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Contact | By Martin Juza / August 26, 2020 August 26, 2020. 4 Thraben Inspector. 19 Swamp | Pântano, 4 Mutavault | Caverna Mutável, 2 Castle Locthwain | Castelo de Locthwain, 4 Gifted Aetherborn | Etergênito Talentoso, 4 Pack Rat | Bando de Ratos, 4 Lifebane Zombie | Zumbi Ceifador de Vidas, 2 Rankle, Master of Pranks | Rankle, Mestre das Peças, 4 Gray Merchant of Asphodel | Mercador Cinzento de … A powerful, interactive mono black midrange deck with Mono Black Devotion (Pioneer) Pioneer* BUG (Sultai) Devotion Mono-Black UB (Dimir) DLapolla05. Edit Live Edit. Mutavault is an mvp in your list, trust me. Most of the deck was historic legal so I put it together and began testing a Historic version and IT WORKED!!! Articles. Edit. But the real reason I love it is because it’s the one deck that … It blocks and races well against any deck playing small creatures, and it survives most of the cheap burn spells in the format while also being able to trade up for bigger green creatures. I have had a lot of fun testing this particular brew out, and it can hold it’s own against most other decks in the format. Planeswalkers 3 Gideon of the Trials. For today’s deck, Martin Juza shows us a Historic Mono-Black God-Pharaoh’s Gift deck. This isn't a devotion deck that craves the mana from Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx like our Leyline of Abundance deck, but it's still worth including a few copies if it won't hurt our mana since the upside can be massive. Top Pioneer Mono Black Decks. Mono Black Devotion – Pioneer | Channel Reid Duke. PNR 0 / 2 . Cancel Unsubscribe. | Mono-Black Devotion VS Izzet Phoenix| Pioneer | Match 2 Star City Games. Suggestions Encouraged! PNR 3 / 0 . We're certainly not the fastest deck around, which means we have to be able to stop our opponent (or at least slow them down). Mono Black Devotion built around Gray Merchant of Asphodel is one such deck that has the potential to make the jump. Over time the format started getting dominated by combo decks, when players realized the power of Dimir Inverter, Mono-White Devotion … Her +1 ability is excellent against many opponents, and at least slows them down if it's not able to kill anything. Mono Black Devotion – Standard 2021 . Updated September 16, 2020. Good luck! Murderous Rider is a great example of a new card that can slot in perfectly to this older archetype. Pioneer – Mono Green Devotion Decklist. it survives supreme verdict. Playmobil (3-2) 08/11/2020. Gray Merchant of Asphodel The next monday, Oath of Nissa got banned. Complete Comment Tutorial! Type. Mono Black Devotion … Styled after the mono black devotion decks of modern. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Pioneer Mono Black Devotion Modern Mono-Black. I wonder what's the … Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. Attention! 0. Don’t get me wrong, fish are great, and having an unblockable team of 4/4s or 5/5s is a ton of fun. View User Profile View Posts Send Message Archmage Overlord; Join Date: 12/16/2013 Posts: 1,515 Member Details; Yop … Export to: Planeswalker (4) 4. Without Mutavault the deck has no gas to punch through bant field, rdw, Izzet pheonixes, stompy, grixis walkers, or u/w. Orzhov. One place that people are starting with Pioneer is looking to port over and upgrade decks that dominated old Standard formats. Upvote 0. 0.0 %. October 28, 2019 0. Search Decks. Mono Black Devotion – Pioneer | Channel Reid Duke By Reid Duke / November 19, 2019 Dive into Pioneer with Reid Duke and some cards he knows well – Thoughtseize and more! 2. Mono Black Devotion by TheTeach92. Creatures 4 x Bloodsoaked Champion 4 x Gifted Aetherborn 2 x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet 3 x Knight of the Ebon Legion 4 x … 4 Murderous Rider - Hero's downfall while providing devotion later in the game. Modern These discard type of creatures just need to disrupt our opponent long enough for us to enact our gameplan, but having such a critical mass of them often means that they will actually get to stick around on the battlefield and permanently end our opponent's hopes for their cards while contributing to our own devotion count. Brain Maggot, Kitesail Freebooter, and Yarok's Fenlurker combine with one of the best spells in the format in Thoughtseize to ensure that we can rip our opponent's hand apart before they get to do anything with it. January 11, 2020. Mode. Competitive Constructed League. Login. Card Kingdom 441.98 - 444.68 . Gray Merchant of Asphodel, fondly known as “Gary” to most, is coming back in Theros Beyond Death, so it seemed appropriate to feature a Pioneer deck that utilizes his power. Mono-White Devotion {W} - Pioneer. Pioneer Challenge. Mono-Green Devotion. This week on Cheap Tricks Riley is going through Mono-Black Devotion. 4 Heliod, Sun-Crowned. By Reid Duke / November 19, 2019 November 18, 2019. Creature (23) 4. Card Kingdom 208.38 - 209.20 . 4 Gray Merchant of Asphodel - Big pay off for playing devotion… Pioneer Preliminary. Gifted Aetherborn looks like our best bet for another 2-drop that provides double devotion. Thanks for sharing your list! Combos. Playtest v1. I 5-0 two of the 3 leagues I played with a similar list. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Devoted to Bluejobs by x 1 2 7 2 1. It doesn't necessarily work great with the temporary discard creatures, but being able to double up on any Gray Merchant that we've drawn is usually going to be good enough. Instants € 0,08. TCGPlayer 300.97 - 239.93 . 2.0 copies average in 66.7% of the decks . While devotion decks of other colors have to focus entirely on their devotion strategy or they fall apart, black is able to play a lot of interactive cards that contribute devotion count to the board. Enchantments 2 Baffling End. Mono-Green Devotion - pioneer - Magic: the Gathering MTG. 0. Mono Black Devotion deck for pioneer. Standard October 13, 2020. Cards im 99% convinced are going to be in the deck: 4 Pack Rat - Can take over games turning dead cards into rats, great with underworld connections. Mono Black Devotion by Platinum-Mythic Rank Player – Traditional Standard Ranked Deck (6-0) Standard October 17, 2020. … Recent Events. Whip of Erebos is a suprisingly effective option given that most of our creatures have enters the battlefield effects. The Standard version of mono black devotion ran Hero's Downfall as a 4-of staple, and Murderous Rider is simply much better. A take on mono-black devotion I brewed up for a league. Read more about how to play this deck in our Mono White Devotion Deck Guide! The only reason Mono-Black Vampires didn't see more play was that most of it was rotating in a few months in Standard, so it doesn't surprise me that it's still solid in Pioneer with a few additions. How he got involved in our favorite … Detalhes do deck mono-green-devotion. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. 6 14 28 6. PNR 1 / 1 . It helps us control the board while grinding out an incremental advantage, and sticks around with some black mana symbols in case we ever happen to draw a copy of our best card. Historic Mono-Black … The Beach Boys (Mono-blue devotion Pioneer) by MightyMarbs. also went 5-0 in a Construct League … 2 Stasis Snare . We haven't yet decided if we actually like Ravenous Chupacabra in this format, but it's the exact kind of effect that this deck is hoping to play. 0.0 %. Card Kingdom 257.17 - 267.07 . Mono Black Devotion Pioneer Pioneer* Mono-Black UB (Dimir) Alexn159. LSV’s Deck of the Day – Pioneer Mono-Black Devotion. Forum. This annoying message will go away once you do. Tournament. Feeds | Mono White Devotion. We begin our episode by interviewing Todd on his history playing Magic. However, we also have Castle Locthwain to consider, so we don't want to run too many non-Swamps unless they are providing real value. Upvote 0. Pioneer … Another Devotion-oriented list (that's not using [card](Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx), look at that!) Mono Black Devotion Decklist (Pioneer) Gray Merchant of Asphodel is absolutely the main reason to play this strategy. CardHoarder 175.52 TIX. Standard September 23, 2020. It looks like [card](Gray Merchant of Asphodel) is inspiring some players. Lands 4 x Castle Locthwain 3 x Mutavault 16 x Swamp (339) 1 x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. Nightveil Specter was common in the Standard version, and as long as the format's not too hostile to it it still represents a "must kill" threat that can take over a game. We think the idea of playing powerful synergies mixed with strong disruption is a good way to go in most formats, so we'll be continuing to work on this deck as the format evolves. You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. The deck is a sidegrade from the original Mono White Aggro that came to Standard with Theros Beyond Death. Mono … Mono Blue Devotion in Pioneer. Edit. October 28, 2019 Pioneer 1. Privacy statement | 2 Daxos, Blessed by the Sun. Pioneer 3 Gideon's Intervention. While devotion decks of other colors have to focus entirely on their devotion strategy or they fall apart, black is able to play a lot of interactive cards that contribute devotion count to the board. Retrophill. Copied to clipboard. Mono Black Devotion by yoman5 – Post-Omnath Ban Standard. Aardos (21st Place) 14/11/2020. It's Mono-Black Devotion in Pioneer. TCGPlayer $554.19 - 406.58 . Format: Standard; Archetype: Historic Mono Black Devotion; Type: Theorycraft; Event: Record: Decklist. 2 Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit. Terms of Use | Formats. Edit. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. This will require TappedOut.js included in your blog. Mono White Devotion is an aggressive but resilient deck that relies on some lifegain and Devotion synergies to grow your creatures big with +1/+1 creatures. ARCHETYPE ANALYSIS . Use code CONTENTFAN when checking out at to receive 10% back in store credit! Leyline of Abundance and Nykthos, Shrine of Nyx combine perfectly to make mono green devotion a very powerful ramp strategy to try in Pioneer. This site © 2020, LLC And that is Mono Red Devotion for Pioneer. MTGO Pioneer League: 9: 16/11/20: Mono Black Aggro: hermanomlg: MTGO Pioneer Champ Qual: 16: 15/11/20: Mono Black Aggro: SAMURAIDRIVE: MTGO Pioneer League: 1: 12/11/20: Mono Black Aggro: Elad_Win: MTGO Pioneer League : 9: 12/11/20: Mono Black Aggro: pokerswizard: MTGO Pioneer Challenge: 16: 08/11/20: Mono Black Aggro: Sakamoto Hiroyuki: God of Pioneer Trial: 5-8: 08/11/20: Mono Black … 0. Loading... Unsubscribe from Star City Games? Main Deck. Sorceries € 8,44. This deck is capable of gaining a lot of life, so the downside associated with Castle Locthwain can often be negated. Cards Realm. You will need 4. Creatures 4 Walking Ballista. We could also consider trying Relentless Dead if we wanted to go for more of a zombie package, perhaps including Cryptbreaker or Stitcher's Supplier with some graveyard synergies. Pioneer Challenge. I’ve always been a fan of Merfolk in modern, but not necessarily because I love the tribe. Deck of the Day: Historic Mono-Black God Pharaoh’s Gift . Mono-Black. Last winning deck. The -2 ability can be great when we are running such a toolbox of interactive creatures, letting us get back a discard, removal, or another casting of Gray Merchant. 4 Knight of the White Orchid. Decks. Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Pioneer Mono Black decklists Rank Name Colors Event Players Date Singularity Price(*) Top8 Players: 32 Mono Black — By _Caverna_ MTGO Pioneer … I don't think it's that drastic of a situation, but I'll leave it up to you ;p. Vampires aren't the only Mono Black option in Pioneer, though. DMCA requests | As you can tell, we still think this list needs some tuning, though this is partially because a deck like this needs to be reactive to the specific metagame that it is up against. Discord Server | Mono Black Devotion – Budget Zendikar Rising Standard Deck. Playtest v1. 0. Liliana, the Last Hope contributes greatly to this deck's strategy. The ability to cast your removal spell as a 2/3 lifelink body is decent in other decks, but here it means we can play some hard removal spells and still have a very high density of permanents that contribute to devotion. Mono black player here. Parker Ackerman December 06, 2019 0 Comments. 16/11/2020. Aardos (14th Place) 10/11/2020. Edit Live Edit. A quick google search showed me a Mono Black Devotion Vampire list that 5-0ed an event in Pioneer back in January. Gray Merchant of Asphodel is absolutely the main reason to play this strategy. Vs Live! 4 Arcanist's Owl. We have collected the top Mono Black Pioneer decks from the latest tournaments. Get the deck here: It's Mono-Black Devotion in Pioneer. Mono Green Devotion Decklist (Pioneer… Tags: gary deck pioneer, gray merchant deck pioneer, mono black deck pioneer, mono black pioneer, pioneer devotion deck, pioneer devotion decklist, pioneer gary, pioneer gray merchant, pioneer mbc, pioneer mono black, pioneer mono black decklist, pioneer mono black devotion. Help | Other people can view your private deck by using this url, Seems there are no cards in the Acquireboard. 1 … Orzhov Vampires. (Mono Black is also known as Mono Black, Mono-Black Aggro or Mono Black Aggro). By Luis Scott-Vargas / January 11, 2020. PNR 0 / 0 . Dark Prophecy is likely too cute, but has potential as a strong card advantage engine with strong devotion synergy. 4.0 … Popular Pioneer Magic: the Gathering decks with prices from the latest tournament results. SAMURAIDRIVE (5-0) 15/11/2020. Archetype. This week we are excited to have Todd Anderson on to discuss one of the reddest decks in Pioneer, Chonky Red! It’s Mono-Black Devotion in Pioneer. Playtest v1. Mono Green Devotion Stompy by JacobLionel. Dive into Pioneer with Reid Duke and some cards he knows well - Thoughtseize and more! Standard 2021 August 10, 2020. Her ultimate is a great threat as well if we need to find an alternative win condition when Gray Merchant hides near the bottom of our deck. (60 cards, 15 distinct) - Liliana, the Last Hope, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Thoughtseize, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, Mutavault, Leyline of the Void, Murderous Rider // Swift End Its current price is around 291$. Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord. Even in a pinch, it provides a ton of life gain which can be all that a controlling midrange deck needs to survive. 4 12 23 6. Export to: … This site is unaffiliated. Richie is still hype about pioneer as a new format, here is his style of Mono Black Devotion! 2. Join him as he shows you how to play this $40 MTG Deck on Magic Arena! I might have to give it a whirl on stream sometime in the … Gray Merchant then does a great job of draining the opponent out, turning the corner very quickly. Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. Metagame. Magic Online Challenge. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. Edit Live Edit. We've opted to go with an extremely interactive take with this build of mono black. as a finisher. It's possible to generate insane amounts of mana very quickly, and then you can pretty much do whatever you want. Updated Jan 05, 2020 by Nolookburnspell using our MTG Deck Builder. We've rounded out the deck with a smattering of interesting permanents that are good for devotion that we would like to playtest more. headminerve . Upvote 0. When Pioneer became a thing, Mono-Green Devotion was the new format’s first best deck. Pioneer; Mono White Devotion; Search Search all Forums Search this Forum Search this Thread Tools Jump to Forum Mono White Devotion #1 Nov 12, 2019. headminerve. I remember watching Todd Anderson stream a MTGO PTQ where he was something like 12-0 before eventually losing in the finals. Decklist Follow me on twitch

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