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DP413 - Virtual Hot T™ Bridge - Not Available  Use DP418 DP204 - Rick Derringer Model™ Bridge - Available from DiMarzio Custom ShopDP205 - Steve Morse Model™ Neck  - Available DiMarzio Injector Bridge Guitar Pickup DP423W. Models that sound slightly brighter with the cable exit toward the bridge include: Blaze™ NeckD Activator™ BridgeD Activator™ NeckEvo 2™Evolution® 7Evolution® BridgeEvolution® NeckFRED®Mo' Joe™Virtual P-90™. DP143 - Active Model P and J™  - Not  Available Staten Island, NY 10310 USA, Tech Support: (718) 816-8112General: (718) 981-9286Toll Free: (800) 221-6468Fax: (718) 720-5296. Download our printable String Spacing Template to determine the correct spacing. Dimarzio P Bass Pickup. My local music store had the pickup model that I wanted, but it was in a color that doesn't go with my guitar. The sound is not like a vintage single-coil: highs are bright but not glassy, and lows are solid and defined. Couple of questions... -Are Injector and Area 58/61/67 covers all the same dimensions? As guitar manufacturers and players became more sophisticated, the market demanded four conductors plus shield on all humbuckers, so both models now have four conductors, as do all of our full-size humbuckers. DiMarzio® ClipLock® straps adjust in length from 43 to 63 inches (110-160 cm), measured between the strap buttons. How high should I adjust my pickups for the best sound? However, the Breed™ and Evolution® models are built with black base plates as a standard feature. Due to our vast product line and years of history in the guitar accessories market, occasionally counterfeiters both in the USA and around the world attempt to duplicate our products and sell them falsely under the DiMarzio® brand name. 99. What can I do now? DIMARZIO NORTON DP160 BLACK. What's the problem? The easiest way to identify an old pickup is to look for a model number on the back. For additional information, please contact our tech department at [email protected]. or Best Offer. DP412 - Virtual T™ Bridge - Not Available Here are my Dimarzio Fast Track 1 (DP-181) siblings, one alder body plus rosewood board, one (roasted swamp) ash body with (roasted) maple/maple neck. In addition to the Parker Fly Custom Neck model PHWP1 and Parker Fly Custom Bridge model PWHP2, which are currently standard on most recent Flys, we also offer Fly versions of the Humbucker From Hell®, PAF®,  PAF® bridge,  PAF Pro®,  PAF Joe™, FRED®,  Mo' Joe™, Norton®, Air Norton™, Air Zone™, Tone Zone®, Breed™ neck and bridge models, Air Classic™ neck and bridge, Bluesbucker™, AT-1™, EJ Custom™ neck and bridge models and LiquiFire™. Like all DiMarzio® pickups, they are made in our New York factory. The red wire is the hot output and the green and bare wires go to ground, usually by soldering them to the back of a pot. FAST & FREE. A few weeks back DiMarzio stuff was on sale so I couldn't resist. £74.99. How long does it take to get pickups in colors? Trending at $102.99. DiMarzio, Inc. (original name: DiMarzio Musical Instrument Pickups, Inc.) is a United States manufacturer best known for its direct-replacement guitar pickups. For single-coil pickups and all hum canceling single-coil replacements with Alnico 5 rod magnets, we’ve found the following formula works very well: at the highest fret (usually the 21st or 22nd), the closest recommended distances from the top of the magnet to the bottom of the string are: Neck and middle pickups To find color availability please go to the PICKUP link at the top of the page and select the model you are interested in. £60.00 . I replaced my strat neck p. mainly to have a noiseless one. All these pickups can be coil-tapped. A long time ago (in the 20th century, actually) the electric guitar world was divided between Gibson and Fender designs. £75.00. DP197 - Virtual PAF™ Bridge - Not Available  Use DP223 You may also want to look into the newer DiMarzio Noiseless offerings- I know the Virtual solo and the Injector have gotten good reviews. My goal is mainly more output than the stock fat 50's in the guitar. Larry DiMarzio Paul Gilbert demos his new DiMarzio® Injector™ Pickups featured on his latest album "Fuzz Universe". Floyd string-spacing is the same as Fender spacing, so we naturally called the new pickups F-spaced. Some of our early models were not identified by model numbers, and some of our OEM models have a different numbering system. Had a set of VV's in a Tyler long ago. DiMarzio 2" Nylon ClipLock Guitar Strap. Charvel Model 4 1987 Pickup seymour duncan JB au bridge et dimarzio injector au neck. The closest-sounding pickups we offer are the Air Norton™ for the neck position and The Tone Zone® for the bridge position. When guitar shops started installing humbuckers in the bridge position of Strats, it was obvious that the strings didn’t line up with the polepieces, and if the E strings were too far outside, the sound could suffer. The distance is quite small, and may be filled with nothing but air or by some non-magnetic material. However, if you are frustrated with the wait time and would like help finding another DiMarzio® dealer in the USA, please visit http://www.dimarzio.com/dealers and enter your zip code to find dealers near you. DiMarzio Injector. However, getting a pickup close to the strings brings the magnetic field closer, too. Livraison gratuite . It's also true that using a high-output or "distortion" pickup with the lead channel of a very high-gain amp may create an extremely distorted sound, to the point where individual notes have reduced definition and chords blur together. Yes, they can be extremely bright. Counterfeit pickups do not fall under our usual warranty or exchange policy, and we are unable to help you once you have purchased an inauthentic product; at that point your only course of action will be to try and obtain a refund from the original seller. - How many wires and what colors are they? _xxx_ Kramer Kingpin Posts: 4232 Joined: Sat Jul 09, 2016 8:37 am. Humbuckers that are not mentioned in this FAQ sound the same when installed in either direction. Generally, orders for pickups in colors take an extra day or two to leave our factory. Distortion is produced either in the amplifier or in effects pedals or rack effects. On humbuckers where there is only one wire plus a shield, measure from the one wire to the shield. Electric guitar pickups, acoustic guitar pickups, bass pickups, guitar straps and cables. And it is warm, but very different from the original one. What color are the polepieces? DiMarzio Crunch Lab Humbucker Guitar Pickup DP228BK. Trending at $88.99. For U.S. residents, our full 30-day exchange policy can be found here. $79.99. I have an old DiMarzio® pickup that I’m trying to identify. For the extra-long version, order DD2202. Trending at $111.99. high E 3/32” (2.4mm)Bridge pickup Airbuckers utilize stable, full-strength magnets, yet the magnetic field is the same as produced by an "aged" magnet, thus offering the performance advantage without the unpredictability. Thanks for any assistance, I don't want to order a crap load of plastic parts to see … They can all be adjusted relatively close to the strings. The List Price for DiMarzio® full-size humbuckers applies to black, cream and black/cream only. DiMarzio GOLD Pickup Height Adjustment Screws for Fender Strat/Tele, Set of 6. The neck pickup is fairly bright-sounding, similar to a Super 2™ (DP104). Select the Pickups link at the top of this page and navigate to the model that you want. The Bluesbucker® is brighter-sounding with the adjustable screw coil toward the bridge. See more ideas about fender stratocaster hss, fender stratocaster, fender. high E 3/32” (2.4mm) Bridge pickup. 77.00 EUR . All other colors and color combinations on full-size humbuckers have a $10 higher List Price. To do this, please visit http://www.dimarzio.com/distributors and select your country from the dropdown menu. Do you make extra short versions. Contact Us; DiMarzio, Inc. 1388 Richmond Terrace PO Box 100387 Staten Island, NY 10310 USA. If this is a 4-conductor pickup which has the black and white wires soldered to each other and insulated with tape, you may leave the black and white connected to each other, but you must remove the tape from that connection so you can connect an ohmmeter probe to it. This results in a hollow sound and a drop in output. Is this pickup an authentic DiMarzio® product? Please note that guitars must be wired to accommodate this type of plug-and-play connection; for assistance with this or to ensure your guitar is properly configured before ordering, please contact tech support at 718-816-8112 or [email protected]. or Best Offer. Are DiMarzio products covered by a warranty? I expected also a warmer sound. DP139 - Reference Acoustic™ - Not Available My local music store does not have the pickup that I need in stock, and they say that it will take several weeks to get it from DiMarzio. What kind of shield? Can you help? The R1 single-coil is warmer-sounding than a typical vintage single-coil, and was designed to work well with the neck and bridge humbuckers when they are in split mode. Can I get a DiMarzio® pickup with a custom winding or a different polepiece style from standard? Although "black back" is not a nickname that we have ever used, it commonly refers to the fact that some of our humbuckers have black base plates rather than brass or nickel silver. Brands DiMarzio (1) Close . DP126 - DiMarzio Model P + J™ - AvailableDP127 - Split P™  - Available 11 watching. It may be possible to identify the model from this information. There is no specific distance that works best for everyone. More Info. Email Frequency. The out-of-phase output drop is most apparent with a dead-clean amp setting. Quick little demo of the new prewired Paul Gilbert Injector pickguard assembly from Dimarzio. Yes, you can order an extra-short ClipLock® nylon strap which is about 3.5 inches (9 cm) shorter than our standard length. Can I get a single-coil pickup in reverse polarity? Both neck and bridge pickups are high-output models. I'm pretty much settled on the Dimarzio Fast Track 1 for the middle and neck. Slotted? For a more open 1950s sound, try adjusting the pickups 1/32” (0.8mm) further from the strings. low E 1/8” (3.2mm) DP251 - Area P + J™ - AvailableDP252 - Gravity Storm™ Neck - AvailableDP253 - Gravity Storm™ Bridge - AvailableDP254 - Transition™ Neck - AvailableDP255 - Transition™ Bridge - AvailableDP318 - Super Distortion® T - Available The best way to reduce the amount of distortion in this situation is by lowering your amp's preamp volume or first gain control. Filter. DP165 - The Breed™ Neck - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop Yes, we can make the magnets all the same height as a special order. While there are a whole lot of noiseless (i.e., hum-canceling) options out there for single coil pickups, it can be easy to only scratch the surface. We are occasionally able to sell some OEM pickups directly to customers, or to make a recommendation as to which other pickup in our retail line would most closely resemble it. Sur demande DIY Guitar Kits & Luthier Tools - Largest selection of Do it Yourself Guitars & Luthier Supplies Québec Publicité. DP128 - Alchemy 101™  - Not  AvailableDP130 - Acoustic Model™  - Available Below is a complete list of DiMarzio® pickups produced since 1972. Most other models have non-replaceable covers. Even though neither company has stuck strictly with this formula since then, the theory lives on. What happens when two pickups are out of phase? DiMarzio Super Distortion vintage Pickup. In our current production, there is no difference whatsoever, but we include a 500K push-pull pot with the Dual Sound®. Very happy with them, may want a little more "oomph" out of the neck pickup, but that may be fixed with some more pickup height tweeking. Demo of DiMarzio Injector bridge.Guitar: Fender AV '62 Stratocaster.Amp: Mesa Boogie Mark V.Amp settings: full power, 45W; CH1 and CH2 diode rectification, CH3 pentode. As every DiMarzio pickups I had: top quality. I live outside the U.S.A. Can you tell me which dealers in my area carry your products? Please contact us for further information on turnaround times if you require an item within a specific time frame. Could you tell me what height you're running on the pickups? When a pickup is said to produce distortion, it indicates a pickup with high output, which more easily drives amplifiers into distortion. Tech Support: (718) 816-8112 General: (718) 981-9286 Toll Free: (800) 221-6468 Fax: (718) 720-5296 DP195 - PAF Classic™ Bridge  - Not Available  Use DP191 Does it matter which direction I install my pickup? If your DiMarzio® single coil-size pickup has a replaceable plastic cover, you can order a replacement cover in the color you want by contacting our sales department. The standard finish on pickups with metal covers is polished nickel. It was designed to work equally … I tried the usual 250k pots, thought it wasn't glassy enough. All of our true single-coil pickups are available with reversed polarity and connections at no additional charge. INJECTOR™ NECK & BRIDGE. Reactions: Blue Lizard and strattitude. Matched with an Area 67 in the middle. Pickup station available. For all other wiring formats, report all possible measurements that are not zero ohms or infinite ohms. The pickup model that I need comes standard with black polepieces, but I’d rather have the polepieces in chrome or gold. FAST & FREE. I built a full pickguard (Injector bridge, Area '67 middle, Injector Neck) with master volume only (250k). The specific distance between the 2 pickups and the specific pickup models will affect how much cancellation occurs. All 7-string humbuckers are available F-spaced only. The big issue is the magnetic string pull. Designed for high performance in all situations, the Injector™ produces an exceptionally balanced tone perfect for a wide range of styles. F-spacing refers to the wider of the two spacings. Whether this is a good or a bad thing is a matter of individual taste. Menu. Our original Super Distortion® had 1 conductor plus shield. The experts in our tech department will be able to help you assess whether the item is genuine. The Injector Bridge Model is one of DiMarzio's hottest hum-canceling models (185mV output) with six individual Alnico magnets. $95.99. DP409 - VirtuAL 2® Bridge - Not Available  Use  DP409 DP140 - Active Acoustic™  - Not  Available - What identifying marks are printed on the front and back of the pickup, and/or are there any stickers? Regardless of what type of pickups are in your guitar, higher potentiometer resistance values produce a little more power and treble response. Can I get a DiMarzio® humbucker with a factory-installed metal cover? Full-sized humbuckers with visible coils have a permanent, molded-in color that can not be changed. Hex sockets? What's the difference between a Super Distortion® and a Dual Sound®? DP202 - Al Di Meola Model™ Bridge - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop We want you to be happy with your new DiMarzio® pickup. I was already a big fan of the DiMarzio Area series but also was very curious about the Paul Gilbert Injectors. 73.00 EUR . DP113 - HT-1™  - Not  Available The sound is not like a vintage single-coil: highs are bright but not glassy, and lows are solid and defined. £25.45 . DiMarzio® ClipLock® Quick Release strap system is the most secure and unique fastening method available. DiMarzio Injector Neck Black £84. My question is about the Dimarzio DP402 virtual vintage blues. Can I get the ____ model that you made for a guitar company? DP135 - Super Natural™  - Not  AvailableDP136 - Super Natural Plus™  - Available DP142 - Active Model J™  - Not  Available I can't wait that long. We measure string height from the top of the polepiece to the bottom of the string when the string (usually the high or low E) is held down at the highest fret. 8.90 EUR . S. strattitude Member. On humbuckers where there are only two wires plus a ground, measure between those two wires and ignore the ground. He’s also been playing a lot of Racer X-style instrumentals, so the time was right for signature Paul Gilbert single-coil sized DiMarzio® pickups. We introduced the Dual Sound® with three conductors plus shield to allow more wiring options. Can I order a pickup with a plug-in base, like those on the Music Man Majesty or Ibanez 7-string Iron Label guitar? DiMarzio Regular Spaced BluesBucker W/Black Cover DP 163. We recommend that you contact your national DiMarzio® distributor (where available) directly for more information. MusicMan replaced the Van Halen guitar with a very similar model called the Axis, which uses the same pickups. DP106 - SCHB™  - Not  Available Rhythm: CH3 MK IV mode; crunch: CH2 crunch mode; solo: CH2 MKI mode; clean: CH1 clean mode. An amplifier with a totally clean channel or clean setting may not distort at all, even with a high output pickup. Most pickups for Strat and Tele replacement have replaceable covers that come in a variety of colors available here. What colors of DiMarzio® pickups can I get? My only issue with the DiMarzio Area/Pro/heavy blues 2 is that the only way to get them staggered is with a vintage stagger. Voici la dernière déclinaison du modèle signature Tommy Denander qui captera l’attention des fans plutôt “Stratoïde”, de par les équipements qui la caractérisent: Vibrato Schaller série 2000, micros DiMarzio Injector (côté manche), Area (au milieu) et Transition (côté chevalet), ainsi qu’un sélecteur de … DP108 - VS-1™  - Not  Available You can further reduce the noise by shielding the control compartment and shortening excess wire in the compartment, although our experience is that the improvement is relatively small. Click & Collect. Can I get extra strap ends to install on my other guitars so I can use the same strap? mshivy, Mar 5, 2016 #2. DP125 - X2N-B™  - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop Free postage. DiMarzio F-spaced Titan Neck Model Humbucker Black/White W/Black Poles DP 258. Paul used the Area pickups for his last few albums, and he decided he wanted to tweak them a bit. One of the differences between the two was string spacing. If metal covers are listed in Color Options, then you can get this model with a factory-installed metal cover. Noiseless Single Coil Pickup. DiMarzio Injector Bridge Guitar Pickup DP423W. In the early days, Gibson used 500K controls and Fender used 250K, thereby starting the single-coil = 250K, humbucker = 500K theory. The former had splitting capabilities, but I don’t really find that terribly useful. They can … £19.99. DiMarzio Tone Zone S and Area 61 pickups in my Line 6 Variax Standard - Duration: 7:40. DP164 - DLX-90™  - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop On four conductor pickups, measure black and red, then measure white and green. Contact Us; DiMarzio, Inc. 1388 Richmond Terrace PO Box 100387 Staten Island, NY 10310 USA. Ending 16 Sep at 5:46PM BST 3d 14h. Dealer prices may vary. DiMarzio PAF Pro Humbucker Guitar Pickup F-spaced - Pink. Do I have to use a "neck" pickup in the neck and a "bridge" pickup in the bridge position? Be the first to know about our latest DiMarzio Guitar Pickups. Evolution® Middle single-coils that come on the Ibanez JEM are not ordinarily stocked at retail outlets, though some online dealers carry this model as the ISCV2. Solid? If the pickup sounds "out-of-phase" when played with other pickups, use the green as hot and connect the red and bare to ground. DiMarzio Pro Parts USA LP LONGSHAFT 500k pot set Vol/Tone - 2 x EP1201L . Click & Collect. There is no right or wrong installation direction. Paul's setup on the guitar he played on “Fuzz Universe” was Injector™ Neck Model in the neck, Area 67™ in the middle and Injector™ Bridge Model in the bridge. DiMarzio humbuckers with 12 polepieces in standard or F-spacing are available with a metal cover in polished nickel, satin nickel, buffed unplated nickel-silver or matte black for an additional charge of $23 List Price, or polished gold or satin gold for an additional $33 List.

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