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Though some people do have bad intentions, most people have reasons and justifications for why they behave certain ways. Then, we need to negotiate our feelings with ourselves before going into a difficult conversation. Bowing out of the conversation to avoid the difficulty will only reinforce that their behavior pays off, and they’ll keep doing the same thing whenever they want something. This book provides a framework and various strategies for achieving better outcomes from hard exchanges. Despite that, I learned and gained a lot from reading this book, and, as I read, I found myself getting a deeper understanding of the subject matter. “How would you... Q: What if the other person is trying to lie, bully me, or ruin the conversation to get what they want? “ – GEORGE BERNARD SHAW. Usually, we’re unaware of just how much our past affects our present interpretation and judgment of... For example, if your colleague questions your reasoning in a meeting, you assume it’s because they’re trying to embarrass you in front of the boss — but if you question your colleague’s reasoning in a meeting, you know it’s because you’re trying to be helpful. You’ll ruin your own reputation by doing the same thing they’ve done. H�Ԕy|U��瞙��%!�@r�{�"иT) Difficult conversations are anything we find hard to talk about with another person. Acknowledging that you could be persuaded gives you room to be straightforward about your views and what you need to resolve about the issue. Mastering stories – Staying in dialogue while scared, angry or hurt g the Structure of Difficult Conversations Surprisingly, despite what appear to be infinite variations, all difficult conyersations share .a common structure. But we could choose to expect harmony instead. In business, the principles you’ll learn in this summary are required just to maintain business as usual. Some people think these episodes are proof that they “feel too much” — but the reality is that these episodes are the result of not sharing emotions enough. The goal is to identify what contributions both parties made, and how each party’s reactions are part of an overall pattern in the relationship. There are a number of reasons that make certain conversations difficult and an easy conversation can become a difficult conversation very quickly. Most of us assume that listening is a passive role, but it can be very active. %%EOF Cutting out the fluff: you don't spend your time wondering what the author's point is. Difficult conversations are scary because the stakes are high and there is a real cost of failure, raising everyone’s defenses. We recognize major emotions, but fail to identify the complexities or the reasons. It’s better to approach difficult conversations as learning conversations. We express judgments about their character, and trigger their identity conversation immediately. One of the most critical is our ability and willingness to engage in challenging, difficult, sensitive – in a word, courageous – conversations.’ Source: Ontario Ministry of Education (2013, p. 2) AITSL New role, new conversations 3 2 . They are about conflicting perceptions, interpretations, and values. Difficult Conversations teaches readers how to have constructive, respectful and effective conversations exactly when it’s most difficult to have those converastion: when the stakes are high, when you are very emotional nad when the last thing you would want is to talk. No action Vs. action (1/2)No Action• Problems escalate • More people get involved• Legal complications • Cost of time, money, resourcesDifficult Conversations: April 2012 5 6. Learn nuances, key examples, and critical details on how to apply the ideas. for danger and opportunity, difficult conversations can lead to either distress or harmony. Some conversations are difficult because they make one uncomfortable with their identity. It will take both of you or everyone involved in a difficult conversation to get to the best solution, and getting to that solution will require you to work through the difficult conversation first. I like all those books, Leslie. Difficult Conversations walks you through a proven, concrete, step-by-step approach for understanding and conducting tough conversations. This is why it’s so important to do away with judgments. Conflict is always going to be a natural part of human interaction. We need to learn to delve deeper into our feelings and practice identifying and analyzing all the emotions that pop up for us in difficult situations. Humans long to be heard and understood. According to the authors, performance and the ability to manage conflict efficiently are going to determine professional success for the next 50 years.

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