOW TO REMEMBER YOUR DREAMS – 12 Proven Ways, WHEN AND HOW TO DO REALITY CHECKS CORRECTLY – guide (2020), THE UNIQUE MEDITATION EFFECT ON LUCID DREAMS (+Meditation guide), HOW TO LUCID DREAM – 10 Helpful TIPS For Beginners (2020), HOW TO SHIFT FALSE AWAKENING TO A LUCID DREAM, THE 15 BEST LUCID DREAM HERBS (List 2020), IS LUCIDESC THE BEST LUCID DREAM SUPPLEMENT? It will most likely result in extremely vivid dreams, which will give you a higher chance of becoming AWARE that you are dreaming. The flowers were worn in the hair of the living and the dead, and were an important ornamental element in Egyptian art. For instance, the plants don’t look alike, furthermore, the Blue Lily doesn’t have any spiritual or psychoactive properties. (Insomnia Tips), 32 INSANELY SCARY SLEEP PARALYSIS STORIES, 33 SLEEP PARALYSIS FACTS: All You Need To Know, WHAT NOT TO DO IN A LUCID DREAM (15 Things), LUCID DREAMING BENEFITS: 13 Odd But Amazing Uses, DANGERS AND SIDE EFFECTS OF BINAURAL BEATS, 10 REASONS TO DO YOGA IF YOU WANT TO LUCID DREAM. LUCID DREAMS – MEANING AND 20+ WAYS TO START (2020 LIST), 22 COMMON DREAM MEANINGS YOU SHOULDN’T IGNORE, DREAM MEANINGS: Discover All Of Your Dreams, DREAMING ABOUT SNAKES: Meaning And Symbolism, 132 DREAMS AND THEIR MEANING (Dream Interpretation), FALLING IN DREAMS THEN WAKING UP: Meaning And Causes, BEING CHASED IN A DREAM: Top 10 Dream Meanings, CHEATING DREAMS EXPLAINED: Why do you have them, PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS: All You Need To Know, 19 AMAZING ASTRAL PROJECTION BENEFITS (2020), IS ASTRAL PROJECTION SCARY: 8 MYTHS & REAL DANGERS, WHAT DOES ASTRAL PROJECTION FEEL LIKE: 9 Astral Projecting Signs, BEST 14 ASTRAL PROJECTION MOVIES (+trailers), HOW TO ASTRAL PROJECT: Astral Projection Guide For Beginners, ASTRAL PROJECTION DANGEROUS: How To Do It Safely (2 guides). hey mate i bought my blue lotus from a friend in indonesia i made tea about 6 grams and i got the most amazing lucid dream ever i highly reccommend his batch his email, Lotus Flowers are my favorite flower, It has a lot of health benefits, The Lotus Flower plant, including the chemical groups: alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, terpenoids, steroids, fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Blue Lotus is a perennial aquatic rhizome plant. Method: Eat (put in capsules; takes longer) or make “tea (use about 20-25oz of water to get maximum content).” Effects: The history of this species says that is appears to be a hypnotic sedative … Blue lotus (nymphaea caerulea) is a beautiful water lily that has been favored for its medicinal properties since ancient times. 5 grams is the starting dosage of the flower extract. Natural Moisturizer: In many countries extracts from the seed of nymphaea caerulea is used in the … However, consuming the Blue Lotus extract has some effects that might feel like taking a drug. For more information, please check the "About" section. Usually 5-10 grams of dried leaves should be enough for inexperienced users. If you smoke a larger amount of the substance you will most likely feel its effects on a higher volume (such as very euphoric). If you are trying it for the first time, it is recommended to start with a lower dose of 5 grams. DOSAGE. All in all, if you decide to try it, we recommend to check with your doctor or at least, inform yourself well, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. If you own a vaporizer, you can vape the plant, too. You can get the Blue Lotus dried and simply roll it like a cigarette. This way you will know what to expect after you tried smaller doses, and you will be sure that nothing unexpected might happen. HOW TO LUCID DREAM TONIGHT (SSILD TECHNIQUE), MILD: Lucid Dreaming Technique (Guide 2020), https://www.rawforestfoods.com/raw-sacred-lotus-flower-pollen/, increase awareness (both in the real world and the dream world). Nymphaea Caerulea (Blue Lotus) is also highly respected and by Indians and in Buddhism. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a commission at no extra charge to you. Simply place the flowers in some normal wine for a few hours, then enjoy. It was used in religious ceremonies to provoke higher states of consciousness. It is believed to be the plant that Lotophagi ate in “The Odyssey“. Nuciferine is an alkaloid, a natural anti-spasmodic, associated with dopamine receptor blockade. The flowers are large, 15-20 cm in diameter, blue in color. HOW TO GET THE BEST OUT OF BINAURAL BEATS, TOP 15 SLEEPING MASKS FOR LUCID DREAMS (2020), HOW TO MEDITATE & STICK TO IT (Free Courses), SOUNDS MACHINES – A SOLUTION FOR LUCID DREAMING, 5 SLEEP PROMOTING SMOOTHIE RECIPES (2020), 40 EXTREMELY ODD BUT INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT DREAMS, WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU CANNOT SLEEP? Here you can find tips, step-by-step guides, reviews, ideas for experiments, and more! It also depends on when you will try it, how much you will take, and the way you will prepare it (more about that below). The ancient Egyptians were enjoying the Lotus flowers by soaking them in wine. One more way of using it is through the extract of the plant. The flower calyx is four-membered. I bought 30 grams of a 200:1 Blue Lotus extract. Amazon's Choice for Nymphaea Caerulea. Nonetheless, it has not been accepted for consumption by humans. Let it for 10-15 minutes, whereafter drink the liquid within 5-10 minutes. For instance, its properties are quite similar to smoking marijuana, or as mentioned, even taking smaller amounts of MDMA. The dosage depends very much on the strength of the kratom used. You will be able to experience all the positive effects and it might be even more powerful than consuming the flower naturally. Maca Root ~ Aphrodisiac [ Lepidium meyenii ]. Similar Botanicals, Products, Or Related Articles: Other Resources, References & People We Are Proud To Promote. With a very relaxing aroma, you can sit back and and chill out to some of the most potent flower petals in the world. Recommended dosage is 4-5 eyedroppers full (about 3 ml.) Blue Lotus, Nymphaea caerulea, Tincture, 2:1 weight/volume in 40% Spirits (Whole Flower) ORGANIC ~ Sacred Herbs from Schmerbals Herbals SchmerbalsHerbals. Such things might cancel out the effects of blue lotus. Commonly, people who tried it reported that the flower produces a high that lasts from anywhere between 3-5 hours. Blue Lotus was very commonly used for religious and ceremonial purposes. If you simply want to relax, and to feel more calm – then a warm Blue Lotus tea can be a fantastic way to wind down after a long day. studies found that Blue Lotus contains apomorphine and nuciferine. The usual reports from people confirm that with 5 grams, the effects are mild, however, if you want to experiment with higher doses, it might be better to work your way up. WHAT IS LUCID DREAMING LIKE? Star-Botanicals Kratom, Live Plants, Seeds, Ethnobotanicals, Oneirogens, Books and MORE! The Blue Lotus effects are fascinating, and really powerful boost for your lucid dream experience. In my personal opinion, 1.2 grams may be too low, even though it is possible to work for some. It is recommendable to use some sweeter wine, such as dessert wine since the plant has a bitter taste. Also, not everyone feels all effects the same – blue lotus can be very subtle. In order to get mild effects, you will need to around 5 grams. The flowers are used in perfume manufacturing and also in aromatherapy. For a larger dose, simply use 10 grams. SPECIES & VARIETIES # Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea Let’s find out! 2-3 grams might work. Let me know if you decide to try a higher dose! Dosage: This is subjective. Below you can find the most common preparation ways! The most common well-known role in Egyptology is set in its association with the Sun, the creation, and rebirth. The dried flowers of certain species of Nymphaea and Nelumbo are sometimes smoked, made into a tea, or macerated in alcohol for a mild sedative effect. 12 GREAT LUCID DREAMING AUDIOBOOKS – get two for free! Blue Lotus, also known as Nymphaea caerulea, is a water lily containing the psychoactive alkaloid Aporphine. Vendors ( Shops / Supplies ) / Affiliate Programs. HOW TO USE MILD METHOD – ULTIMATE GUIDE (2020), WILD TECHNIQUE (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming), HOW TO LUCID DREAM IN 2020 (WILD & DILD guides), FILD TECHNIQUE: Finger Induced Lucid Dream, HOW TO START WITH LUCID DREAMING TONIGHT: Easy 12-Step Guide, HOW TO LUCID DREAM – THE EASY WAY (GUIDE 2020), HOW TO LUCID DREAM FOR BEGINNERS: 6-Step Lucid Dreaming Guide, BINAURAL BEATS FOR LUCID DREAMING (+ guide), HOW TO TRIGGER A LUCID DREAM: 11 Best Triggers, HOW TO LUCID DREAM WITHOUT SLEEP PARALYSIS (2020), LEARN HOW TO LUCID DREAM WITH THIS 14-DAY CHALLENGE, TURN SLEEP PARALYSIS INTO A LUCID DREAM (Guide 2020), SLEEP PARALYSIS CAUSES AND HOW TO STOP IT, HOW TO HAVE THE COOLEST LUCID DREAMS (guide 2020), HOW TO STAY IN A LUCID DREAM FOR LONGER: 15 Ways.

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